“My wife is 13 years older and my daughter is beautiful”: Where did ex-member of the group “Korni” Alexander Astashenok go and what is he doing?


Alexander Astashenok is the lead singer of the youth group “Korni”, which became famous for the hit “Happy Birthday, Vika!”, a theater and film actor who gained recognition after his roles in the projects “The Gift” and “Closed School”.

The future singer was born in Orenburg in November 1981. Sasha's musical abilities showed up early. At the music school where the boy’s parents sent him, Sasha mastered playing the button accordion. Having excellent hearing helped me learn to play the guitar and keyboards on my own. With his younger brother Dmitry, Sasha attended a choreographic school.

Singer and actor Alexander Astashenok

The mobile and active teenager enjoyed playing various sports. Alexander swam excellently and was even able to win first place at the city championship. However, Astashenok took all his hobbies seriously. Having taken up dancing, he mastered different types, from classical to modern, and was able to become a certified dancer.

But after graduating from school, Alexander Astashenok did not dare to enter a theater or music university. On the advice of his parents, the young man chose a serious profession - an accountant-economist. After graduating from the Orenburg College, Sasha realized that working in his specialty caused nothing but yawning. Therefore, he went to local television, where he soon began hosting his own program.

Alexander Astashenok

Alexander Astashenok did not abandon music either. The young man gathered like-minded guys and created the rock band “Oreol”. The group quickly gained popularity in Orenburg and won a number of regional festivals.

Alexander's childhood and family

Sasha’s parents believed that this was due to age, but every year he became more and more inquisitive. His range of hobbies was constantly expanding: he was interested in music, began learning to play the guitar and piano, and attended a choreography club with his younger brother. In addition, he became interested in acting and swimming. The area of ​​interest was large-scale, the most important thing is that Alexander Astashenok wanted to achieve success in each of them. He was a champion of his hometown in swimming, received a diploma as a dancer, attended modern jazz - and this is by no means the entire list.

After graduating from school, the guy became a student at the Orenburg Technical School, where he mastered the profession of accountant-economist. The paradox is that Sasha never set himself the goal of working in this area. He was always passionate about creative activities. So, back in his city for some time he was the TV presenter of a program about cinema. In 1998, Astashenok and his friends created a musical group called “Eagle”. Not a single city event took place without their participation. They managed to win the huge attention of their viewers.


Alexander Astashenok began conquering Moscow in 2002. This year, the musician passed the casting for the Star Factory project. This was the first season of the TV show. After the Orenburg guy, along with other participants in the show, settled in the “star house” and got caught on camera, the young man’s popularity began to grow rapidly. Astashenka now has fans and admirers. The charming guy did not leave indifferent the thousands of fans who voted for him.

As a result, Alexander Astashenok reached the final and, together with three participants - Alexey Kabanov, Pavel Artemyev and Alexander Berdnikov - became the winner. The producers “put together” from these four the group “Roots”, which was the leader in the audience vote and managed to remain in this composition for 8 years, from 2002 to 2010.

The band's musical career began with great success: participation in the international competition "Eurobest" in Cannes with Queen's hit "We Will Rock You"; release of the album “For Ages,” which included the singles “I’m Losing My Roots,” “The Birch Cried,” and “You Will Recognize Her”; rotation on the best radio stations and music TV channels in the country.

It is noteworthy that the hit “Happy Birthday, Vika!” wrote Astashenok. The song was in rotation in 2004. “Roots” won several prestigious awards, including “Soundtrack” and “Golden Gramophone”. The musical compositions of the group “Korni” regularly became soundtracks for popular TV series: the song “Race with the Wind” was performed in “Kadetstvo”, and the hit “Close Your Eyes” was heard in the film “Waiting for a Miracle”. The popular hit “You’ll recognize her” with new lyrics was regularly heard in the sitcom “Happy Together”. In 2008, the musicians conquered the United States on a tour.

At the peak of the group's popularity, Alexander decides to move on. Astashenok became a student at GITIS, choosing the acting department, and in 2010 received a university diploma. At the same time, the artist completed his musical career in the group “Roots”.

Ex-soloist of the group “Roots” Alexander Astashenok conquers Hollywood

Many people know him as the former soloist, author and performer of hits from the popular group “Roots”. Today Alexander is a famous actor. He told us how he changed his future.

Ex-soloist of the group “Korni” Alexander Astashenok. Photo: artist’s press service

— Alexander, why did you leave the “Roots” group?

— At some point I realized that I no longer see myself in a boy pop group. I've outgrown this format! I realized that I needed to move on. It so happened that, in parallel with my participation in the group, I entered the acting department of a theater university. Having graduated from GITIS in 2010 (workshop of M. V. Skandarov), he made an important decision - to leave the “Roots” team and pursue an acting career.

What successes have you achieved?

— The first success was the graduation performance at GITIS. Since I acted as a producer, I had the opportunity to prepare not just an excerpt of a work, but an entire production with unique scenery. It turned out really good! If we talk about cinema, then, of course, this is the role in the series “The Gift”. When filming ended, the producers came to me and said that thanks to me, a third-rate character had become the main character of the film. That was very nice to hear!

What are you working on now?

— This year, two projects with my participation will be released on television: the series “And There Was Hope” and a serial film about the fate of counterfeiters in the USSR “Money”, where I play one of the main roles. By the way, it is based on real events.


You study in the USA, in the acting workshop of Ivanna Chabak, who gave master classes to Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry and other stars. Are you planning to conquer Hollywood?

“I’ll answer this: “The bad soldier is the one who doesn’t dream of becoming a general.” Hollywood is the highest point in any actor's career; everyone has imagined themselves on the red carpet receiving an Oscar at least once in their lives. Yes, I’m really preparing for a new film project: I received a very interesting and serious offer, but I won’t reveal all the secrets just yet! (Smiles.)

How did your wife Elena and daughter Vika react to the fact that you flew overseas?

“Very positive, they were happy that they had the opportunity to visit Los Angeles. It’s me who works hard there, attends classes in the acting studio, and the girls relax: sit by the pool, go shopping, go to visit. (Smiles.)

Has Vika already decided who she will become in the future?

“She has different desires now, what she sees is what she wants.” He sings for himself, but is still embarrassed to do it in public. Either she dreams of becoming the owner of a toy store, then an actress, then a doctor... It’s still difficult to understand what really attracts her. At one time I insistently demanded that she finally make up her mind, but then I remembered that Vika was only eight years old. (Laughs.)


— Who do you feel more like, an actor or a musician?

— First of all, I consider myself an artist - both an actor and a musician.

You wrote many songs for the group "Roots". Are you currently composing something for your repertoire or for other artists?

— Yes, I continue to write material, but now I’m more busy filming, participating in various projects.

Do you keep in touch with your ex-colleagues in the Roots group? Do your creative paths cross?

— We meet mainly at some events, filming. But we are always happy to see each other - we remain on good, friendly terms.

— What do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobby?

In my spare time, I’m developing a business idea. Regarding my hobby, I can say that I don’t collect stamps. But I used to have a pretty decent collection of guitars - 12 pieces. Over time, I came to the conclusion that, in principle, a musician does not need so many instruments - you usually play two or three. Therefore, I decided to keep only those guitars that were given to me, and left the rest in good hands. Now I'm thinking about starting to collect cars! (Laughs.)

Alexander Astashenok with his wife Elena and daughter Victoria. Photo: artist’s press service


* Alexander Sergeevich Astashenok was born on November 8, 1981 in Orenburg.

* In 1998, together with friends, he created the rock band “Oreol”.

* In 2002, he won the TV project “Star Factory”, which formed the pop group “Roots”.

* Over the course of eight years of working in the group, he wrote a number of songs, including the hit “Happy Birthday, Vika,” which he dedicated to his daughter.

* Starred in the films: “Still Alive”, “Closed School”, “Dad in Law”, “Third Attempt” and others.

* Since 2004, he has been married to Elena Vengrzhinovskaya, who was the director of the Korni group until 2006. In 2012, the couple had a daughter, Victoria.

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The cinematic biography of Alexander Astashenok began somewhat later than the theatrical one. At the end of the first year of study, Alexander made his debut in the play “... until death do us part...”, which was shown at the Institute of Russian Theater. Together with Alexander, another ex-soloist of the group “Korni” Pavel Artemyev, who also left the musical group in 2010, played in the production. The production received high marks from viewers and critics.

Alexander Astashenok in the series “Father in Law”

Inspired by his first acting success, Alexander went to the casting of the 120-episode series “The Gift”. The project was released in 2011 and turned out to be rated. Astashenok met many famous actors on the set of the series.

The next project turned out to be no less rated. In the series “Closed School,” Alexander played the role of a negative but colorful character - a spy who, undercover, entered the territory of a closed educational institution. The secret biography of the hero Astashenok was his distant relationship with an SS employee - the agent’s grandmother was at one time a Nazi.

Alexander Astashenok in the film “While Still Alive”

Directors willingly invite Alexander Astashenok. Soon after his first works, the artist appeared on screens in the series “Dad in Law” and the drama “Still Alive,” where he played the main characters. For the second film, Astashenok wrote three musical compositions as a soundtrack. In 2014, the actor’s filmography increased by two films – “Carnival Our Way” and “The Third Attempt”. And in 2015, Alexander starred in the romantic comedy “Josephine and Napoleon” in the title role of a jeweler of a large company, who has a difficult relationship with his boss (Anastasia Stezhko).

In 2020, Alexander completed his work in the melodrama “Where Does Nadezhda Live?”, where he played the role of a showman, a popular TV presenter. The plot of the film is built around the measured life of two wealthy women, the mother and daughter of the Piranovs (Larisa Udovichenko, Evgenia Dmitrieva), until one of them finds a letter from the ex-lover of her deceased son asking her to take care of their common daughter. The ladies go in search of the mysterious Hope.

Alexander Astashenok in the film “The Third Attempt”

Alexander Astashenok has become a sought-after actor. In 2020, filming of the 8-episode film “Money” about counterfeiters in the Soviet Union ended, in which Alexander appeared in the role of intelligence officer Vadim Yakushev, a participant in an investigation into financial crimes.

And again, the image of the character that Astashenko received was interpreted ambiguously. “A villain forced to play on the side of the enemy” - that’s what Alexander Astashenok himself called Vadim. The actor’s partner on the work site was Olga Dykhovichnaya. The actress played Major Filatova.

Alexander Astashenok in the film “Money”

Alexander does not stop there and continues to improve his acting skills. The artist took courses at the Hollywood Acting Studio of Ivana Chubbuck. Ivana Chubbuck is known for her talented students, including Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey and others. Astashenok plans to continue his education in Los Angeles and dreams of a career in Hollywood.

Actor career

Sasha did not stop at the success he had achieved; he decided that he wanted to be an actor and entered GITIS. In 2010, he ended his musical career and received a diploma in acting.

While still studying at the institute, Sasha played on the stage of the Institute of Russian Theater in the production “Till Death Do Us Part,” which received high marks from critics and audiences.

Astashenok was cast in 2011 for a role in the TV series “The Gift”. This was his debut on TV. The same year he played a small role in the television series Closed School. From 2014 to 2020 he starred in such films and TV series as:

  • "Dad in Law";
  • "Money" - the main role;
  • “And There Was Hope” - main role;
  • "Josephine and Napoleon";
  • “Carnival our way”;
  • "Third try."

Alexander does not stop there, he develops his acting skills, regularly attends courses at the I. Chubbuck studio , wants to get an education in Los Angeles and dreams of playing in Hollywood.

Personal life

The lead singer of the group “Korni” met his future wife Elena Vengrzhinovskaya in 2002. Elena worked as the concert director of the group. Despite the age difference (Elena is 13 years older), a romance broke out between her and Alexander.

Alexander Astashenok with his wife and daughter

The personal life of Alexander Astashenko, who was at the peak of his popularity, was of interest to millions of fans. The paparazzi were hunting for the musician. But the group’s producers did not allow them to “expose” their beloved. The singer broke all the rules and got married in 2004. A year later, a daughter, Victoria, was born into the star’s family. Alexander gave the name to the girl in honor of the hit that was in rotation in the same happy year for him.

Meeting with your future wife

Participation in the “Star Factory” not only contributed to the growth of Alexander Astashenko’s musical career. Thanks to the project and work as part of the “Roots” group, the young man met his soulmate, and now his wife, Elena Vengrzhinovskaya.

Elena Vengrzhinovskaya worked as the director of the musical group “Korni” (she worked in this position until 2006). At first, the relationship between Alexander and Elena was purely professional. In one of his interviews, Astashenok even admitted that at first there was hostility and antipathy between them. Vengrzhinovskaya often allowed herself to raise her voice at Alexander, and the latter terribly did not like it. Later, of course, he realized that this behavior of the director was dictated by the desire to maintain strict discipline and order in the team.

Everything changed during one of the tours. Alexander caught a severe cold, and during this period it was Elena who looked after him, surrounded him with attention and care. She captivated the musician’s heart, and soon a romance began between them.

Photo 2

During his courtship with the lady of his heart, Alexander Astashenok dedicated the song “All roads lead to you” to her. Astashenok and Vengrzhinovskaya hid their romantic relationship for a long time. Elena was 13 years older than Alexander, and many of those around him simply would not have understood the artist’s choice. When their romance became known to the public, and things were heading towards the wedding, someone even dissuaded Alexander from this step. Astashenko’s parents were also noticeably concerned. But the musician was truly in love, and he and Elena got married in 2004.

Alexander Astashenok now

Alexander Astashenok remains a popular actor and does not stop his musical career. In 2020, the artist resumed his collaboration with Igor Matvienko and began recording new hits, which he happily announced to fans from his own Instagram page. In addition to regular outdoor concerts, the artist holds fan meetings with fans. One of these took place on January 20, 2018. Now the artist has announced a new long-awaited hit, “Come with Me,” which will initially appear on digital platforms.

Alexander Astashenok in the film “Potapov and Lyusya”

The premiere of the drama “Bloody Lady” is scheduled for 2020, where Astashenok starred in a supporting role. The actor is also working on a role in the film “Potapov and Lyusya”, where he plays together with Mikhail Porechenkov and Ekaterina Olkina. The artist posted a photo of the actors with the comment “this will be my best film” on his personal microblog. Another television project with Alexander’s participation, which remains in work, is the melodrama “When the Sun Rises.”

Alexander Astashenok: films

One of her first film roles was her participation in the TV series “The Gift”. Initially, the character of Alexander was supposed to appear in a cameo role, but a little later it was decided to bring him to the fore.

A year later, the artist starred in the film “Still Alive.” He was approved for the role without any preliminary tests. Astashenko’s colleagues were such famous actors as A. Panin, R. Kurkova, A. Makarov, K. Kryukov, M. Basharov, and many others.

From July to December 2012, Alexander was busy filming the 4th season of the famous television series “Closed School,” which was broadcast on the STS television channel. The following summer, Astashenok played the main role in the film “Dad in Law”. In the fall of the same year, he starred in the two-part television film “Carnival Our Way.”

Based on the results of 2012, according to one website, the musician was recognized as the best manufacturer in history. He was able to gain a record number of votes and positive reviews, with the help of which he overtook his nearest competitor by almost 3 times.

In the winter of 2020, he participated in the filming of the romantic film “Josephine and Napoleon”, where, as in previous projects, he played the main male role. In the spring of the same year, he was involved in the “Third Attempt” project. In the summer of 2015, he appeared in the four-part film “Money”, the plot of which is based on real events and talks about the fight against counterfeiters in Soviet times.

In 2020, the series “Bloody Lady” with Alexander Astashenko was released on television. The picture turned out to be quite interesting, mystical and intriguing. Despite the fact that the film is historical, it is very relevant for our time.

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