“My little genius”: Leonid Agutin congratulated his illegitimate daughter on her birthday

The last time our readers saw Lisa, the daughter of Leonid and Angelica Varum, was a little girl. Ten years ago we shot the whole family for the cover. Now both Lisa and Agutin’s daughter from her first marriage, Polina, are beautiful girls. Is it difficult to raise children living in different countries, the singer said in an interview with “7 Days”.

Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum with daughters Polina and Lisa

— Your daughters are each other’s half-sisters. But they apparently found a common language...

Leonid: Their common language is Russian, although Polina lived with her mother in Italy, and now her family has moved to France. And Lisa lives in Miami. They used to communicate on Skype, but they met for the first time last summer in Paris, where we all spent an unforgettable five days together. When my daughters met, I was in seventh heaven. I remember sitting, watching the girls and smiling like a fool... At first, they looked at each other, “grew,” and I was just in a blissful mood: I always dreamed that they would become friends.

Angelica: It was very interesting to watch how the girls became closer. Polka is lively, emotional, Lisa is softer, and at first she was stunned by her sister’s energy. Now, having met in Moscow, they do not want to part at all. When Lenya and I flew away for a day on tour, they had fun themselves.

Russia, Russia

composer, poet, singer, arranger

vocals, piano, guitar

Pop music, Reggae, Jazz, bossa nova, Chanson, Country

In 1989, the aspiring singer recorded two solo songs written by her father. They were "Midnight Cowboy" and "Hello and Goodbye." The first of them becomes an all-Union hit. It is with him that Varum makes her debut as a singer in the television program “Morning Star”. Then she takes the pseudonym Angelica, changing the affectionate home address of her grandmother, who called her “angel.”

After 2 years, Angelika Varum’s first full-length album, “Good Bye, my boy,” is released and immediately becomes very popular. The title song, which tells about the separation of young lovers due to the fall of the USSR, became the anthem of that time for the singer’s peers.

The second album “La-la-fa” in 1993 strengthened Varum’s popularity. The song “The Artist Who Paints the Rain” became a famous hit, the song “Town” was for a long time the soundtrack to the popular humorous show of the same name, and “La-la-fa” became a nominee for the “Song of the Year” award.

In 1992, Anzhelika Varum made her film debut, playing a small role in the film “Julia”.

In 1997, the artist, together with Lyudmila Gurchenko and Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, played in the entreprise play “Emigrant Pose” (directed by Leonid Trushkin), for which she was awarded the “Seagull” theater prize.

In the same year, Angelica Varum began dating singer Valery Agutin. In February 1999, the couple had a daughter, Elizabeth, and in July 2000, the stars got married. This marriage was Angelica's second. In her first marriage, which lasted eight years, the artist was married to her classmate Maxim Nikitin.

Leonid Agutin: “Everything was revealed when Angelica became pregnant. Where else can we hide?! And I said: “It’s good to hang around, it’s time to give up.” My father-in-law and I quickly found a common language. I’m a good conversationalist, I have something in my head, so Yura was happy to communicate with me before. So we talked for hours. Angelica joked: “You didn’t marry me, you just wanted to live in the same house with my dad.” Quote taken from “7 Days” magazine, No. 32 (08/07/2014). In 1998, Agutin created his own musical group “Esperanto”.

Leonid Agutin recorded the albums: “Decameron” (1995), “Summer Rain” (1998), “Best” (1998), “Office Romance” (2000), “Leonid Agutin” (2000), “Deja Vu” (2003) , “New Collection” (2004), “Best Songs” (2004), “Cosmopolitan Life” (joint project with Al di Meola, 2005), “Love. Road. Sadness and Joy" (2007), "Being a Part of Yours" (2012), "Romances" (2012), "The Time of the Last Romantics" (2012) and "The Secret of the Glued Pages" (2013).

Leonid argued, but later agreed to try on the suit his wife bought. And it turned out that he looked stunning in it!

“No one could change me,” he sighed, “not the head teacher at school, not mom and dad, not the commander in the army... You are the only person on Earth to whom I obey.”

Angelica smiled, looked at him with undisguised admiration and assured that he was the most elegant and impressive man. After such words, who wouldn’t agree to wear a suit to a concert?

Every January, after New Year's concerts, Anzhelika and Leonid fly to America and for two months forget that they are artists. They spend this serene time with their daughter. They walk, swim in the ocean, play tennis and, of course, communicate. Lisa demonstrates her musical achievements to her parents - she is fond of rock and even created her own group.

Leonid was pleasantly surprised when his daughter began listening to the same music as he did at her age; now they have even more common topics of conversation. Angelica tries not to put pressure on her daughter with moral teachings; it is important for her to maintain her trust. They communicate more like friends and can talk frankly on any topic.

Today Anzhelika Varum remains in excellent shape: with a height of 164 cm, she weighs 46 kg. The performer continues to delight fans with her creativity and is preparing to release a new record, which will include remixes of “Autumn Jazz”, Good bye, mo love, “Winter Cherry”, “And a girl is waiting for a boy”, “Fire” and others.

A short filmography of Angelika Varum

The celebrity had a dream of becoming an actress. And although this was not destined to come true, Angelica came into contact with activities in cinema. From 1995 to 1998, she worked on the project “Old Songs about the Main Thing.” In 1997, the girl was invited by director Leonid Trushkin to take part in the musical “Emigrant Pose”. A. Dzhigarkhanyan, O. Volkova, L. Gurchenko, E. Simonova also took part in it. The premiere was successful, and Anzhelika became a laureate of the Seagull Award. In 1999, she starred for the first time in the film “The Sky in Diamonds.”

In 2003, the celebrity was offered to play one of the roles in the detective series “Kamenskaya-3,” to which she agreed. Angelica also participated in the filming of the series “The File of Detective Dubrovsky.” At the end of 2004, the musical “12 Chairs” was released, in which the celebrity played the role of a bright character - Ellochka the cannibal.

In August 2001, the record company Varum Records Company was created, which included Angelica as an artist, musician and producer.

Later, the star played one of the roles in the detective story “Kamenskaya-3: When the Gods Laugh” and the musical “The Twelve Chairs”.

Next year Angelica

and Leonid were completely devoted to touring activities. USA, Germany, Israel, Belarus, Ukraine and of course the cities of Russia - their duet program was a success, and the spring concerts I will always be with you attracted two full houses at the State Central Concert Hall of Russia.

At the beginning of 2005, a new film, 12 Chairs, was released on Russian screens - a musical based on the famous work of the classics of humor Ilf and Petrov, in which Angelica

played Ellochka the cannibal - a bright character. At the same time,
helped Leonid with the recording of his English-language project. Agutin and Di Meola's joint disc Cosmopolitan Life, which went on sale in Europe in the spring of 2005 and immediately hit the top of the charts, contains ten compositions, including the duet song by Leonid and Angelica If Ill get a chance. In addition, Angelica’s voice can be heard on the vocal parts of other songs in the album.


Agutin's daughter - Polina Vorobyova

Agutin's first marriage was early. He married Svetlana Belykh in 1988, when he came out of the army. But after five years the relationship had run its course, and they divorced. Soon after the divorce, while on tour in Paris, the singer met Bolshoi Theater ballerina Maria Vorobyeva.

Leonid Agutin and Maria Vorobyova with their daughter Polina

An affair began between them, but the couple did not formalize the relationship. Due to their busy work schedules, they sometimes saw each other once a month, but Masha decided to have a child.

On March 12, 1996, Leonid Agutin’s first daughter, Polina Vorobyova, was born.

Soon after her birth, her parents separated. Mom later got married and moved to Italy. Polya remained in Moscow with her grandparents for several more years and even completed two classes at a Russian school.

Leonid Agutin with his daughter Polina

And then she went to her mother, stepfather and younger brother. The family moved from Italy to France, where Polina currently lives in Nice. Her mother Maria Vorobyova teaches at a ballet school.

Polina Vorobyova

Leonid always helped Polina and visited her in Italy. Now they communicate more often, the daughter periodically comes to Moscow to visit her grandmother. Polya is interested in music and has recorded several of her compositions.

Leonid and Polina met in London

The girl is fluent in four languages: Russian, French, Italian and English, and is studying Japanese. She is pursuing a law degree and plans to specialize in international law. Polina’s mother’s last name is Vorobyova.

Children of Leonid Agutin

The children of Leonid Agutin are a frequently asked question among journalists. The man has two daughters from two marriages. The eldest, Polina, is from a civil marriage with ballerina Maria Vorobyova. After Leonid separated from Masha, their daughter remained with her mother, who soon got married. Now the girl lives with her stepfather and mother in France.

After the wedding, Angelica, the singer’s second wife, gave birth to her husband’s daughter, who was named Elizabeth. The girl is very similar to her dad and has the same beautiful and clear voice as her famous parents. Now she is studying in college and permanently lives in Miami with her grandmother and uncle on her mother's side.

Family of Leonid Agutin

Leonid Agutin's family is not very large. His parents divorced when the future singer was only fourteen years old. Leonid’s father was a popular music critic, but, unfortunately, he died in 2014. Agutin experienced the loss of his father very hard, whom he rarely saw anyway.

The man lives in perfect harmony with his wife Angelica. Articles often appeared in the press that the couple was allegedly on the verge of divorce. However, as the singer himself claims, this is not true, it’s just that journalists are bored of writing about the fact that everything is fine with a famous couple for more than 10 years, so they come up with such high-profile articles. Not long ago, journalists photographed Agutin in the company of a woman. The man himself says that this is just his friend, but nevertheless, after disputes with his wife, he bought an apartment in Miami worth $2 million as a reconciliation.

Biography of Leonid Agutin

The biography of Leonid Agutin is very interesting. He was born in mid-July in one of the districts of Moscow. His father's name was Nikolai and he was a fairly famous musician, and his mother was a simple primary school teacher. Nikolai was a member of the vocal and instrumental ensemble “Blue Guitars”.

At the age of six, little Lenya wanted to enter a jazz school, where he studied along with a regular high school. He graduated with honors in piano.

At the age of 18, the young man joined the army in the border troops, where he spent two years. After which he entered the Moscow State Institute of Cinematography, where he graduated with a degree in stage production.

In 1989, Leonid began traveling around the country as part of various musical groups, for which he was the opening act. A couple of years later, he decided to take part in a competition for young performers of various pop songs in Yalta, where he became the winner, singing “Barefoot Boy.” A year later he won another competition in Jurmala. After that, he released his first album of the same name, which instantly became a hit and made Leonid popular.

In 2009, the man published his first book, which included his songs and poems written over the past years. A couple of years later, he took first place in the “Two Stars” music competition, where he participated together with actor Fyodor Dobronravov.

In 2012-2016, he was a member of the jury in the “Voice” project, where his ward took first place in one of the seasons.

At the moment, Leonid has 16 solo albums, 3 books and participation in a documentary film about himself, which was dedicated to the artist’s 45th birthday.

Height, weight, age. How old is Leonid Agutin

Many fans, and most often female fans of the popular artist’s work, are interested in the question: what is his height, weight, age, how old is Leonid Agutin. Considering that he was born in 1968, this means that Leonid is currently 48 years old. The man's height is 1 meter 72 centimeters, which is the average height for men.

By the way, Leonid is only 5 cm taller than his wife, so when a woman puts on high-heeled shoes, she becomes a little taller than her chosen one. The singer weighs, by the way, according to various sources either 67 kg or 86 kg. Most likely, Leonid’s weight is still closer to 80 kg, since he has gained a little weight recently.

Instagram and Wikipedia Leonid Agutin

Instagram and Wikipedia Leonid Agutin are sources where anyone can find information about the famous singer. Leonid has his own page on Instagram, where he quite often posts photos. By the way, the man has more than 700 thousand subscribers.

Also, a lot of information about Agutin’s detailed life and career can be found on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, the singer does not blog, so if you want to know something about your idol, you can find the information either on Wikipedia or Instagram.

Who are you people?

For a long time, the Agutin-Varum family duo remained something of a mystery even for the most talented and meticulous workers of pen and paper, keyboard and mouse. A certain (not small) number of people continue to believe that they are not husband and wife at all. They say they organized a creative tandem. And rumors about their family life couldn’t come at a better time - they perfectly support interest in the work of Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum. There are a lot of rumors and gossip floating around their relatives. The elder Varum, Yuri, was once a very famous composer. He lived in Miami for many years and had no intention of returning to Russia.

“We’ve been waiting for you!”: happy Agutin and Varum celebrate the birthday of their daughter Elizabeth

Photo from social networks, Instagram agutinleonid Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin accept congratulations from colleagues and numerous fans. There is joy in the family of popular artists - the heiress of the artists turned 21 years old.

From an early age, Lisa has lived in America, where Agutin and Varum have their own apartments.

In honor of the festive event, Leonid, having published a photo of the birthday girl, dedicated touching poems to her. In them, he briefly talked about Lisa’s life path, from birth to the present.

“Everything is as it should be, as it was invented. And every year, on this day, as at the beginning, I say to You, my Elizabeth: “Oh, Lord! Daughter, we have been waiting for you!” wrote the happy father.

But the singer limited herself to congratulations in prose.

"Be healthy! Be safe! Never give up and don't change yourself! Appreciate your talent and your intelligence! Learn and increase your knowledge! Work hard! As practice shows, this is where the most powerful energy lies! Let everything you plan come true and bring joy and happiness! May you be surrounded by talented, smart, loyal and loving friends. May the ONE who protects you never leave you!” – the mother wished her daughter.

Colleagues and subscribers congratulated the famous parents and gave them kind words, and also wished Elizabeth good health and great happiness.

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I remember, at the end of the last century, Looking out of diapers with my eyes, Recently still a human embryo, And now a very real child, Frightened and stunned by life, From all the grandiose recent discoveries, She, looking at her father with reproach, It seems, decided to accept course of events. ⠀ And it all began, spun, sang And summer, and autumn, and snow, and blossoms, And joy, and tears, and something hurt, And the youth of life, and our aging.. ⠀ And the inept tenderness of first love, And poetry sacred torment, And long-awaited meetings, simple negligence, And the fear of the inevitability of a long separation. ⠀ Everything is as it should be, as it was invented. And every year, on this day, as at the beginning, I say to You, my Elizabeth: “Oh, Lord! Daughter, we’ve been waiting for you!” ⠀ Daughter, we love you very much! Happy birthday! Be sure to be happy!

Publication from Leonid Agutin (@agutinleonid) February 9, 2020 at 12:34 PST

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