Alexander Dyachenko: ex-wife and daughter who never existed

Biography of Alexander Dyachenko

Alexander Stanislavovich Dyachenko is one of the main “macho men” of Russian cinema, a musician and producer.

Actor Alexander Dyachenko

Viewers know him from the films “Brother-2”, “Women’s Intuition”, “Marriage by Will”, “The Hunt for the Gauleiter”, “Bayazet”, “Icon Hunters”, “Leshy”, “Friend or Foe”. Unlike many Soviet film stars, he was able to make a career in Hollywood, filming in Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, Finland, and India. In total, he was involved in more than fifty films, in most cases playing central roles.

The actor, who has excellent appearance and intelligent, penetrating eyes, in addition to his main activity, devotes a lot of time to musical creativity, in particular, to the Antigo project. According to the “Russian Banderas,” as he is often called in the media, his heart is divided in two - one half belongs to acting, the other to music.

Successful film career

Soon he received an offer from Alexei Balabanov, who was going to shoot a sequel to the action movie “Brother”. In this film, Dyachenko’s heroes were two people at once - twin brothers Konstantin and Dmitry Gromov. Having shown his skills on the screen, the actor became in great demand among film directors who invited him to their projects. His filmography was quickly replenished with such films as “Women’s Intuition”, “Goddess of Prime Time”, “Friend or Foe” and others. In 2009, the exciting series “Marriage by Will” was released, in which Alexander played the role of professional lawyer Urmas Scholz. This role brought him a new round in his career, adding to his already large army of fans. His work in the biographical film “There Was Love,” where his hero was producer Andrei Shuisky, Anya’s second husband, did not go unnoticed by the audience.

Still from the film “Double Life”.

Over the years, the actor has received images of brutal handsome men with a strong character, which is not surprising, since he himself has not only excellent appearance, but also a courageous figure (height - 191 cm; weight - about 100 kg). Among Dyachenko’s successful works, one can note his roles in such films and TV series as “Major”, “One for All”, “Ashes”, “Heiress”, “The Family of the Maniac Belyaev” and others. In 2020, viewers will be able to enjoy his performance not only in Russian films (“Fragments”, “The First”), but also in American projects (“Hunter-Killer”, “McMafia”).

Childhood and youth

Alexander was born on June 12, 1965 in an ordinary Leningrad family living on Bestuzhevskaya Street. From early childhood he was a big boy - at seven years old he looked like nine. Moreover, his mother is small, only 156 centimeters, he took after his tall father, a Ukrainian by nationality, originally from near Poltava.

Alexander Dyachenko’s hometown is Leningrad

Like many of his peers, he was interested in skating, weightlifting, martial arts, showed serious promise in hockey, and spent the summer in pioneer camps. But somehow his sports career didn’t work out. In addition, he studied music - he sang his own compositions with a guitar.

After graduating from school, he followed in the footsteps of his father, who had a technical education, and entered the Electrical Engineering Institute. The choice of university was also influenced by the fact that his friends were going there. As the artist later noted, sometimes it is not so important for him where to go, but what is important is with whom, what kind of people will be nearby.

His alma mater, whose abbreviation - LETI - was jokingly deciphered as "Leningrad Variety and Dance Institute", was famous not only for its high level of education, but also for its creative traditions, and even for the fact that KVN allegedly originated within its walls. Frequent guests at the educational institution were students of the theater institute. Alexander took part in joint skit parties and discos and later noted that, apparently, it was then that the “acting bacillus” infected him.

A long search for your calling

Alexander was born in 1965 in Leningrad. His parents had ordinary professions and were not connected with the world of theater and cinema. In his childhood, the future actor was involved in sports: he played football and hockey with friends, and also attended the athletics and martial arts sections. In high school, he plunged into the world of music: the young man not only listened to his favorite compositions, but also composed songs, played the guitar and arranged. At that time, he did not even think about a career as an actor, intending to enter the Lenin Electrical Engineering Institute in his city after graduating from school. Having successfully passed the exams, Sasha became a student at the Faculty of Naval Electrical and Radio Engineering and Automation. His youth occurred in the 90s, when many were looking for work and trying to provide a normal life for themselves and their families. In those years, Dyachenko first appeared on the set, however, this film was never released, however, he liked his first work experience.

In the photo, Alexander Dyachenko with his mother.

Having failed to realize himself in his country, Dyachenko decided to try his luck in America. At first, the future actor met the residents and assessed the chances of living there normally. He settled in Chicago, where he soon found work as a model for posters, and also starred in commercials for various brands. In 1994, the young man was offered to become a sports manager in the NHL - an agent for Russian hockey players. After a few years, he left a good job and decided to focus on his acting career. Alexander studied at a theater school and then interned in Los Angeles, where he took acting lessons from star teacher Milton Katselos. In American films, he constantly got the roles of “bad guys” who were people of different nationalities. In addition, the actor played on the theater stage, appearing in various performances.

Creative path

After receiving an engineering degree, he worked for some time in a number of foreign companies. And in 1990, a chance meeting took place, which turned out to be fateful for Alexander. He met director Vladimir Popov, who was looking for a candidate for the main role in his film “Defender” and, seeing Dyachenko’s textured appearance, invited him to audition. According to the plot of the film, filmed at Belarusfilm in 1991, his character returned home from Afghanistan, and everything around him changed, turning into a desert, not reminiscent of his homeland.

Alexander Dyachenko in his youth and now

While working on the role, Alexander clearly realized that cinema is exactly what he likes and should do. However, at this moment the country entered a difficult period; films practically stopped being made, and he, like many, had to plunge into trade instead of creativity. “I sold everything, from jars of mayonnaise to non-ferrous metal,” the actor recalled. The entrepreneurial experience turned out to be successful, money appeared in the bins, but the situation of general devastation and lawlessness, when the entrance doors were riddled with bullet holes, was annoying.

Young Alexander Dyachenko and Sergei Bodrov

In 1992, he went on vacation to the USA. There, 25-year-old Alexander felt, unlike Peter, surprisingly comfortable and calm, and decided to move overseas for permanent residence. So he ended up in Chicago, where, in search of a possible livelihood and in search of a path to his acting dream, he began acting in commercials and tiny bit parts, and studied at the acting school Act One of Chicago.

In 1994, he met the management of the city's Bulls basketball team and White Socks baseball players, who invited him to study sports management. He gladly became an agent for Russian hockey players playing in NHL clubs, since he loved this game since childhood and helped them resolve various problematic issues.

Great interview with Alexander Dyachenko Other companies investing in players began to invite him to cooperate, but in 1998 he left the sports field - the desire to take up acting eventually won out. He worked in the Chicago theater, did post-training in Los Angeles, acted in Hollywood (mostly as Russian bad guys, Croats and Macedonians), and became a member of the actors' union SAG.

The artist’s first big film work was the role of twin brothers – an NHL hockey player and a security guard at a bank – in the film “Brother-2” by the famous Russian director Alexei Balabanov with Sergei Bodrov. When organizing the filming of a hockey match in the USA, the creators of the film were greatly helped by the actor’s acquaintances among American hockey players. In particular, he proposed organizing filming at the Pittsburgh Penguins HC stadium, where five hockey players who had previously played for the USSR played in those years.

“Brother-2”: the first notable role of Alexander Dyachenko

Subsequently, the artist’s cinematic career in the Russian Federation developed successfully and rapidly. In 2001, he appeared in the role of the formidable Mussa Makhmaev in the action film “The Lion's Share”, where his partners on the set were Nikolai Karachentsov, Chulpan Khamatova, Yuri Belyaev, Dmitry Pevtsov.

In 2002, he played the dangerous Colonel Galiev in the film about the exploits of Soviet intelligence officers “Zvezda” with Igor Petrenko, Alexey Panin, Artem Semakin, in 2003 he appeared in the series based on the novel by Valentin Pikul “Bayazet” with Alexei Serebryakov, Olga Budina, Viktor Solovyov . The actor called his role as Captain Vatnin in this television project one of the few works of which he is truly proud.

In 2003, Dyachenko was involved in three films released at once - “White Gold”, “Barbarian” and “Stiletto”, playing leading roles in them. In 2004, fans could see their favorite artist in four projects, including “Women’s Intuition,” where he portrayed a romantic hero on screen for the first time, and “Icon Hunters,” where he starred with Dmitry Dyuzhev, Andrei Smolyakov and Svetlana Khodchenkova.

Still from the TV series “Two Sisters”

The actor was in demand in subsequent years. He became widely famous for the Ukrainian melodrama “Two Sides of the Same Anna”, the Belarusian drama “Rhymes with Love”, the Indian detective story “Seven Forgiven Murders”, and the domestic works “Marriage by Will”, “The Goblin”, “Two Sisters”.

Still from the TV series “Local District”

It is also worth mentioning the actor’s filming in one of the leading roles in the Belarusian military-psychological drama “The Hunt for the Gauleiter”, released in 2012, participation in 2013 in the star cast (Vladimir Mashkov, Evgeny Mironov, Pyotr Mamonov and Chulpan Khamatova) TV movie "Ashes". In 2014, Alexander was involved in the acclaimed series “Major” with Pavel Priluchny, and in 2015 he played the head of the family in the mini-series “The Family of the Maniac Belyaev.”

Alexander Dyachenko in the film "Ashes"


The acting profession overtook Alexander after 4 years. An acquaintance told director Alexei Balabanov about a promising artist and athlete living in America. The tall, handsome man was suitable for the role of twin brothers Dmitry and Konstantin Gromov in the project “Brother-2”. Part of the filming of the film, thanks to the assistance of Dyachenko, took place on the Pittsburgh Penguins ice.

Participation in the cult film opened the way for Alexander to Russian cinema. In addition to working in crime films, the actor often appears in melodramas in the role of a hero-lover. The most famous of these series are “Women’s Intuition”, “Goddess of Prime Time”, “Stiletto-2”, “Swan Paradise” and “Leshy”.

The melodrama “Marriage by Will,” which premiered in 2009, is well woven into this “canvas.” The main character of the series, Tatyana Arntgolts, gave the film a brief and precise definition - “the sad story of Cinderella.”

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Alexander Dyachenko in his youth
A year later, Dyachenko embodied on the screen the controversial image of a talented man and a tyrant husband in the film “There Was Love.” The film is based on the autobiographical story of singer Valeria “And life, and tears, and love...”.

The artist’s filmography includes works related to Indian cinema. With his participation, a screening of the film “Seven Husbands” (Saat Khoon Maaf) directed by Vishal Bhardwaj took place, where Priyanka Chopra became the partner of the star of Russian TV series.

In addition to sports and cinema, Dyachenko has been involved in music since his youth. He writes and sings his own songs, plays guitar, arranges, and, in recent years, produces. He recorded a number of songs in a Chicago studio with the participation of Matt Walker, drummer of the famous band Smashing Pumpkins.

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And in 2012, Alexander, together with the drummer of the BI-2 group Boris Lifshits, created the group ANTIGO. The team recorded several songs and shot a video for the song Give Me Tomorrow.

In 2014, the artist appeared in the “Major” project, which instantly gained high ratings among viewers. Dyachenko played a businessman and the father of the main character, “major” Igor Sokolovsky (Pavel Priluchny).

In the same year, the favorite of Russian ladies of all age categories appeared in the poignant melodrama “Late Flowers.” In tandem with Maria Kulikova, Alexander Dyachenko presented the audience with a romantic love story, for which the heroes had to fight throughout the entire film.

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In 2020, Alexander resumed cooperation with American colleagues in the field of cinema. He played the Russian President in Donovan Marsh's action movie Hunter Killer. Dyachenko's character is rescued by a US Navy special forces team from an American submarine during an international operation to save humanity.

At the beginning of 2020, an 8-episode drama called McMafia was filmed, in which, in addition to Alexander Dyachenko, Maria Shukshina and Alexey Serebryakov starred.

Musical creativity

Despite being very busy and successful in cinema, the actor continues to make music.
His musical career began before his cinematic one. Having settled in Chicago, where a creative atmosphere reigned and continues to reign, large festivals of jazz, blues, and hip-hop are held, the musician, brought up in the traditions of the St. Petersburg school of rock, plunged into it with inspiration.

Alexander Dyachenko's group is called Antigo

He recorded several compositions together with famous performers from professional groups. In particular, he collaborated with drummer Matt Walker, who performed for more than two years as a member of the Smashing Pumpkins group, recognized as a standard in the world of alternative rock music of those years, with keyboardist Jim Dinu, and guitarist Scott Tallarida.

The actor wrote the music for Masha Ozerenko’s short film “Nothing Happened” (2005), where he also played the main role.

He created joint compositions with the rock band from his native St. Petersburg “Splin”, with the team of Nike Borzov, and with the Novosibirsk group “Litmus”.

Antigo – Give Me Tomorrow In 2012, his passion for music and friendship with Boris Lifshits, drummer of the rock band Bi-2, led to the creation of the Antigo project.

The group's debut composition was called "Matte World". In 2013, they presented the English-language single “Give Me Tomorrow” and a video for it, filmed in Kyiv, as well as the song “Forest”, included in the Bi-2 album “Odd Warrior 3”.

In 2014, Antigo pleased their fans with their new work “Live Life” and a video filmed in Tallinn. The group’s 2020 compositions will not leave anyone indifferent – ​​“Young”, “Angels”, as well as “Mom”, where the last thoughts of a soldier struck by a bullet were voiced.

Personal life of celebrities.

A bewitching look, bright appearance and masculinity do not leave women’s hearts indifferent and, although Alexander Dyachenko himself treats the recognition of his male beauty with irony, crowds of fans always swarm around him. Playing on the screen the role of brutal handsome men, endowed with human charm and steely character, the actor did not even notice how the label of a hero stuck to him in life. Of course, fans not only pester their idol with attention (often even too intrusive), but also, which is quite natural, they make inquiries about the personal life of Alexander Dyachenko . This, without any doubt, greatly displeases the actor and his family.

The biography of Alexander Dyachenko began on June 12, 1965 in Leningrad. As a child, the future actor had many hobbies, such as playing hockey and practicing martial arts. Apparently, thanks to this, Alexander Dyachenko still manages to maintain such a beautiful and athletic figure and keep himself in shape. However, from an early age the boy felt the need to express himself on the screen. And there were a great number of prerequisites for this - Alexander Dyachenko wrote poetry, sang and accompanied himself on the guitar. Versatile development is, without a doubt, a big plus for an actor. The TV star says practically nothing about her parents. It is only known that every summer the boy was sent to a pioneer camp, where his next birthday was celebrated. Parents, of course, came, but only on weekends. Since that childhood, the actor has developed a negative attitude towards this holiday, which is a magical day for all children without exception.

After school (most likely at the insistence of his parents rather than of his own free will), Alexander Dyachenko graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, becoming a certified engineer in electrical, radio engineering and automation. The young man’s trip to America was fateful. The United States amazed him with the variety of opportunities and gave him hope for better changes in his biography. Therefore, at the age of 28, Alexander Dyachenko moved to live in Chicago. Taking advantage of his outstanding appearance, the future actor easily got a job as a model. Alexander Dyachenko mastered his acting education at Columbia University and at the acting school in Chicago. At that moment, he not only gained experience in this way and earned extra money by acting in episodes for various films, but also actively worked as a sports agent for our compatriots - hockey players. But in 1998, this work was finished in order to devote all my attention and direct all my efforts to achieving my dream. However, the love for hockey did not disappear anywhere, and Alexander Dyachenko continued to pay attention to this sport, playing in amateur teams.

The first role, or rather roles, since there were two of them at once, in Russian cinema were the roles of twin brothers in the film “Brother-2”. While working in America, Alexander Dyachenko already received offers from Russia. His most famous works are “Leshy” and “Women’s Intuition”. Already besieged by loving fans, after participating in the Ice Age and winning one of the prizes (3rd), Alexander Dyachenko fully felt for himself what it means when love crosses all boundaries. Fans who accidentally appeared in Spain at the time of filming literally almost tore their idol to shreds. The actor was saved only by the intervention of other members of the film crew.

Of course, it is difficult to be the wife of such a popular man. But, nevertheless, many admirers of the star’s talent only dream about this. To their displeasure, Alexander Dyachenko has been happily married for a long time. And, as his acquaintances say about their colleague, his wife Vera should not worry that her husband will be taken away by one of the young fans. The actor takes marriage seriously and believes that he has chosen a woman for the rest of his life. There are no photographs of his wife anywhere, except, of course, in their family archive, since the woman herself does not want to advertise either her person or her family life with Alexander Dyachenko. In this, her and her husband’s desires absolutely coincided. Alexander Dyachenko is a very private person who carefully protects his personal life.

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Personal life of Alexander Dyachenko

The star of the film “Brother-2” carefully protects his private life from representatives of the media.
He once mentioned in an interview that he was married in the USA, but soon divorced. In 2020, in the program “The Fate of Man” with Boris Korchevnikov, the actor said that his chosen one was a Greek woman who moved to the States, they met through mutual friends, became close, and got married. But immediately after the wedding, the girl changed dramatically, as if, having received what she wanted, she lost interest in Alexander. The marriage lasted 9 years and was dissolved in 2005, but in fact the relationship ended much earlier. The affair attributed to him with Margarita Drobyazko, his partner in the show “Ice Age” (2007), has not been confirmed.

“Ice Age”: Alexander Dyachenko and Margarita Drobyazko In 2014, information appeared in the media that the actor had a 20-year-old daughter, Evelina, a resident of Tel Aviv, a soldier in the Israeli army. However, her mother Elena, who agreed to take a lie detector test in the NTV program “We Talk and Show,” was not sure of his paternity.

Information about Dyachenko’s wife is often found on the Internet, but at the moment the artist is not married. However, he has a loved one, and for quite a long time, but the actor does not advertise the name of his chosen one.

He has not liked his birthday since the days of his pioneer childhood, when he was formally congratulated on this date at ceremonial functions in pioneer camps. He considers it a rather sad event.

Alexander calls his mother “his main tenderness,” and loves women for their perfection, emphasizing that, in his opinion, they are kinder, more sensitive, more mobile and smarter than men. His ideal woman is Romy Schneider, who shocked him with her performance in the film “The Old Gun.”

Personal interview with Alexander Dyachenko He called the main goal in his life the desire to succeed in creativity. He dreams that his films and music will not only bring joy in the process of working on them, but also pride in what has been done.

In the evening he likes to swim, take a walk, sometimes smoke a hookah, or drink a glass of wine.

Personal life

This side of Alexander Dyachenko’s life is almost completely closed from prying eyes.

Alexander Dyachenko and Margarita Drobyazko

There are many rumors and gossip about Dyachenko’s personal life, which he himself does not consider necessary to dispel. After Alexander’s participation in the first season of the TV show “Ice Age,” fans of the star started talking about his affair with his partner in the project, Margarita Drobyazko. The couple often appeared together at public events. If you believe the rumors, then during this period Margarita’s marriage to her husband Povilas Vanagas was bursting at the seams. But since the couple is still together today, the crisis in the relationship either did not take place, or it was overcome.

In June 2017, the artist turned 52 years old. He still remains a sought-after artist and one of the most eligible bachelors in Russia.

Alexander Dyachenko now

The actor could be seen in the first two seasons of the television series “Major” in the role of the oligarch, the father of the main character Igor. In November 2020, the project, which received the epithet “phenomenal” among critics, was officially renewed for a third season.

In the series “Major”, Alexander Dyachenko played the father of the main character
. It is known that the actor will appear in the Russian melodrama series “Fragments”, as well as in the Hollywood action film “Hunter-Killer” with Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman, the premiere of which is scheduled for the summer of 2020. He played no less than the Russian president there.

Carier start

During his student years, Alexander actively participated in the creative life of the university. It was from here that he developed a passion for art. After receiving an engineering degree, Dyachenko worked for foreign companies. Having earned enough money, Alexander went on vacation to America, where he later moved to permanent residence.

Alexander’s textured appearance helped him easily earn money from advertising, and then in small roles in films. Realizing that the acting profession was what he needed, Dyachenko took acting courses at one of the Chicago schools. In 1994, he became an agent for Russian hockey players playing in NHL clubs.

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