What is Nathan's real name? Singer Natan (Nathan) biography, photo, personal life

Biography of Nathan

Very often at parties and nightclubs we hear a musical composition with the words “Hey, why are you so daring?”, which has recently won many young hearts. The performer of this beloved hit is Nathan Mirov. He is a young performer, full of energy and creative enthusiasm, beautiful in appearance and soul, and attention to him has only been increasing lately.

Nathan Mirov or Nathan

The singer’s personality has more than once been the object of passionate attention from journalists, musicians, and fans. But we note that Nathan Mirov is not well known to wide circles. This is due to the fact that the singer mainly participates in night club parties, performing RAP, which not everyone approves or understands. Nathan is also the author of many of the lyrics to his own songs.

Nathan's childhood and family

Nathan Mirov is originally from Kazakhstan. He is quite modest and sensitive, which cannot be said by looking at his brutal and courageous appearance. It can be assumed that Nathan’s sensual nature is the result of his upbringing, or a character trait destined by the stars - a singer with the zodiac sign of Pisces, because he was born on March 17, 1986 in the Kazakh city of Alma-Ata.

Rapper Nathan as a child

Nathan Mirow was born into a working-class family with no musicians. The singer's mother is a teacher, and his father is a doctor. Nathan showed his creative nature from childhood - already in the fourth grade the boy was composing and reading his own poems.

At the age of 16, the future singer first presented his poems on stage, which delighted the audience. From the age of 14, Nathan learned to play wind instruments.

The singer says that the attraction to music was constant in his life, and this was manifested in all the actions of the man.

Nathan chose hip-hop direction

Nathan studied well at school and graduated with no C grades. Starting from adolescence, he was fond of the popular music of that period - RAP. This influenced the style of the young man’s own music. His passion for this particular style of music helped Nathan’s poetic talents to be used.

Nathan Mirov received his higher education at the Institute of Arts in the acting department. He graduated in 2009, but music was always closer to him than acting.


Nathan is a Russian musician who performs in rap style and collaborates with Timati’s Black Star label. This rapper’s hit “Hey, why are you so daring?” appeared in 2014 and won an army of fans, and today this song is often played in nightclubs. Since then, the musician has already released a number of singles. But little is still known about the performer Nathan himself.

Nathan Mirov was born in the capital of Kazakhstan (at that time Almaty) in March 1986. He was born and raised in a simple family where there were no artists or musicians. Nathan's mother is a school teacher, his father is a doctor. But the boy had a creative nature and a rich imagination. He began writing poetry already in elementary school. But Nathan risked bringing the results of his creativity to public attention only when he turned 16. The public highly appreciated the young man’s poetry.

Rapper Nathan

But Nathan Mirov had more than just a poetic gift. Quite early on, the boy showed a good ear for music. At the age of 14, he mastered playing wind instruments.

At the same teenage age, Nathan, like most of his peers, became interested in rap. Combined with the boy’s poetic talent, this youth trend came in handy.

After graduating from school, Mirov went to enter the Art Institute, choosing the acting department. In 2009 he received his diploma.

The beginning of Nathan's career

Nathan began taking his first steps in his musical career with the Syndicate group back in 1999. In 2003, the band's first album was released in a small edition, which fans liked. This album became an impetus for Nathan, and he and the band began to rapidly move forward - they performed in clubs.

Nathan began his career in the Syndicate group

Nathan realized that music is his business, and he wants to connect his future life with the art of music. the singer dreamed that music would become not just a hobby, but his profession.

Together with the Syndicate group, Nathan opened a studio and from that moment he completely immersed himself in work. But everything was not always smooth: the group experienced both ups and downs. The guys tried to stay on their feet, develop and move forward. The team took part in many famous festivals, but they were not always successful. Since 2008, the musical group has been renamed “Fucke ly Hustla”.

Nathan is Kazakh by nationality

After graduating from the Institute of Arts in 2009, the singer decided to start a solo career, which yielded good results. By 2010, Nathan recorded several songs, where he showed his fairly good vocal abilities. Nathan and Elena Temnikova - Probably During 2011, Nathan worked with his brother. The singer recorded musical material that was significantly different from his previous works. Nathan Mirow's style has changed dramatically. A good example of this is the song “Whiskey with Ice” and “Happy End”.


Nathan's creative biography began long before entering university. In 1999, he took the first steps in his career with the Syndicate team. And in 2003, the group presented its debut album, many of the songs from which were sung by Nathan. The album was warmly received by fans. "Syndicate" began performing in nightclubs and growing in popularity. The musicians also opened their own studio and began working on new compositions. The group changed its name to “Fucke ly Hustla” in 2008.


After graduating from the Institute of Arts, Nathan decided to go on a free voyage and build a solo career. A year later, in 2010, several new compositions by the singer appeared, in which all listeners and critics noted his excellent vocals.

In 2001, Nathan began working with his brother. The new material was very different from the previous one. The rapper's fans noted this when his new hits “Whiskey with Ice” and “Happy End” were released.

In 2013, Nathan moved to the capital of Russia. This decision was made after winning the “Young Blood” competition, organized by the producer. The competition was organized to identify talented youth. The winners were Kazakh rapper Mirov and Ksenia Pavlova.

In 2014, Nathan pleased his many fans with new songs. Together with Timati he sang the song “Bomb Girl”. Fans of rap also liked the songs “Part of Me,” “Microphone” and “Just a Story.” But the composition “Hey, why are you so impudent?” scored the highest ratings and turned into an undisputed hit. After this song, Nathan woke up popular.

In 2020, the musician released two more new singles, this time Nathan recorded both compositions in duets with girls: “Probably” with Elena Temnikova and “Are you ready to hear no?” with Christina C.

Nathan's personal life

The singer’s personal life, like his work, is always in the attention of the public, journalists and fans. But the singer is not always ready to talk openly with strangers about his spiritual affairs.

Nathan and his wife Anastasia

In an interview, Nathan Mirov spoke about the image of an ideal woman. The singer says that his lady love is more romantic and tender than daring and predatory.

Nowadays Nathan Mirov is basking in female attention; he can often be seen with long-legged beauties. On his social accounts, he often posts photos with attractive girls.

Nathan has a son

But, according to available information, the rapper is already married. His wife’s name is Anastasia Shvetsova; after their wedding in 2012, she took her husband’s surname. The girl works as a designer and strives to remain in the shadow of her husband, whose role is as a single and attractive guy. In 2012, a son was born into the family, and a year later the three of them moved to Moscow.

Rapper Natan - about “Daring”, Timati and family

Five years ago, he powerfully shot a duet with Timati and the hit “Daring”. The phrase “Hey, why are you so impudent, huh?” – went to the people, and the single is still tearing up the speakers of the capital’s clubs and cafes. But Nathan stopped rapping. Now he sings about dancing until the morning, hot nights and animal passions. At the same time, the artist does not hide the fact that he is happily married and has two sons.

Is it true that a contract with a label obliges an artist to live up to the image of a hot macho artist? What role did Timati play in his career? He told the host of the “Oh, Mommies!” program about this. on the Mir TV channel to Angelique Raj.

— Tell me how you looked after your future wife.


: I am absolutely a person without money. I gave her my things because I had nowhere to wash them. She washed them at home and brought them to me dry and clean. And one day, when everything went too far, we needed to meet our parents, and we invited my mother to a restaurant. Well, or how to say, a cafe where they cook kebabs. It was in Almaty.

I came with great anxiety, I did not have money to pay. But I couldn't tell her about it. Well, I have to be responsible for my actions. But it turns out that the wife has thought of everything. She stuffed money into my coat while I sat and talked to my mother. So I ended up with the money. When they brought the check, she said: “Take it and pay.” Well, I paid.

- Well, this story doesn’t make you good.


: She makes my wife look good!

When mom said: “Why do you need him?” - and it was my mother who said it - my wife said in response: “I know what I’m investing in.”

The first question her mother asked when I said I wanted to marry her was: “What’s next?” And then I said a stupid but prophetic thing: “Well, I’m going to become a star now.” She smiled, it was funny.

— How did you get into the “Young Blood” competition?


: I received a message from a friend. He sent me an announcement that an all-Russian casting was taking place. When I arrived there and saw that there were about two thousand people there, all fashionable, all beautiful, of course, my fear went through the roof. There is too much competition. I was number nine. And in the top ten, when I came out, every second people came in to audition and left in tears. When I came out there was jitters. I started performing. And they quickly listened to me and said: “Okay, thank you.” And that's it, there was no answer.

After that, I flew to Almaty and started working. A month has passed. During this month, the winner has already been determined on all social networks, I have already lost hope. I thought: “Okay, to hell with it, we need to think about what to do next.” A couple of days pass, I receive a message that they congratulate me on participating in the second round, the final round of casting. I am again collecting money, collecting material and going to Moscow.

- And everything worked out?


: Yes, everything grew together, although there were great experiences. If it hadn’t worked out this time, it’s unlikely that I would have continued doing this, because everything was staked on it, hope, chances and further actions were staked on it.

The label asked me how I was doing with my stay in Moscow. I lied that everything was fine, I had an apartment, money, and tours.

- Why did you lie?


: Then, that’s how it should be. I didn't want to be a burden to them, I didn't want to be a problem for them. In any case, I would cope on my own and provide for myself. They listened to all this, let me go, I was leaving the stage and didn’t know what would happen next. I was already approaching the exit when a girl ran up to me, gave me a piece of paper and said: “That’s it, bye.” I left the building, opened the letter, and it said: “Welcome to Black Star.” I called home and said that everything worked out.

I’ll tell you honestly, my first mistake, which was at Black Star, when I had already signed the contract, was that I thought that there would be a lot of money and there would be earnings. The financial side interested me very much. But it was a big mistake. Because if you work only for money, then nothing will work out. Only when I turned off this thought did the money come.

“You kept your life under a big iron lock.” Why? Was this a contract requirement?


: In no case. It was rather a mutual demand between me and my wife. Our life is personal. During the first years after signing the contract, we were faced with a stream of negativity. So I thought it best to leave it.

It's not that we're hiding it. We don't hide it. We just don't show it. But if they ask me: “Do you have a family?” - I will answer: “Yes, of course, I have a family.” I had an idea of ​​what I wanted to become even as a child. I dreamed of a family. I told my wife how at the age of 13 I went into class, sat, peered out the window and always imagined: a jeep, a house, a dog and children and my wife running out to me. All this is there, all that remains is to build a house somewhere in the village. Now my wife and I are arguing about whether we need a jeep. I am for a car, and she is for a jeep. But I think I know who will win. Probably a jeep.

— When did you start earning big money at the label?


: After "Daring". Before that, I was still in debt, I distributed my finances incorrectly. Moscow let me down in this regard, because all my price tags from Kakhastan here seemed to be not particularly price tags. I thought everything was about the same as there. As a result, I barely had enough time on the subway to come and work. When “Daring” came out, everything changed. Everything has changed a lot.

Timati's role at that time was key. When I brought the track here, no one paid attention to it. We were ready to put it on the shelf and continue working. But then I just recorded a fan video on Instagram and posted it. Just the phrase “Hey, why are you so impudent?” We didn't even think about releasing the track. After that, Tima called and he said: “Urgently to the studio.” He said that this would definitely work and that it would definitely work. We recorded it in the studio, and two weeks before this track was released online, everyone already knew it by heart. So Timati played a key role here.

— They say that Timati has a good sense for money and for a hit. Nathan

: Yes, that's 100% true. He even told me how it would be. And everything worked out exactly like that.

— Are you fined for anything as artists?


: Certainly. We have responsibility, we have rules that cannot be broken. We represent not only our face, but also the label. Any mess will affect the face of the label.

-Has it ever happened that you forgot the words?


: It happens very often, but they don’t blame me for it. The moment of improvisation is important here. The main thing is how you get out. The moment of improvisation is important here; you must not show that you have forgotten the words.

— Is it possible to survive in music without a production center?


: I haven't done this myself, so I don't know how it is. I'm here. There are several periods for an artist. The period of rise, the period of average state and the period of decline. When you are an independent artist, you have a period of growth where you get everything very quickly. Then you have to be ready for the middle period. When you are already worn out, you will drive around the cities. And if you don't release another hit, there will be a period of decline. And not everyone can stand it. Many break down. Someone after one hit already leaves after three months. The price also goes down, and your standard goes down.

The label, regardless of your period, must make money all the time. There is always work going on here. Even if I’m depressed, I’ll understand that there are guys here, that I need to work, I need to pull myself together. So from this side the label is cool.

It’s rather fashionable to talk about labels as if they were some kind of hell.

Nathan now

Since 2013, Nathan Mirov has lived in Moscow.
The reason for such a dramatic change was the “Young Blood” competition, which was organized by the production center Black Star Incorporated. This is a record label founded by musician Timati (Timur Yunusov). Nathan and Christina See - Are you ready to hear no? The purpose of the competition is to find talented and musical youth. Nathan Mirov and Ksenia Pavlova passed the tests. This victory became a new stage in the life of Nathan Mirov. In 2014, Nathan released new songs “Bomb Girl” (together with singer Timati), “Part of Me”, “Microphone”, “Just a Story”. But still, Nathan’s most famous and, undoubtedly, successful hit was the composition “Hey, why are you so impudent?” After this song, Nathan achieved real popularity.

Nathan and Timati

Singer Nathan Mirov is a cheerful and sincere man who is against evil and violence. The young man says that it is worth reaching for kindness and light.

The singer is persistent and knows what he wants from this life. The man has set specific goals for himself and is confidently moving towards them. Nathan strives to move only forward, without returning to the past.

The singer is glad that he ended up on the Black Star Inc. team, because people from this team have the same priorities in life as Nathan - the absence of drugs and alcohol, evil and violence, they are athletic and completely immersed in music.
This is exactly how Nathan Mirow strives to live. Nathan and Mot - Young Blood The rapper has his own philosophy - to go strictly towards his goal. He has many plans for the future, interesting ideas, and most importantly, a desire to conquer peaks.

Photo by Nathan

The artist is an exemplary family man; most often he shares new photos with his wife and children on Instagram.

The author of the hit “Hey, why are you so daring?” Nathan Mirov tries not to advertise his personal life, but the media still managed to find out that the rapper is married and has a 5-year-old son. Nathan is currently spending time with his family in Belek, Türkiye. With HELLO.RU he shared his impressions of his vacation, talked about plans for the future and for the first time showed a photo of the grown-up Nathan Jr.

This is probably the first vacation in a long time where I can actually relax. I am in the company of my closest and beloved people. In the bustle of the city, we spend so little time together: studios, tours, filming, family time is not as much as we would like. In pursuit of a career, it is important not to forget who you are doing it for. I try to be a cool dad and a good husband. But I would like to be even better. It is important to me that the child is happy now! We are in a wonderful hotel, where there is no empty, unreasonable pathos that is so annoying. For the most part, I prefer a relaxing holiday with my beloved wife and child, in the company of relatives and friends, where I know everyone. We enjoy another week of relaxation, and then I get to work. This fall there will be a lot of projects and even more work in the studio,” said Nathan.

Nathan Jr.

Nathan married designer Anastasia Shvetsova in 2012. Soon their son Nathan was born. Note that in 2013, Nathan won the “Young Blood” competition, which is held annually by Black Star. Today Nathan is one of the most prominent representatives of the label.

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