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Height, weight, age. How old is Sergei Astakhov

At the beginning of the new millennium, Sergei Astakhov becomes incredibly popular. A large audience is interested in everything that concerns his life and creative work. The artist himself does not hide anything about himself. He reveals all the details of his life, including height, weight, age. True fans of the talented artistic figure know absolutely exactly how old Sergei Astakhov is.

The actor celebrated his 48th birthday last year. He is an incredibly attractive man who conquers numerous women in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. With a height of 185 centimeters, the artistic figure weighs 80 kilograms.

Sergei Astakhov, whose photos in his youth and now make girls’ hearts skip a beat, adheres to the correct daily routine. He does several exercises every day that help him stay in great physical shape.

Way to success

The capital of Russia did not immediately accept the actor, but Sergei did not lose heart. He changed his real name to a pseudonym and got a job at the Et Cetera theater. Over time, Astakhov managed to demonstrate all his abilities and become the main star of the troupe. On the theater stage, Sergei performed many bright roles. The audience remembered his magnificent performance in such productions as “The Merchant of Venice”, “Hedda Gabler”, “Boris Godunov”.

Film directors very soon paid attention to the new star of the theater stage. In 2001, Sergei received an invitation to star in the film “Happy Birthday, Lola!”, which became the first in the actor’s filmography. Astakhov began to appear frequently in popular Russian TV series. He starred in such famous serial films as “Lawyer”, “Poor Nastya”, “Ice Age”.

The long-awaited fame fell on the actor in 2005 and was associated with the appearance of two successful television series - “Palm Reader” and “Black Goddess”. Not only the whole of Russia, but also neighboring countries started talking about Sergei Astakhov. The demand for the actor is evidenced by the fact that in 2006 Astakhov managed to star in 9 new projects. His activities turned out to be just as fruitful in subsequent years.

Now Sergei Astakhov has already performed 98 roles and this is not the limit, because the actor continues to work. The popular star can be seen in such projects as “One Love in a Million”, “Korolev”, “Traffic Cops”, “Invincible” and “Countergame”. Now Sergei’s latest work is a role in the Russian fantasy film “Beyond Reality,” which premiered last year.

Biography of Sergei Astakhov

The biography of Sergei Astakhov began in Krasny Liman, which is located near Voronezh, in the late 60s of the last century. The father had an unusual name, his name was Viscount, he served in one of the military units, the mother took care of the housework and raised her son. The family often moved from place to place.

Even in early childhood, Seryozha Kozlov (this was the name of the future popular film actor) ended up on Sakhalin, where he went to school. In high school, the teenager decided to follow in his father's footsteps. He purposefully went in for sports, attended the hand-to-hand combat section. But having received the coveted certificate, the guy took the documents to the Polytechnic Institute, which was located not far from his house.

After studying there for a year, Sergei realized that the profession did not attract him at all. He honestly told his parents about this, who supported their son in his decision.

The future popular artist was drafted into the army, in which he decided to connect his life with the theater. After demobilization, Sergei becomes a student at the Voronezh Theater School. It was at this time that he changed his dissonant surname Kozlov to his mother’s maiden name.

Having become an actor, Sergei worked in Voronezh for several years, after which he went to the capital of the Russian Federation. But here for some time Astakhov could not find himself. They didn’t hire him to work in theaters, so the talented film actor had to work as a taxi driver. But fate gave him a chance. At the age of 31, the artist began working on the famous stage of the Moscow theater “Et Cetera”. Soon, theatergoers began to attend performances with his participation, who considered the artist the heir to the Soviet theater school.

Filmography: films starring Sergei Astakhov

A few years later, the actor began to be invited to films. Currently, Sergei Astakhov’s filmography includes several dozen works in the most popular films. In particular, film lovers like the artist’s work in “The Hunt for the Manchurian Man,” “The Fraudsters,” “Countergame,” “The Dilettante” and many others. Several more films with the participation of Sergei Astakhov will be released soon.

Not only lovers of Russian cinema appreciated the work of the popular film actor, but also professionals. Every year he is awarded prizes at various film festivals of the Russian Federation. In 2020 alone, the artist received a prize for best actor at Kinotavr, Golden Mask and others.

Sergei Astakhov in cinema

Despite such success, the actor very soon left the theater.
The reason for this was constant filming in various films, which very soon became the main source of income for the actor. In 2001, Sergei Astakhov made his debut in the film “Happy Birthday, Lola,” playing the role of the charming killer Bim. His debut film work turned out to be successful, and very soon Astakhov began to frequently appear in various films and television series. In the period from 2003 to 2006, the actor managed to appear in more than thirty (!) films. Subsequently, Sergei Astakhov slowed down a bit, but every year his filmography was still regularly replenished with 4-5 new roles.

Soon his role as a “serial” actor was firmly established.

The actor’s most notable works on television were the films “Ice Age”, “Another Life”, “I Have the Honor”, ​​“Poor Nastya”, “Palm Reader”, “Traffic Cops”, “Children of the Arbat”, “Black Lady”. It is incredibly difficult to list a complete list of the actor’s works.

Answering a question about his roles, the actor once noted: “Of course, talking about high art in a soap opera is quite difficult, but everyone is trying, they work honestly.” In addition, Sergei Astakhov often noted that his roles in TV series gave him a lot in terms of professionalism.

Sergei Astakhov acts in TV series and big movies

In 2007, the actor starred in the feature film “Korolev”, in which he played the role of the famous engineer. For this work, Astakhov received the audience award at the popular “Constellation” festival, as well as a special certificate from the President of the Russian Federation. This role, according to Sergei, is his favorite in his entire long filmography.

Personal life of Sergei Astakhov

The personal life of Sergei Astakhov is very eventful. He was in romantic relationships with a large number of women. In the media you can often read about the new hobbies of a popular theater and film actor. He is called one of the most loving men of our time. But the artist himself assures that for the most part his relationships are the inventions of idle journalists who misunderstood something.

Sergei Astakhov was officially married twice. He got married for the first time during his student years. Love was swift and swift, but after a few months the couple realized that they had made a mistake. They broke up, but sometimes still communicate.

Like his first wife, the man met at the institute. After the wedding, the couple lived in a happy marriage for 15 years. They became the parents of a girl, whom they named Mashenka. In mid-2011, this marriage of Sergei Astakhov also broke up. According to rumors, the reason was the constant betrayal of the actor himself.

Since then, the artist has been credited with relationships not only with women, but also with men. But for the most part these were fabrications and gossip of the “yellow press” workers.

Family of Sergei Astakhov

The family of Sergei Astakhov consists of numerous admirers of his artistic talent who live in the most remote settlements throughout the Russian Federation. This is what the popular film actor himself answered in one of his last interviews.

Astakhov considers his daughter, whom he sees periodically, to be his family. The actor is prevented from meeting his only child more often due to his incredible busyness in various films.

Sergei Astakhov is a very loving son who recently bought his parents an apartment next to his home. Every day the artist visits his mother and father. When he is away, despite his busy schedule, he finds time to call them. Parents know that their son is an incredibly sought-after film actor, they love him and always look forward to visiting him.

Children of Sergei Astakhov

There are often rumors in the media that the popular theater and film actor has become a father. As Sergei Astakhov himself says, if you believe everything, then he became the father of several dozen children not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad.

But the children of Sergei Astakhov are currently represented in the singular. He is the father of a beautiful daughter, whose name is Masha.

The film actor calls his roles his children, each of which he loves. The artist cannot name his favorite work. He says that he thinks there will be more of her in the future.

Carier start

The personal life of actor Sergei Astakhov in his younger years is not so widely known. So different sources give different information about who was his first wife: Natalya Komardina or Victoria Adelfina? In any case, there were no children in the marriage with Natalya.

The marriage with Victoria turned out to be longer; they had a daughter, Maria. However, in 2011 the marriage broke up.

Sergei, his wife Victoria and daughter Maria

Sergei played on the stage of the Voronezh Chamber Theater for three years, but in 1999 he decided to pursue an acting career in the capital. Moscow greeted him unkindly: leading theater troupes were in no hurry to accept the provincial actor, and for some time he even had to earn extra money as a private driver.

Luck smiled on the actor in 2000: Alexander Kalyagin accepted him into the troupe of his theater “Et Cetera”.

Alexander Kalyagin

Daughter of Sergei Astakhov - Maria Astakhova

For the first time, the popular film and theater artist became a father in the late 90s of the last century. Sergei Astakhov himself says he was very worried. He spent the whole night under the windows of the maternity hospital while his wife gave birth. They decided to name the girl Mashenka. Since childhood, she has amazed me with her artistic talents.

The daughter of Sergei Astakhov, Maria Astakhova, played in a movie for the first time at the age of 5. The girl is currently 19 years old. She managed to appear in 15 films, in which she played roles with her father and mother. Masha studies at one of the capital's theater institutes. She is dating a young man who, in her opinion, will be an excellent husband and father of her children.


The actor made his theatrical debut in Mikhail Bychkov’s play “Cunning and Love” based on F. Schiller’s tragedy. He was very warmly received by the public, and for the same director he played several more roles, including: Mick in “The Watchman” by Harold Pinter and Vogler in “Persona” by Ingmar Bergman. He took part in the production of Alexander Vertinsky’s romances “Jamais”.

Later, Sergei Astakhov worked with a number of famous directors. He played with Declan Donnellan in Boris Godunov, with Robert Sturua in The Merchant of Venice. In 2001, the actor received his first theater award "The Seagull" in the category "Fatal Man" for his role in Henrik Ibsen's play "Hedda Gabler", staged on the stage of "Satyricon".

In 2009, artistic director of the Moscow Drama Theater. K. S. Stanislavsky Alexander Galibin invited the artist to participate in the play “There will be no Trojan War.” Olga Shvedova involved Sergei Astakhov in the entrepreneurial detective story “Don’t Wake a Sleeping Dog,” and Valery Sarkisov offered him the role of Ivan Ivanovich Zalomov in the lyrical comedy “Lessons of Love.”

In total, Sergei Astakhov performed more than twenty roles at many of the country's leading theater venues. The actor was lucky enough to appear on the same stage in “Lessons of Love” with Valentin Smirnitsky, Ivar Kalnynsh, Anna Ardova, Roman Madyanov, in “Fatal Inheritance” with Vera Alentova and Anna Bolshova, in “Understudies, or Just in Case of Fire” with Elena Zakharova, Sergei Kolesnikov, Evgenia Dobrovolskaya.

Despite the fact that Sergei Astakhov appears more often on the TV screen than on the stage, his heart still belongs to the theater. In an interview, the actor admitted: “... theater is much more pleasant for me than cinema! It's more fun, but the movies pay more. In a word, theater is for the soul, and cinema is for sandwiches.”

The ex-wife of Sergei Astakhov - Natalya Komardina

The ex-wife of Sergei Astakhov, Natalya Komardina, is not a very famous artist. She plays exclusively in theatrical productions, which are loved by Voronezh lovers of dramatic art.

The young people met during their student years. The girl was somewhat older. This did not stop the ardent lover. He brought her flowers to the envy of other girls. Natalya could not resist and agreed to the confessions of Sergei Astakhov. After 3 days, the future popular artist introduced his beloved to his family members. Sergei's parents liked the girl. Within a few months, the young people legalized their relationship at the registry office, and then got married.

A year later, the couple realized that they had made a mistake and separated. But to this day, Sergei Astakhov knows that at any moment he can call his ex-wife and consult on any issues.

The ex-wife of Sergei Astakhov - Victoria Adelfina

Soon after separating from his first wife, a young man loses his head in love. He finds out that the girl's name is Vika. Sergei Astakhov begins to court her. But the girl rejected all the attempts of the ardent lover. But after some time, Victoria realized that she fell in love, and to the joy of the future popular actor, she began dating him.

Sergei proposed getting married. Vika was very happy. A year after they met, the young people registered their union. Happiness lasted 15 years. The marriage produced a daughter, who was named Mashenka.

On the set of one of the films, a popular film actor cheated on his wife, which she accidentally found out about. There was a scandal that ended in divorce.

The ex-wife of Sergei Astakhov, Victoria Adelfina, does not interfere with the relationship between her ex-husband and her daughter. Currently, the woman is filming with Astakhov in various film projects. She played in several dozen of the most popular films. She is known and loved by a large Russian film audience.

Personal life

After separating from his wife, for two years, until 2013, Astakhov lived with another TV star, Elena Korikova. They hid their relationship for a long time, but when it became known, the photo of actor Sergei Astakhov and the ups and downs of his personal life again landed on the front pages of tabloids and Internet portals.

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The reasons for the separation of the star couple are still not entirely clear. As they say in such cases, one can only make assumptions. And there is no shortage of such assumptions: there are mutual problems with alcohol, and the fact that the couple began dating during a difficult period of creative crisis and lack of roles for both, and no actor is immune from this.

Astakhov with Elena Korikova

Life is such that almost every handsome male actor goes through the crucible of a gay scandal. Issues of sexual orientation are of particular concern to the public. This cup did not pass over Sergei Astakhov either.

Sergei Astakhov's husband - Evgeny Mironov

In mid-2013, rumors about his gay identity began to arise in the media about the popular film actor. One of the newspapers wrote that Sergei Astakhov got married in Germany. He registered an alliance with his colleague. The popular artist reacted negatively to this. Sergei Astakhov’s husband, Evgeny Mironov, only laughed at these rumors. He said that these are the costs of the profession. And rumors will always arise.

Sergei Astakhov and Evgeniy Mironov got married. Wedding photos are often searched for by people who believe rumors. It is not possible to find this information.

Sergei Astakhov is marrying a 30-year-old teacher.

46-year-old Sergei Astakhov left actress Elena Korikova for a young primary school teacher from Komi, Victoria Savkeeva.

Sergei Astakhov, who was credited with getting married in Europe to actor Yevgeny Mironov, spoke for the first time about his new 30-year-old lover.

It turned out that Sergei Astakhov had been living with a primary school teacher from Komi, Vika Savkeeva, for two years.

“My girlfriend's name is Victoria. Actually, I don’t hide it from anyone, and we’ve been together for two years now. For some reason people like to invent things about me that are not there.

Vika is very supportive in everything. She is a primary school teacher, she is 30. Well, yes, she is 16 years younger than me. In my opinion, this is not that much.

Still, I am a person of old standards: for example, I don’t date someone the same age as my daughter, who is 17.

I try to preserve myself well for my beloved – both physically and mentally. Although I understand perfectly well that I myself am not a gift…” Sergei Astakhov told Express Newspaper.

How Sergei Astakhov and Victoria met is unknown. Sergei explained: “Something must remain behind the curtain. Of course, it’s hard for Vika to get used to it: I’m either filming or on tour.

I am not at home 20 days a month. But at the first opportunity I rush to her or she comes to the site. Especially if I suddenly get sick. Victoria is wonderful.

We often discuss her teaching work. Agree, this is a very noble profession. However, when people kiss, the most important thing for them is who is who in life.

When I meet girls, I never look at their wealth. The main thing is that the person is interesting.”

Sergei Astakhov’s new lover comes from Komi. Victoria graduated from the Pedagogical Institute in Syktyvkar. Then she worked briefly in this city at a casino.

In the summer of 2009, she moved to Moscow to devote herself to her diploma work - teaching primary schoolchildren.

“I really value my relationship with Vika and I’m thinking about marriage. And I also value my past relationships. Elena Korikova, for example, is a wonderful person. But actors who are constantly on the road rarely have long-term alliances.

It turned out for Lena and me that our profession to some extent interfered with our personal relationships,” said Sergei Astakhov.

Sergei Vikontovich Astakhov (real name Kozlov) was born on May 28, 1969 in the village of Krasny Liman, Voronezh region.

After serving in the army in 1989, he entered the acting department of the Voronezh Institute of Arts, where he met his future wife Natalya Komardina.

Second wife - Victoria Adelfina, daughter Maria was born. In 2011-2013 he met with actress Elena Korikova.

Instagram and Wikipedia of Sergei Astakhov

Instagram and Wikipedia of Sergei Astakhov, like other artists in the film industry, are popular.

Wikipedia allows you to find out all the most detailed information about the life and work of the film and theater actor. All the works in which Astakhov ever took part are listed here.

The actor himself, as he admits, does not maintain pages on social networks, including Instagram. He explains this by being busy with several projects at once.

On behalf of Sergei Astakhov, the Odnoklassniki page is maintained by one of the admirers of his talent. Here you can find out the most detailed information about the hero’s creative path, his personal life and the best films in which he took part.

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