Pavel Artemyev was bullied after the “Star Factory”


Pavel Artemyev is a Russian musician, former leader and lead singer of the boy band “Korni”. Today the singer acts as a producer, performer and songwriter of the rock group “ARTEMIEV”.

Singer and actor Pavel Artemyev (“VKontakte”)

He is also known as a theater and film actor. Pavel appeared in the projects “Divorce”, “Law of the Concrete Jungle”, “Hotel Eleon”, and with his participation there are performances on the stage of the Praktika Theater. Since 2020, he has been serving as curator of Moscow Music School.

Toneva in the group "Factory"

In the group, the girl was always the tallest.
Irina came up with her own image herself. During the period from 2003 to 2006, "Factory", which also included Sasha Savelyeva and Sati Casanova, was Fr. three times. In 2005, the girls were awarded the Glamor Award. The singer attracted attention by singing the song “You Understand” with Pavel Artemyev. Pavel later became the lead singer of the group “Korni”. For Irina, performing in the group “Fabrika” became a kind of springboard on her way to the stage. The audience appreciated her voice.

Toneva played in films several times. She took part in the work on the films “Cinderella”, “Snow Angel”, “Women on the Edge”, “Hello, I am your dad!”

Childhood and youth

Pavel Artemyevich Artemyev was born in the Czechoslovakian city of Olomouc in February 1983. His family is his mother, writer Galina Artemyeva, father Artem Artemyev, a military doctor, brother Zakhar, who now works as a journalist, and sister Olga, who became a poet.

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Pavel Artemyev in childhood
After his parents' divorce, my mother got married for the second time. Stepfather Konstantin Lifshits is a famous pianist. Pavel grew up in a creative atmosphere, but he was the only one of the children who did not follow in his mother’s footsteps, but preferred music to literature. Apparently, the boy was influenced by his stepfather. Pasha wrote his first song at the age of 13. During that period of his life when the family lived in Italy, Pavel Artemyev graduated from the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in the city of Como, where he learned to play the trombone. He managed to work as a model: he participated in Vivienne Westwood shows several times.

Pavel Artemyev in childhood and now (“Instagram”)

At the institute, Pavel Artemyev became interested in Japanese literature. The young man was engrossed in Haruki Murakami and Japanese haiku. The desire to read all this in the original led Pavel to the Moscow Institute of Asian and African Countries. But Artemyev stayed at the Japanese language department for only 2 years. The hobby quickly passed, and the guy was drawn to music again.


The creative biography of Pavel Artemyev began with participation in the Star Factory project. In 2002, he passed the casting and appeared on television. It was then that the country learned about him as a singer. Artemyev gained fame with the song “You Understand,” performed in a duet with Irina Toneva, who later became the soloist of the “Factory” group.

Irina Toneva and Pavel Artemyev - “You Understand”

During the project, the group “Roots” was born, one of whose soloists was Artemyev. The producer and author of most of the band's songs was Igor Matvienko. The team existed for several years, recording the album “For Ages” in 2003 and solo records of the group members, united under the common title “Diaries,” released in 2005.

Then “Roots” recorded several soundtracks for TV series, and in the summer of 2010 the group ceased to exist. Artemyev himself claims that the team was an artificial, production project, and not an association of like-minded people.

Pavel Artemyev and the group “Roots” - “I’m losing my roots”

All the guys belonged to completely different walks of life and had opposite musical preferences. The result of their joint work is 1 album, 16 singles and 11 videos.

In the fall of 2009, when the “Roots” project was approaching its finish line, Pavel began performing on the stages of the famous Moscow clubs “Solyanka” and “Swan Lake”. He appeared as the lead singer of a cover band called "Rookie Crew". Pavel not only sang, but also played the trombone and melodica. In the winter of the same year he made his debut as a DJ.

Pavel Artemyev (Instagram)

In the winter of 2010, Artemyev presented his new group “21GRAMM”. But soon the guys decided to change the name to “Artemiev”. As part of this project, 2 singles were released - “Circles” and “Symptom of life”. In October of the same year, the Artemiev collective performed its first solo concert. The group performs lyrical rock and performs only live.

On October 20, 2010, the guys gave their first solo concert at the 16 Tons club; the performance also became a presentation of the new group to the mass listener.

Group "Artemiev" - "High-rise buildings"

In September 2016, the musician presented a new mini-album “Symptom of Life”, recorded as part of the group “Artemiev”. The disc includes 6 songs and is available for order via iTunes.

In the fall of the same year, the group began recording a full-length album. Artemyev promised fans that the record would not be a collection of songs, but would become a solid, integrated work, where each composition complements the other. The musician announced the title of the new disc – “The Eve of the End of the Beginning.”

Pavel Artemyev in the show “Evening Urgant”

The album was released at the beginning of 2020. This is a conceptual work dedicated to serious topics such as the relationship to God, determining one's place in the world and, of course, love. At the same time, the video clip for the single “Be” started showing. When creating the video, the effect of overlaying frames on each other was used. Musicians with whom Pavel worked to create all the tracks of the new record took part in the filming.

The beginning of the career of singer Irina Toneva

In addition to working at the factory, Ira studied vocals with a teacher, and also sang as a soloist in a military orchestra, led by Roman Gutsolyuk.
She performed popular songs of that time, as well as a number of Gutsoluk's original songs. He helped her with her voice. In 2002, Toneva left the factory. She decided to try her hand at the Metro casting.

Irina’s next place of work was where she worked as a chemical technologist. Her responsibilities included managing the hair dye production process. Not forgetting her love for dancing, Ira began attending the Student dance school. In 2002, Toneva changed her job again. This time it was where she worked as a manager for five months.

Theater and cinema

The creative biography of Pavel Artemyev is not only about music and songs. Artemyev also appears as an actor. His debut role was in the film “Volunteer” by Eduard Boyakov. The film was released in 2008. And in 2009, the artist began performing on the stage of the Praktika Theater. In May, the premiere of the new play “Life is Good” took place.

In 2011, 2 more premieres of productions with the participation of Pavel Artemyev took place on the Praktika stage: “Poems about Moscow” and “Heat” based on the work of Natalya Moshina. In the winter of the same year, the artist appeared on the stage of the IRT studio theater, where he played in the play “... Until death do us part...”. Together with Artemyev, Alexander Astashenok and Victoria Lezina played in the production.

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Pavel Artemyev in the theater with colleagues
The following year, Pavel Artemyev appeared on the stage of the capital's Polytheater and the Moscow IRT Theater-Studio as a guest actor. He appeared on stage in the poetic play “Vera Polozkova”.

In 2012, Pavel played an artist in the film almanac “Astra, I love you,” and in 2013, a magician in Merkulova’s film “Intimate Parts.” Pavel’s passion for the acting profession prompted him to receive an appropriate education. He chose Ivana Chubbuck's acting courses in Los Angeles as his educational institution.

Still from the film almanac “Astra, I love you”

In 2020, Artemyev starred in the crime series “The Law of the Concrete Jungle.” The series tells the story of young people from the capital who, in an effort to make easy money, get involved in an illegal business and drive a car with contraband.

In 2020, it was announced that the series “The Law of the Concrete Jungle” received a 2nd season, in which Artemyev also appeared.

In April 2017, the premiere of the comedy melodrama “Yana + Yanko” took place. The soundtrack of the film was Artemyev’s song “Whisper”. For the rock group “Artemiev” this is the first experience of working on a composition that sounds from cinema screens. Before this, the musicians had already worked on soundtracks, but only for television projects of the STS and TNT channels.

Still from the TV series “Hotel Eleon”

In May 2020, Artemyev played in the play “Peter and Fevronia” at the Praktika Theater. With his participation, the short film “Collar,” based on the literary work of Nadezhda Teffi, was released. Pavel embodied on the screen the image of the boyfriend of the main character Olga (Victoria Runtsova), who mystically falls under the influence of a new thing - a starched collar. Daniil Spivakovsky and Alla Budnitskaya also appeared in the comedy.

The latest work in the artist’s filmography to date is the role of Danila Ilyich in the 3rd season of “Hotel Eleon”. Artemyev’s hero is a businessman, a rival of Peter (Egor Koreshkov), who intends to make a deal to buy out the hotel.

Personal life

There is some uncertainty in the personal life of the singer and actor. Pavel is still not married. The musician explains this by saying that he stopped being amorous at the age of 19. As he grew older, Artemyev fell in love, but the bright feeling passed too quickly to create a serious relationship.

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The fact that the popular artist does not have a wife at a serious age has given rise to rumors that Pavel Artemyev is gay. The rumors had some basis. Journalists caught the musician at a party in the White Bar, where Artemyev was treated to alcohol by a handsome young man. This was not an isolated incident. But the artist’s representatives deny rumors about the musician’s non-traditional sexual orientation. In addition, Artemyev is often seen accompanied by beautiful girls, but their faces are constantly changing. Artemyev’s affair with Star Factory graduate Vika Daineko is also a thing of the past.

Pavel Artemyev and Victoria Daineko (“Instagram” Artemyev / “Instagram” Daineko)

In 2014, journalists repeatedly wrote that Pavel Artemyev was detained for possession and use of drugs, but the musician denied this information.

An account on Instagram has been registered under the name of Pavel Artemyev, where photos and videos of his performances regularly appear. The musician posts personal observations, photographs with interesting coincidences and events like May snow, and conducts comic polls on whether to shave Artemyev’s beard or not.

Irina Toneva at the Star Factory

In October 2002, Ira found herself at the Star Factory.
This became possible due to the fact that for several years she studied voice training and danced. This was also facilitated by the temperament of the future singer. She always has a thirst for life, she is an active person striving for self-improvement. The Star Factory helped her dreams come true. Having won the confrontation with Vitas, she began her ascent as a pop vocalist. The stage became a part of her life, as the girl devoted a lot of time to rehearsals and singing, she lived by it. The Factory group gave Irina the opportunity to fully devote herself to the viewer.

Ira Toneva and Pasha Artemyev “You Understand”

To improve in her profession, Ira entered the Gnessin School, without stopping her dance classes in the studio.

Pavel Artemyev now

In the spring of 2020, the artists of the Artemiev group began work on a new disc, which was called “Syzygy”. In the fall, Pavel Artemyev and his colleagues presented some of the musical compositions at a solo concert, which took place in the Anglican Cathedral of Moscow. In December, the first track of the album, “You're Falling Up,” became available online. At the beginning of 2020, the group performed at the capital’s club “16 Tons”.

Pavel Artemyev on stage (“VKontakte”)

On the eve of the New Year 2020, the artist took part in the filming of a comic congratulatory video from the RBC Style publication. The video “Festive Broadcast on the Lilac Moon” was designed in the spirit of the Soviet “Blue Light”, in which TV presenters Savely and Alla were portrayed by Alexander Gudkov and Nikita Kukushkin, and Pavel Artemyev appeared as a poet reading out his own composition on air. The video also featured dancer Alexander Pertsev, actor Rinal Mukhametov, musicians and artists from Moscow theaters.

Pavel Artemyev, Alexander Gudkov and Nikita Kukushkin - “Holiday broadcast on the lilac moon”

Now, in addition to creative activities, Artemyev is also mastering pedagogy. He joined the teaching staff of Moscow Music School, which opened on the basis of Universal University, a new university in the field of creative industries that united several Russian and foreign educational institutions. Pavel became the director of the Songwriting & Music Performance course. His responsibilities include training established professional vocalists in music production and the basics of sound engineering.

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