Konstantin Meladze: “I’m starting to get used to the fact that Vera Brezhneva is the sexiest woman in the country”

Amid rumors of a divorce from Konstantin Meladze, Vera Brezhneva declared her love for her husband

Four years ago, composer and producer Konstantin Meladze left his wife Yana, who bore him three children. Meladze, who had lived with his wife for 19 years, could no longer hide his affair with his ward, ex-soloist of the VIA Gra group Vera Brezhneva.

As the producer’s ex-wife said in an interview with KP, the relationship between Meladze and Brezhneva began many years ago.

“I received confirmation that my husband was living a different life in 2007,” recalled Yana Meladze. “I can openly say: I am one of those women who, suspecting deception, can look at her husband’s phone number. And then I couldn’t stand it and dialed her number. She said: “I have no reproaches or complaints. For me, calling you is humiliation. But I do this for one reason: I need to understand what is happening in my family.” The answer was insincere: “We have a working and friendly relationship, like a father and daughter. He is my mentor." Five years later, at the beginning of 2013, this woman came to my house. For what? I had one question: “Why were so many broken destinies necessary? I called you. Count how many years of my life you took from me. Almost 10 years!” In response - eyes wide open: “It’s just that then I thought that it would be better this way...”

Deleted all family photos

However, now, after four years of marriage, it seems that problems have arisen in Meladze’s new family. In any case, that’s what Brezhneva’s fans decided when the singer suddenly deleted all her husband’s photos and videos from her Instagram page.

“I removed it so as not to irritate envious people,” Brezhneva replied in the comments.

And then rumors appeared that Konstantin was captivated by his ward from VIA Gre, Erica Herceg. Also blonde, like Vera, but six years younger than Brezhneva. Although many in show business thought that in this way Meladze was trying to somehow attract attention to VIA Gre, which has not released a single hit in recent years. Nowadays, few people even know the soloists of the previously popular group.

Fans immediately began questioning Brezhnev on Instagram. “Vera, are you planning to divorce Konstantin?” - asked one of the fans. “Are you that concerned?” - Brezhnev avoided answering.

However, at the Golden Gramophone award ceremony, the pop diva said:

- I love my whole family, I love my husband, I love people...

But were these words sincere or was Vera simply trying to quell talk of divorce?

“There will be no return to Galushka”

As people from Brezhneva’s close circle told KP, on the eve of the wedding, Konstantin Meladze gave the bride the most precious thing - freedom.

— Kostya allowed Vera to patent the pseudonym “Vera Brezhneva” as her own trademark. That is, even if they divorce, Vera will have her stage name,” a friend of the couple told Komsomolskaya Pravda. “However, even if Kostya took Vera’s last name, she would never return to her maiden name Galushka.” According to her passport, she is Kiperman, and bears the surname of her ex-husband (Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman - Ed.), the father of her youngest daughter Sarah.

Friends of the couple assured KP that everything was fine in the Brezhneva family. And that the singer is not going on maternity leave yet (that Vera is pregnant is the second popular rumor about her).

— Vera actually feeds her husband’s entire production center. Today she is Konstantin Meladze’s most successful project,” the couple’s friends assured KP. - She works hard on tour, she just has no time for cheating...


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The love story of Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze

Happiness loves silence,” Vera Brezhneva.

October 22, 2020 . The media reported that singer Vera Brezhneva and composer Konstantin Meladze secretly legalized their relationship in Forte dei Marmi (Italy) among their closest friends and stars.

To many, the news seemed like just another “duck”, because there had been rumors around this couple for so many years. But everything fell into place after Vera Brezhneva’s press service confirmed this information.

Yes, this is absolutely true - Vera and Konstantin officially got married in Italy. They are completely happy, but are not yet ready to share the details of what is happening. We have to wait a little,” commented Anastasia Drapeko.

In addition, Brezhnev and Meladze published mysterious photos on their social network pages.

Happiness loves silence. I wish it to everyone,” Vera captioned the photo.

Konstantin, in turn, published a video in which he speaks touching words about tender feelings.

Many fans of Meladze’s work were shocked. How could Konstantin divorce his wife Yana after 19 years of marriage? After all, family always came first for the composer!

As Konstantin’s ex-wife Yana claimed then, the affair between her husband and Brezhneva had lasted for 10 years. She knew about this and even once asked her lovers directly to the forehead if there was something between them, to which they both replied: “No! We're just friends!".

This is just a sick and meager fantasy of people. We have a high and very warm relationship, we have families and we are just long-time friends. There is no more secret,” Meladze asserted.

Konstantin finally stopped communicating with Yana when she was pregnant with her third child. After this, the woman realized: this is more than friendship.

In 2005, while pregnant with my youngest son, I blamed it on the crisis in our relationship, on betrayal, which I was able to forgive. And I received confirmation in 2007. I couldn’t resist and dialed her number, but from the woman on the other end of the line I heard that she and Konstantin had a working and friendly relationship, like a father and daughter,” Yana Meladze told Paparazzi.

2002 . In July of this year, Vera attends a VIA Gra concert, where she gets the chance to sing the song Attempt No. 5 with the soloists.

In November 2002, Vera was invited to a casting for the VIA Gra group to replace the departing Alena Vinnitskaya, which she successfully passed.

Insiders claim that it was then that the spark broke out between Vera and Konstantin.

Meladze was already married to Yana at that time and had children. But an affair began between the young singer and the mature composer, which did not last long.

year 2009 . The media spread the news that the most enviable bride, Vera Brezhneva, was marrying businessman Mikhail Kiperman. In the same year, the newlyweds had a daughter, Sarah.

It would seem that everything is fine, and the press has long forgotten that there was allegedly once a romantic relationship between Vera and Konstantin. In addition, the singer’s career has rapidly taken off: she receives awards, releases bright videos and acts in films.

year 2012. Kiperman and Brezhnev file for divorce. The reason is that Mikhail found out about his wife’s affair with the composer, which, it turns out, was still going on. There were rumors that Kiperman even followed his beloved, after which he realized: Vera was cheating on him.

year 2013 . Konstantin and Yana are getting divorced. The media continues to claim that there is an affair between Meladze and Brezhnev, citing Yana’s words.

I understood that I was not going to spend my life keeping my husband on a leash and controlling every step. Divorce is just a procedure. But making a decision was not easy. I thought for a long time whether I could come to terms with some things in my life. I realized: I can’t. It’s not the divorce that’s scary, but what happens before it,” Yana recalls.

year 2014 . In February, TSN journalists. Osoblive (channel 1+1) published photographs showing Brezhneva and Meladze leaving one of the Kyiv restaurants together, where the artist celebrated her birthday, after which the lovers went to Brezhneva’s apartment in the capital on Podol.

Then Konstantin was repeatedly seen near Brezhneva’s house in Kyiv. Although the producer explained his visits to Vera by the fact that they have a strong friendship.

Paparazzi photographs that captured the couple as they left the clinic for expectant parents also made a splash in the press. Vera even wanted to sue the media, but these were only intentions.

These are just another invention of journalists, they have already married and divorced us a hundred times in ten years, and now they have decided that we are lovers. This is base nonsense. Vera and I are long-time friends and colleagues, and there is nothing shameful in the fact that we visit each other in our free time,” Konstantin continued to say.

In addition, the media has repeatedly stated that Vera and her daughters often visited Meladze’s country house near Kiev.

In July 2014, Vera and Konstantin came to Jurmala together for the New Wave competition, where they lived in the same room.

After this, even Wikipedia decided to publish information that Meladze and Brezhnev have been dating since 2005.

Autumn 2020 . After 10 years of secret dates and sidelong glances from colleagues, the couple decided to legitimize their relationship.

On October 22, 33-year-old Vera Brezhneva and 52-year-old Konstantin Meladze officially became husband and wife. An exclusive video from the wedding was published by TSN (channel 1+1):

But neither Vera nor Konstantin were in a hurry to comment on this good news. For the first time, Meladze called the singer “his young wife” on October 30 at the Kiev Palace of Ukraine, where the Meladze brothers gave a concert.

Afterwards, in December 2020, the Meladze brothers presented a new joint song called My Brother with very symbolic lines:

My brother once told me: if it doesn’t work out, don’t wait. I spent half my life getting used to it, but I just had to leave.”

This track caused a lot of speculation among listeners. After all, both brothers left their wives for other women.

But, apparently, Vera had already played the role that she once sang about with the group VIA Gra, after which Meladze finally realized that Brezhneva did not need freedom:

Via Gra - Don't leave me, beloved0:00 / 03:32 As they say, all ages are submissive to love. The main thing is to wait and believe, then everything will come true. However, Brezhnev is an example of this.

Let us remind you that Brezhnev previously said that she did not understand why she had never received a music award in Ukraine


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The media have been persistently talking about the romance between Brezhneva and Meladze since 2002. However, for 10 years the couple denied their relationship. Moreover, both the singer and the composer built families with other people. Meladze - with his wife Yana, with whom he has 3 children, Brezhnev - with businessman Mikhail Kiperman, with whom she has two daughters.

And only in August 2013, Meladze’s wife Yana publicly confirmed that Brezhneva and her husband were having an affair. Then she stated that she had long suspected her husband’s betrayal. It turned out that the story of Vera and Konstantin really lasts for 10 years. In 2020, the producer and singer secretly got married in Italy.

Watch the video in which Konstantin Meladze told how he had an affair with Brezhneva:

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