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Biography of Sergei Pioro

Sergei Pioro is an actor who has played many roles in television series. Sergei is known to the audience primarily for his roles as investigator Shustov from the famous “Trace”, the rector from the series “Univer. New Dorm" and General Gubanov from "Profile of a Killer", but in his filmography there are many other, no less interesting works.

In the photo: Sergei Pioro
In the photo: Sergei Pioro

Hero of movies and TV series

But they didn’t forget about Sergei Pioro. The series “Everything is mixed up in the house...” became a great start for him. Soon the actor moved to Moscow and began to appear regularly on screen. Between 2007 and 2011, he played more than two dozen roles in films and TV series. The most famous: Jean Karamazoff in the series “Love is like Love”, ballistic trace scientist Igor Shustov in the series “Trace” and the television film “Gardener”, Boris Dmitrievich Rychkov in the series “Wedding Ring”, Ilya Ilyich Stomatov in the serial television film “Kotovsky”, Eduard Samoilov in the detective melodrama “Fire”, businessman Alexey Borisovich Tumanov in the mystical detective series “Object 11”, Pavel Leonidovich in the comedy series “Univer. New dorm."

early years

Sergei Pioro is a hereditary Siberian. He was born on February 14, 1972 into an ordinary Soviet family from Sverdlovsk. The future actor’s mother played basketball professionally in her youth and tried to instill a love of sports in her son. As a result, Sergei attended all kinds of sports clubs and sections, practiced shooting and fencing, basketball and wrestling, but did not intend to connect his life with sports.

Sergei Pioro in childhood

Sergei also did not show much interest in his studies, and was not distinguished by exemplary behavior, and therefore was forced to leave school after the 8th grade. He was able to complete his secondary education at night school.

Actor Sergei Pioro

For two years, Sergei worked at the post office and studied, and after receiving a certificate, he entered the famous Yekaterinburg Theater Institute, which gave the national cinema such actors as Vladimir Ilyin, Olga Prokhvatylo and Boris Plotnikov.

Theater career

After graduating from Natalia Milchenko's course in 1995, Sergei received a place in the troupe of one of the leading theaters in Novosibirsk, the Red Torch, where he gained fame by performing roles in classical and modern productions by Alexei Serov, then Oleg Rybkin.

Sergei Pioro in the play “Zoykina’s Apartment”

At first, Sergei played, in his own words, strange characters, like the drug addict Badyaninov or Prozorov from Three Sisters - both weak, broken people. But later, a more rational use was found for the textured and tall (195 cm) actor: first, Lysander from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream appeared in his repertoire, and then Don Giovanni, perhaps Pioro’s most famous theatrical role.

Sergei Pioro in his youth

But Sergei called Sean Q from the production “Playboy - the Pride of the West” his favorite role. The character is based on the character of the hero of “The Green Mile” - a huge black man, menacing in appearance, but soft, kind and defenseless.

First roles on TV

Sergei's film debut came during Soviet times. It was a comedy about hazing from the Sverdlovsk film studio “I wish you good health!” or Mad demobilization" 1990. In the first half of the 90s, he starred in episodic roles for other projects of the film studio (“Felix Detective Bureau”, “Postscript”), but such offers were rare.

Sergei Pioro in the play “The Last Love of Don Juan”

Later, he combined acting in the Red Torch Theater with work as an announcer on Novosibirsk television: in the early 2000s, Pioro hosted the Morning Coffee program.

In 2006, Sergei was invited to play the main role in the STS multi-part comedy television project “Everything is Mixed Up in the House...”, which also featured Yulia Menshova, Tatyana Rudina and Boris Klyuev. The role of Ivan Bobov, a widower with many children, is considered one of the most successful roles played by the actor. It is known that the filmmakers initially planned to use Pioro in a cameo role, but during the casting they changed their decision, giving the Siberian big man the main role.

Sergei Pioro in the film “Valery Kharlamov. Additional time"

Unfortunately, the premiere of the series came at a time when viewers were already tired of family sitcoms, and even after the incredible success of “My Fair Nanny” with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, the serial market was flooded with carbon-copy projects. So the series “Everything Is Mixed Up in the House...” lasted only one season on the air, without gaining much popularity. To develop his career, Sergei had to leave his hometown and move to Moscow.


Later, the actor took part in the filming of other series from the Amedia studio (“Love is like love”), and in 2007 he again announced himself throughout the country thanks to the role of police captain Igor Shustov from the serial detective story “Trace.”

Sergei Pioro

His hero, a specialist in ballistics and weapons, a candidate of legal sciences and the soul of the company, fit perfectly into the team of Galina Rogozina (Olga Koposova), Major Kruglov (Vladimir Tashlykov) and forensic expert Romashin (Vladimir Sveshnikov), although he joined the team only in episode 27.

Sergei Pioro in the series “Trace”

From 2007 to 2011, viewers could see the performance of their favorite actor in the television series “Wedding Ring”, in which he collaborated with Yulia Pozhidaeva, Mikhail Remizov and Alexander Volkov, “Redhead”, which also starred Anatoly Rudenko, Maria Lugovaya and Konstantin Yushkevich, and “One Night of Love”, where Svetlana Ivanova, Alena Bondarchuk and Irina Muravyova played.

Still from the series “Wedding Ring”

In 2010, Sergei played intelligence agent Alexander in the spy detective-adventure series “Frozen Dispatches,” based on the famous work of Stanislav Gurin. Sergei's partners in this film were Dmitry Nagiyev and the beautiful Glafira Tarkhanova.

In the “Gardener” project, which continues the glorious history of FES employees and tells the story of the capture of the Bitsevsky maniac, Sergei appeared in the image of Igor Shustov, already familiar to the viewer.

Sergei Pioro in the film “Craftsmen”

In the 2011 detective television series “Profile of a Killer,” Sergei again embodied the image of an intellectual investigator who is able to “figure out” a criminal, no matter how cunning he may be. The audience liked the idea of ​​the film’s creators, who adapted the American TV series “Criminal Minds” to the realities of Russian life, and especially the performance of Sergei Pioro. In the series, which became a favorite for millions of television viewers, he collaborated with Maxim Shchegolev and Denis Matrosov.

The actor was able to move away from the role of a policeman in the series “The Ural Lacemaker”, playing, to the considerable surprise of the audience, the role of fashion designer Mazini. The blind craftswoman from the Ural village was played by Olga Sukhareva.

Still from the TV series “Univer. New dorm"

In the series, loved by both very young viewers and the older generation, “Univer. New hostel,” Sergei participated throughout all seasons and played the role of first a teacher and then the rector of the university. Sergei's company in this project included Ararat Keshchyan, Vitaly Gogunsky, as well as Anna Khilkevich and, of course, Nastasya Samburskaya.

Sergei Pioro in the series “Univer. New dorm"

In the 2020 TV series “Craftsmen,” the actor again appeared in the role of a police officer, and in the continuation of the story about Russian profilers, “Profile of a Killer-2,” he again took part in the investigation of murders.

In 2020, Sergei began working in the series “Doctor Kotov,” which also stars Ivan Oganesyan and Dmitry Mazurov.


Theater works

  • “Time and Room”
    - a man without a clock
  • “Zoykina’s Apartment”
    - Abolyaninov
  • “The Inspector General”
    - Christian Ivanovich Gibner
  • "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
    - Lysander
  • "Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy"
    - Valentine
  • “Life has conquered death”
    - main
  • “Three Sisters”
    - Andrey
  • "Don Juan's Last Love"
    - ​​Don Juan
  • "Duck Hunt"
    - waiter
  • “Love, love, love”
    - Grigory Stepanovich Smirnov
  • "Amadeus"
    - Joseph II
  • "Andorra"
    - someone
  • "Misery"
    - Paul Sheldon
  • “Forest”
    - Neschastlivtsev
  • "Tartuffe"
    - Laurent / Mister Loyal
  • “The Cabal of the Holy One”
    - Marquis de Orsigny
  • "Richard III"
    - Buckingham
  • “And this one fell out of the nest”
    - Chief Bromden
  • "Only for women"


  • 1991 - Risk group - mafia loader
  • 1992 — Postscript
  • 1993 - Detective Bureau "Felix" - Sanya, bureau employee
  • 2006 - Everything was mixed up in the house... - Ivan Bobov
  • 2007 - Our Sins - Doctor
  • 2007 - present — Trace — Igor Shustov, ballistic traceologist, police captain
  • 2008 - One night of love - Stepan
  • 2008 - 2009 - Redhead - publisher
  • 2008 - 2011 - Wedding ring - Boris Dmitrievich Rychkov
  • 2009 - Kotovsky - Stomatov
  • 2009 - Victorious wind, clear day - philanthropist Andrey Morozov
  • 2009 - Bodyguard 2 - downed pilot
  • 2010 - Frozen dispatches - Alexander Ivanovich, intelligence agent, Margot’s husband
  • 2010 — I love March 9! — Dmitry Bystrov
  • 2010 - Gardener - Igor Shustov
  • 2010 - Partisans
  • 2010 - Fire - Eduard Samoilov
  • 2010 - 2011 - Marusya - Ivan
  • 2011 - Profile of a killer - Anatoly Dmitrievich Gubanov
  • 2011 - People of He - Vladimir Tararykin
  • 2011 - 2012 - Katina's love - Leonid Martynov, architect
  • 2011 - 2020 - University. New dorm - Pavel Vladimirovich Zuev, rector
  • 2012 - Ural lacemaker - Gino Masini, fashion designer
  • 2013 - Knee-deep sea
  • 2013 - More - Less - doctor
  • 2014 - Craftsmen - Arkhipov, police lieutenant colonel, accomplice of Ustyantseva
  • 2015 - Profile of a killer 2 - Anatoly Dmitrievich Gubanov
  • 2016 - Second childhood / Vtoroe detstvo
    Professor Lopatkov
  • 2016 - MiShura - Owl
  • 2018 - Doctor Kotov - Gennady Petrovich Belov
  • 2019 – Tourist police – Stepan Redko
  • 2019 - Romance for horn (short film) - Neiger

Personal life of Sergei Pioro

The marriage of Sergei Pioro and the fragile beauty Elena Golovizina is called one of the strongest and happiest in the domestic film industry. The actors played together in the projects “Everything Is Mixed Up in the House...” and “Trace.”

Sergei Pioro and his wife Elena Golovizina

Elena is Sergei’s fellow countryman; the actors met at the Red Torch Theater. It is known that Lena is 10 years younger than her husband and 25 centimeters shorter than him. The fragile girl and the mighty Siberian got married in 2006, and in 2009 their son Arseny was born.


Future theater and film actor Sergei Pioro was born in the Urals. His mother was a professional volleyball player. From early childhood, the boy was instilled with a love of sports. Sergei was not the only child in the family; he has a brother and a sister.

In 1978 he went to school, but the boy did not like studying. Growing up as an artistic child, he took part in all school concerts and theater productions.

As a child, he knew how to accurately parody popular pop and movie stars. He was interested in fencing and shooting in the Dynamo society. Already at school I received the rank of candidate master of sports in shooting.

All relatives and acquaintances were confident that Sergei would be an artist in the future. In high school, he transferred to evening classes, and in the morning he worked part-time at the post office.

After graduating from school, he entered the theater institute, wanting to fulfill his childhood dream and become an actor. He studied in the workshop of Natalya Milchenko, who trained her students to become professionals in theatrical art. In 1995, Sergei successfully graduated from the university as a certified actor.

In-demand artist

Already from 1990 to 1993 he acted in films in episodes and small roles at the Sverdlovsk Film Studio. While studying, he worked as a television announcer. The future actor hosted short news programs, and later became the host of the Morning Express program. He dreamed of working on the stage of a big theater stage and after graduating from college, Sergei left for Novosibirsk.

In 2000-2003 he worked as a presenter and director of the TV program “Morning Coffee” on Channel 4 in Novosibirsk. The young actor was noticed and invited to film a movie in Moscow.

In 2006, he passed the casting and starred in the leading role in the TV series “Everything Is Mixed Up in the House.” This was the actor’s first experience of filming in Moscow, which turned out to be stellar for Sergei. Together with his wife, he moved to the capital in 2007. The actor became famous for his role as Igor Shustov in the crime series “Trace,” where Sergei has been acting for ten years.

From 1996 to 2007 he worked as an actor in the troupe of the State Drama Theater "Red Torch". He played in the plays: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Misery”, “The Cabal of the Holy One”, “Don Juan’s Last Love” and many others.

In parallel with filming the detective story, from 2007 to 2020, the actor starred in other films and TV series: “Kotovsky”, “Fire”, “Profile of a Killer” (2011), “Univer. New Dorm", "Profile of a Killer 2", "Second Childhood" and many others.

The actor's filmography includes 44 films, he continues to act in TV series and works in new projects. Sergei is popular and in demand.

Wife from the world of cinema

The actor has been married for a long time. Sergei met his wife Elena Golovizina in 2003 while working at the Novosibirsk Red Torch Theater. They lived in a civil marriage for two years, and at the beginning of 2006 they officially formalized their marriage.

Sergey and Elena organized the wedding themselves and were the hosts, celebrating it on the banks of the Ob River in the American style. Elena is a professional actress, ten years younger than her husband and 25 cm shorter than him.

In 2007, the couple moved to Moscow, and two years later their son Arseny was born. The couple spend a lot of time with him; there are many photos of Sergei with his family on Sergei’s social networks.

The actor recently received his license and loves to drive long distances. He often travels with friends and family by car. Traveled all over Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Traveled around the Urals, Siberia and the Altai Mountains.

Sergei Pioro does not accept extreme sports. Speaks conversational Italian.

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