The daughter of Alexei Nilov from “Streets of Broken Lanterns” is also an actress. What does he look like and what is he doing now?

Actress Elizaveta Nilova: family

What is known about the family of the star of “Night Swallows”? Actress Elizaveta Nilova is the granddaughter of Gennady Nilov, who brilliantly played the role of Sundukov in the immortal comedy “Three Plus Two.”

The girl’s father is the famous actor Alexei Nilov, who owes his popularity to the television project “Streets of Broken Lanterns.” In this series he played the courageous crime fighter Andrei Larin. Elizabeth's mother Anna Zamotaeva also once tried to make herself known as an actress, but did not achieve much success.

The actress was born in St. Petersburg, this happened in December 1985. The marriage of Nilova’s parents broke up shortly after her birth; the reasons for the separation of the spouses remained behind the scenes.

Nilova Elizaveta Alekseevna

Born December 14, 1985 in the family of actor Alexei Nilov. In 2007 Graduated from St. Petersburg State Technical University (workshop of V. Norenko). Since 2007 - actress of the Theater. V.F. Komissarzhevskaya.

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Pregnancy test 2 (2019, TV series, dir. Oleg Asadulin, Anton Sivers, etc.) supporting role / Seraphim


Northern lights. Film 2: Witches' Dolls (2019, television, dir. Vladimir Nakhabtsev) supporting role / Inga


False Flag (2018, multi-part, directed by Sergei Chekalov)

Shards (2017, TV series, directed by Vladimir Nakhabtsev) / Alina


Svetlana (2017, multi-episode, directed by Evgeny Zvezdakov) supporting role / Kapitolina


Messing's student (2017, TV series, directed by Vladimir Nakhabtsev) / Valentina


Double continuous II (2016, TV series, directed by Vladimir Nakhabtsev)


Leningrad-46 (2014-2015, TV series, directed by Igor Kopylov) supporting role / Gubareva


Chronicle of Vile Times (2014, multi-part, directed by Pyotr Amelin) main role / Musya


Front (2014/2019, multi-episode, directed by Vladimir Balkashinov) supporting role / Nina


Gentlemen-comrades (2014-2015, TV series, directed by Vasily Serikov, Vsevolod Aravin, etc.) main role / Anna Aleksandrovna Varaksina / sister of Nikolai Alexandrovich

6.7/43 6

Detective Mom (2013, TV series, directed by Alexander Solovyov) / Oksana

5.7/25 1

Night swallows (2012, multi-episode, directed by Mikhail Kabanov) main role / Galina Shevchenko

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The Fugitive (2011, TV series, directed by Peter Amelin) / Maria


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6.8/47 2

Live first. The story of a prisoner (2010, multi-part, directed by Viktor Buturlin)


Marriage contract (2010, TV series, directed by Andrey Chernykh) / Maria


Flying Squad (2009, TV series, directed by Yuri Olennikov, Alexander Lamakin) supporting role / Yulia


It's not evening yet (2009, TV series, directed by Nikolai Borts) / Natalya


Task Force (2009, TV series, directed by Leonid Plyaskin)


Retrum (2009/2011, television, directed by Alexander Tank) supporting role / Love


About love (2008, short film, directed by Alexey Zlobin)


White Night, Tender Night (2008, television, directed by Viktor Merezhko)


Solo for pistol and orchestra (2008, TV series, directed by Dmitry Tyurin) / Daria


Cop Wars 4 (2008, TV series, directed by Egor Abrosimov) / Yana / Yanina Gotlibovna Valevskaya


1814 (Eighteen - fourteen) (2007, dir. Andres Puustusmaa) / Natalya Ovoshnikova

6.1/20 1

Omut (2007, TV series, directed by Alexey Shikin) (credited as E. Nilova)

cameo role / Tatyana Zvereva / reporter of the newspaper “Crime”


High school students (2007, TV series, directed by Maxim Demchenko) / Olga Aleksandrovna


Streets of broken lamps. Cops 8 (2007, TV series, directed by Evgeny Aksenov, Mikhail Wasserbaum, etc.)


Everything is mixed up in the house... (2006, TV series, directed by Alexander Nazarov) / Dina Rudina


Sissi - the rebel empress (2004, television, directed by Jean-Daniel Verhak) / Hélène


  • Performances
  • Unforgettable (I. Vo) (dir. - A. Zimina / enterprise)
  • Twelve months (S. Marshak) / Stepdaughter (V.F. Komissarzhevskaya Theatre)
  • Hush, Athenians! (G. Korolchuk) / Elena (Theater named after V.F. Komissarzhevskaya)
  • Summer and Smoke (T. Williams) / Rosemary (V.F. Komissarzhevskaya Theatre)
  • Living goods (A. Chekhov) / Isabella (Theater named after V.F. Komissarzhevskaya)
  • Nameless Star (M. Sebastian) / Town Resident (V.F. Komissarzhevskaya Theatre)
  • Jester Balakirev (G. Gorin) / Jester-eared (Theater named after V.F. Komissarzhevskaya)
  • Six dishes from one chicken (G. Slutsky) / Marina (V.F. Komissarzhevskaya Theater)
  • Soap Angels (E. Quintero) / Angel (V.F. Komissarzhevskaya Theatre)
  • Profitable Place (A. Ostrovsky) / Mykina’s Friend (V.F. Komissarzhevskaya Theatre)
  • Pokrovsky Gate / Alevtina (dir. - L. Rakhlin / Theater of Two Capitals)
  • Lonely West / The Nun (Theater named after V.F. Komissarzhevskaya)
  • Eros / Elishka (Theater named after V.F. Komissarzhevskaya)
  • Carousel of Love / Girl (Theater named after V.F. Komissarzhevskaya)

First successes

Actress Elizaveta Nilova decided on her choice of profession back in her school years. It is not surprising that she decided to continue her education at St. Petersburg State Technical University, where she entered on the first try. The girl was enrolled in a course taught by Vladimir Norenko.

While still a student, Elizabeth began acting in films. The charming girl made her debut in the historical drama “Sissi the Rebel Empress.” The TV movie did not help Nilova become famous, but she gained valuable experience.

Soon, aspiring actress Elizaveta Nilova found herself on the set again. She was entrusted with the role of Dina in the television project “Everything is mixed up in the house...”. Then she played literature teacher Olga in “High School Students” and embodied the image of Natalia in the historical film “18-14.” Filming in films and TV series did not force Nilova to abandon her studies; she successfully graduated from St. Petersburg State Technical University.

Alexei Nilov's wife - Elena Volodina

Lena and Alexey met in mid-2004. He just broke up with his second official wife. At first, the lovers were simply friends, then they decided to live in a civil marriage. At the beginning of 20011, they officially registered their relationship in the registry office. In 2014, the couple got married in one of the St. Petersburg monasteries.

Alexey Nilov's wife, Elena Volodina, sews well. She often pleases herself with a dress based on her own sketches. A woman works in a photo studio. She believes that this is where she can apply her skills.

The artist never tires of declaring his love to his wife. He believes that this is what he has been waiting for all his life. Elena helped her beloved husband get rid of alcohol addiction.


After graduating from university, actress Elizaveta Nilova quickly found a job. The star’s biography indicates that the Komissarzhevskaya Theater opened its doors to her. Her debut role was the role of a stepdaughter, which the SPbGATI graduate performed in the fairy tale “Twelve Months.”

“Last Summer in Chulimsk”, “Carousel of Love”, “Soap Angels”, “Graphomaniac”, “Profitable Place”, “Jester Balakirev”, “Live Goods” - it is hardly possible to list all the famous performances with Nilova’s participation. It is known that she still plays on the stage of the Komissarzhevskaya Theater, and also periodically participates in enterprise projects.

Anna and Lisa

The first wife of the future “Larin” was his classmate Anna Zamotaeva. The girl did not become an actress, but worked enthusiastically in the music library. In this marriage, the daughter of the actor Elizaveta Nilova was born, who continued the acting dynasty and became a famous actress.

However, Alexey himself did not get into the theater immediately after university. To begin with, the man was waiting for a call. He ended up in the army, where at the end of his service he captured Chernobyl. Together with his colleagues, Nilov became a 1st degree liquidator.

Finest hour

Actress Elizaveta Nilova, whose photo can be seen in the article, did not immediately begin to receive leading roles. At first she was offered to play only minor and episodic heroines, but the girl did not give up. The reward for her ability to wait was one of the key roles in the war drama Night Swallows. This serial film told about the exploits of female pilots during the Great Patriotic War.

The heroine of the actress was the purposeful and serious pilot Galina Shevchenko. Nilova’s desire to embody this image arose immediately as soon as she read the script. She admired the courage with which Shevchenko overcomes the obstacles that come her way. Before filming Night Swallows, Elizabeth had not heard anything about the famous women's air regiment, which made this role even more interesting for her. The actress does not deny that filming Night Swallows was difficult. The work was often carried out in severely frosty conditions; one had to work literally knee-deep in snow. She also had a hard time with some particularly emotional scenes.

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