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Daria was born on July 26, 1987 in the Crimean resort city of Feodosia, but spent her childhood and youth in St. Petersburg. From an early age, Tsiberkina participated in all sorts of clubs and sections - her parents gave the girl a chance to choose what she was really interested in. According to Daria, because of this she had to become a real workaholic.

Daria Tsiberkina in childhood

Every weekend the family walked around the historical center of the Northern capital and went to museums. As a result, Daria studied the city better than many native St. Petersburg residents.

St. Petersburg is the actress’s favorite city

After graduating from school, Daria entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts, taking the course of Yuri Mikhailovich Krasovsky. She received a diploma of completion of SPbGATI in 2007.

Daria Tsiberkina at a meeting with fellow SPbGATI course mates


While still studying, the girl played a high school student in “Anna Karenina” by Sergei Solovyov. The role was small - only 2 days of filming, Daria was approved without auditioning. Subsequently, she played Kitty in the play “Anna Karenina. Vronsky."

Daria Tsiberkina in the play based on Anna Karenina

As for her theatrical career, after the academy Tsiberkina went to Moscow, but could not get work in any theater in the capital, so she returned to St. Petersburg and became part of the Theater. Lensovet. She was immediately offered the main role in the play “Divorce the Woman’s Way,” but later the actress was introduced to other current productions, including as an extra - a dancer, a fashion model. “There are artists for whom playing non-leading roles is humiliation. But I believe that the theater knows better how it should be,” Daria recalled.

Photo from the play “Death of a Salesman”

In 2008, she had the opportunity to work with Alexei Balabanov, who was filming the drama “Morphine” based on the works of Bulgakov, adapted for cinema by Sergei Bodrov Jr. The main role of the village doctor was played by Leonid Bichevin, and Daria, who was again cast in the film without auditioning, briefly appeared in one of the scenes.

In the same year, Daria got her first leading role in a movie - the girl appeared in the 4-episode detective series “Wanted” by Viktor Merezhko, having worked on the same set with Alexey Panin and Alexey Barabash.

After that, Daria completely switched to TV series. As the actress admitted, this genre does not scare her - the main thing is that the script is written well. After all, TV series make the actor recognizable, media, and give him a chance to try something that in ordinary life he would hardly do. Thanks to the series, already at the beginning of her career, Daria learned to box and handle weapons.

Daria Tsiberkina in the series “Streets of Broken Lanterns”

Over the following years, the actress appeared in several well-known projects, including “Streets of Broken Lanterns” (the “Fortune’s Favorites” series), “I Love You Alone,” “Golden Trap,” “Northern Wind,” “Shaman.”

Daria Tsiberkina's height is 173 centimeters

In 2013, Tsiberkina was offered a role in an action-packed series, which not only brought her long-awaited fame, but also gave her a second family - “Sea Devils. Tornado". The series told about the workdays and relationships of the fighters of the Typhoon special anti-terrorism squad. Daria's second self was Lieutenant Evgenia Murashova, nicknamed Mura, the faithful partner of Bati (Oleg Chernov), Bagira (Daria Yurgens) and Kot (Anton Gulyaev).

“Sea Devils”: Daria Tsiberkina as Mura

In 2014, the actress was invited to play the main role in the action mini-series “Ultimatum”, and the following year she played the daughter of the blacksmith Krechet (Alan Tomaev) Lada from the mini-series about the Slavs “Druzhina”.

Still from the TV series “Druzhina”

History of the series

Screenwriter of the film “Sea Devils. Smerch" became a chemist by training - N. Golikov. He has 19 films to his professional credit, including “Airport”, “Chemist”, “Shaman”, “Coast Guard” and others. He was accompanied by Ekaterina Grigorieva, who had previously been the author of Liteiny 4, Street of Broken Lanterns 11, Destination Station and others. Director Alexander Yakimchuk agreed to work on a multi-part film. He gained his popularity thanks to the filming of “The Kingdom of Crooks,” “The Law of the Mousetrap,” and “Blind Man.”

In reality, there was no special unit “Typhoon” in Russia, and no. It was completely invented by the authors of the series. For 6 months, the actors studied diving in order to receive diving certificates. Another three months were spent on the actors learning the basics of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat.

Personal life of Daria Tsiberkina

Like many actresses, Daria did not escape rumors of an office romance. In “Sea Devils,” her heroine was in close contact with Anton Gulyaev’s character, and some fans of the series are sure that in real life they have a romantic relationship.

Daria Tsiberkina and Anton Gulyaev are just good friends

In fact, Daria Tsiberkina is married to composer Maxim Koshevarov, who wrote music for the series “Sea Devils”, the film “Ultimatum” and many others in which the actress played. The future spouses met at the birthday party of director Alexei Kozlov and have not separated since then.

Daria Tsiberkina's husband is composer Maxim Koshevarov

Tsiberkina calls herself a lazy person and is very afraid of weekends and vacations, because she does not know what to do with herself. The girl prefers to live “under time pressure,” when the day is scheduled minute by minute. In her spare time, the actress enjoys reading, watching films and writing scripts.

Daria has a private account on Instagram (danecka1), but she only adds friends and acquaintances there.

Sea Devils

The series “Sea Devils” started on television in 2005. The creators of this multi-part tape were the NTV television company and the production company. The plot of the film is quite non-trivial - it tells about a special aries unit where combat swimmers of the Russian Navy serve.

Their job is to prevent events that could pose threats to state security. Each character in the series has its own character, fate before and during service, but there are concepts that unite all the characters. For them, the words duty, honor and homeland are not an empty phrase.

It’s hard to say whether a large number of seasons were initially planned, but the audience’s love for “Sea Devils” turned out to be so great that it constantly demanded a continuation of the story.

At the moment, 13 seasons have been released, which contain over 300 episodes. During its existence, the project slightly changed the concept, talked about the fate of the heroes, but did not fully exhaust its potential.

Mikhail Luchko

Oleg Chernov

Ivan Parshin

Kirill Polukhin

Alexander Nesterov

Anatoly Rudakov

Oleg Andreev

Ilya Akintyev

Alexey Tikhonov

Andrey Bilanov

Evgenia Osipova

Mikhail Karpenko

Vadim Andreev

Daria Yurgens

Vadim Skvirsky

Oleg Almazov

Evgeniy Mundum

Mikhail Khimichev

Vitaly Kovalenko

Victor Bychkov

Oleg Morozov

Vitaly Kishchenko

Marina Dozhirova

Vladimir Kolganov

Natalia Mikhailova

Vladislav Reznik

Alexander Naumov

Roman Ageev

Alexey Osipov

Artem Tsukanov

Tatiana Tkach

Georgy Pitskhelauri

Konstantin Vorobiev

Victor Smirnov

Semyon Furman

Evgeny Ganelin

Sergey Aprelsky

Ivan Krasko

Sergey Kudryavtsev

Vadim Lobanov

Now the 14th season is in development, which, according to preliminary data, will consist of 24 episodes.

In 2013, an offshoot of the popular television project “Sea Devils” was released. Tornado. Fates”, which present the stories of individual characters, rather than the entire team. The heroes face difficulties in which they can only rely on themselves. Starting in 2020, a continuation of the series “Sea Devils” will also be released. Northern Borders”, in which the heroes defend the northern border of Russia.

Despite the fact that during the release of the series a number of characters managed to change, some heroes in “Sea Devils” are always present. The first of them is Ivan Bulatov or Dad.

This hero is a squad leader, he knows how to quickly make important decisions, is brave and uncompromising. It is interesting that during the release of the Sea Devils, Dad “grew” from the rank of captain of the 3rd rank to the rank of rear admiral.

Ivan Bulatov was played by Oleg Chernov, an actor with an outstanding appearance, who has more than 50 films under his belt. It was his performance in “Sea Devils” that brought him widespread popularity and especially strong love from the audience.

The beautiful half of humanity in the series is represented by Margarita Koshkina or Bagheera. She is not a simple fighter, but a professional psychological negotiator and an excellent sniper. Bagheera’s responsibilities also include developing and coordinating special assignments for the group. The rank of this hero changed over time - from senior lieutenant to captain 1st rank.

The character is played by Daria Yurgens. The incredible type of face of this actress is familiar to everyone in Russia, because it was she who played the prostitute Marilyn in the cult film “Brother 2” back in 2000.

It is impossible not to remember another hero of the “Sea Devils” - radio operator and mechanic Boris Tarasov or Bison . This brave and very principled guy was played by Ivan Parshin. Despite the fact that he has been appearing on screen as an actor since 1993, it was “Sea Devils” that made his face recognizable.

In artistic circles, Ivan Parshin is known as an excellent theater actor, as well as a talented dubbing actor. As a latter, he took part in the scoring of about a hundred foreign films.

Among the other actors who took part in the filming of “Sea Devils” are the star of the TV series “Kitchen” Mikhail Tarabukin, Honored Artist of Russia Anatoly Rudakov, and Alexey Osipov. The latter, unfortunately, is no longer alive - in February 2013, the 37-year-old actor went for a walk on the ice of the Gulf of Finland and did not return. Only in July was Alexei’s body found and identified.

The popularity of the series “Sea Devils” is incredibly high among a wide variety of audiences. As the actors themselves admit, they are regularly asked by junior schoolchildren, their parents and even grandmothers when new episodes will be released.

The phenomenon of such popular love is simply explained - this series shows the viewer what real defenders of the fatherland should be, not only in the service, but also in everyday life. The creators of “Sea Devils” point out that the main thing in the film is not drama, but the romance that permeates service in special forces.

Daria Tsiberkina now

Daria continues to play in the Lensovet Theater. Since 2020, work has been underway on the mini-series “Outrunning Time,” which tells the story of the life of the legendary ship designer Rostislav Alekseev. Tsiberkina plays one of the main roles in the series, and also acts as the creative producer of the project. The director of the series was Leonid Plyaskin (“Young Guard”, “Stranger Among Our Own”, etc.).

Daria Tsiberkina on the set of the film “Outrunning Time”

Daria can also be seen in the short film “Back Reactions” (dir. Boris Aronov), based on the story “Memory Center” by Victoria Tokareva. In addition, Tsiberkina became the creative producer of the short film “Rashod”, dedicated to the centenary of the October Revolution in Russia.

Snezhana Prudko (Olesya Umanova)

TV series “Sea Devils”: actress Snezhana Prudko as Olesya Umanova | Uma - this is how Sergeant Umanova is most often called. On her next mission, Olesya was wounded in the arm, and the rehabilitation period dragged on for a long time. Uma loses her shape, which causes ridicule from her colleagues and puts her life at risk. Umanova is friends with Mura, the girls joined the Smerch team at the same time.

The director of the series noticed Snezhana Prudko at a performance of the group “Litsedei”, where the actress worked after receiving her diploma. The girl was in close contact with her co-star Daria Yurgens. The friends participated together in the creation of the painting “The Awakening.” In addition to “Sea Devils,” Snezhana Prudko played prominent roles in the series “Such Work” and “Shaman.”

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