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Andrey Egorov was born into a family of Ukrainian immigrants from the Chernigov region. His great-grandfather was a real class Little Russian Cossack. The colorful surname – Nedbaylo – speaks about this. But the father decided that his wife’s surname would be more suitable for the Russian outback. Therefore, after the wedding, Pavlo Nedbaylo began to be called Pavel Egorov.

Andrey grew up as a creative and artistic child. The boy loved cinema, dreamed of the stage, and already in middle school he dreamed of becoming an actor. After graduating from school, the young man first went to the Voronezh Institute of Arts, where he learned the secrets of acting under the guidance of Professor Vladimir Bugrov, and then to Moscow.

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They have a friendly, harmonious family in which there are almost no quarrels, and if conflicts arise, it happens only on professional grounds - sometimes spouses cannot stop arguing about one role or another.

“We have disputes more often on creative issues. Here we succeeded: we reach high tones. For the first year and a half, our neighbors thought that we were constantly quarreling, and looked after us sympathetically. Then we realized that we were rehearsing like that,” say Alexey and his wife.

The first and only of Alexei Zubkov’s children, a daughter, was born seventeen years ago. The actor's family lives in their own country house.

In the photo: Alexey Zubkov with his wife


In 1993, the chief director of the Soviet Army Theater Leonid Kheifits invited Andrei Egorov to his troupe. It was here that the artist’s creative biography began. Andrei made his debut in the images of Shakespearean heroes, playing Cassio, Laertes, Claudio and Benedict.

Egorov also appears as a guest actor on other stages. On the stage of the cabaret theater “The Bat” he played in the productions “The Great Illusion” and “Chance”. He performed in the musical “Tomorrowland” - a Russian-British project about the events in Moscow in 1993. In 2012, the production center of V. Lanskoy staged the play “Saved Love” based on Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Resurrection”, where Egorov got the role of Nekhlyudov.

Theater works

Theater of the Russian Army:

  • Milovidov - “On a busy place”
  • Cassio - "Othello"
  • Crooked Craw - “At the Bottom”
  • Claudio, Benedict - "Much Ado About Nothing"
  • Valer - "The Stingy"
  • Doristeo - "The Inventive Lover"
  • Humphrey - "The Hunted Horse"
  • Patrice Bombel - "Invitation to the Castle"
  • Cowardly Lion, Toto, Tin Woodman - "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"
  • Northumberland - “Your sister and prisoner...”
  • Nikolay - “Late Love”
  • Samson Carrasco - "Man of La Mancha"
  • Davyd Vasiliev - “A long time ago”
  • Laertes - Hamlet
  • Taretsky - “Dancing with the Teacher”
  • Shuisky - “Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich”
  • Francoeur - "Ma-Mouret"
  • Chumak - “The Fate of One House”
  • Molière - “Molière (The Cabal of the Holy One)”

Interesting Facts

Today we touched on many topics related to the biography of Andrei Egorov. Now it’s time to talk about interesting facts from the life of the Russian actor.

  • From the biography of Andrei Pavlovich it is clear that this man devoted his entire life to acting. This did not go unnoticed, and in 2005 our hero received the title “Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.”
  • In addition, actor Andrei Egorov is also an excellent understudy. His voice can be heard in several foreign films: “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”, “Ghost in the Shell”, etc.
  • The great-grandfather of our today's hero was a low-class Little Russian Cossack and bore the surname Nedbaylo.
  • In 1993, Andrei Pavlovich Egorov was a participant in the Russian-British musical Tomorrowland.
  • In 2012, Egorov’s documentary “Free Russia Square” was released. So he also tried himself as a director.


In 1997, the actor made his high-profile film debut in the military drama “The Time of the Dancer,” directed by Vadim Abdrashitov, for which Andrei Egorov was awarded the “Golden Aries” prize at the “Kinotavr 1998” festival.

The artist began to appear regularly on the screen. Viewers noticed the incredible male charisma and depth of his characters: secret unit agent Mikhail Kulikov in “New Year's Story”, analyst Ivan in the melodrama “It is not recommended to offend women”, journalist Sergei Rostov in the action-packed series “A Man’s Work”, detective writer Sergei Meshchersky in the crime thriller “Dark Instinct”, romantic Mikhail Lunin in the historical melodrama “One Love of My Soul”, senior lieutenant Pyotr Glushkov in the military drama “Echelon”, captain Grigory Lubenets in the action film “Smersh”, regiment commander Yashin in the film “Sky on Fire”.


In the popular melodrama “Varenka”, Andrei Egorov got one of the main roles - entrepreneur Alexander Kerzhentsev.

Plot: When Varenka (Irina Pegova) was fired from her job, she could not even think that this was only the beginning of her misadventures. Immediately after this, she discovers the betrayal of her beloved husband, a fire occurs in her apartment, and the heroine has to move in with distant relatives.

The foreign city greets Varenka unfriendly. A young woman falls into the web of swindlers. Nothing works out, there are evil people all around... But at that moment when the heroine was ready to break, true love appears in her life...

I liked the film so much that its creators made a sequel: “Varenka. Test of love", "Varenka. In defiance of fate", "Varenka. And in sorrow and in joy" .

The actor played several more interesting roles, one of which was Boris Zhukov in the adventure film directed by Alexei Bogdanov “B.O.M.Z.” His hero is a former captain's mate on a merchant ship, who, as a result of various troubles, falls down and becomes homeless. Egorov himself spoke about his character as follows: “In the first episodes of the film, my hero is a degraded person. But this is just a shell. Boris is a strong and tough man. Devoted, faithful, able to love. It was love that helped him survive and return from captivity...”

Among the projects in which the artist has starred in recent years, we can note such as: the family saga “House of Exemplary Maintenance”, the adventure film “My Captain”, the series “Ural Lacemaker”, “Father Matvey”, as well as the melodrama “Late Love” , “Groom”, “Don’t Let Me Go”, “For Other People’s Sins”, “Three Roads”, “More than a Doctor”.

Then Andrei appeared in the film about the famous trainer of predators - “Margarita Nazarova”, in the film adaptation of Tatyana Ustinova’s novel of the same name - the detective melodrama “Expect the Unexpected”, in the serial drama “Optimists” and the thriller “The Other Side of Death”.

Career of theater and film actor

In 1967, Egorov graduated from LGITMiK and became a full member of the troupe of one of the most popular theaters in Leningrad. The first roles were minor, unnoticeable, and the young actor could not show himself at full strength. However, this was the best time to gain experience - celebrities played in the theater at that time, and the theater was led by the recognized master of directing Georgy Tovstonogov. A strict, but very creative and open director helped the young actor join the troupe and feel like he belonged in the theater.

However, changes are inevitable in every team - and now Tovstonogov is being transferred to the BDT. A little later, Egorov goes there after him. However, fate again offers him a change - he moves to Moscow. Here a service awaits him at the Moscow Theater of Satire. Here Egorov had to “get” another part of his nature - humorous, sarcastic, etc. After that, the Hermitage Theater opened its doors for him, then the Theater named after. K. S. Stanislavsky and others.

Every transition from theater to theater is a big challenge. You part with your usual surroundings, with colleagues, with friends to whom you have already become accustomed. However, as one famous artist said, it is not the actor who is looking for the theater - it is the theater that calls you to serve in it. In 1991, Anatoly Egorov called the youth theater, which is now called “Near the Stanislavsky House” and is located on Krasnaya Presnya, in the very center of Moscow. It was not the most fun time for actors and theaters - many simply closed, and actors left the profession. However, Egorov still serves here: he plays and teaches young actors how to play so that the audience believes you.

And he has enormous experience in the theater - more than a hundred roles in classical, modern, and experimental performances. Truly, anyone who lived in the same years as Egorov knows absolutely everything about time, history and theater.

He also knows a lot about cinema - after all, in 1967, the young actor first starred in a small role in the film “The Personal Life of Kuzyaev Valentin.” He also liked this work, although there are no spectators on the set and you don’t see their response. And later, when Egorov was offered to star in episodes in the films “Degree of Risk” (1968) and “The Taste of Bread” (1971), he agreed.

He got the main role in the film “Drama from Ancient Life” (1971) - he created the image of the serf hairdresser Arkashka. This role made him famous. His partner on the set was the magnificent Elena Solovey. She played the role of a serf actress who fell in love with the count's hairdresser. He reciprocated the girl’s feelings and persuaded her to run away, because otherwise they could not be together.

Since those distant years, Anatoly Ivanovich has starred in almost forty films, and each of his appearances on the screen was bright and memorable.

The best films in the actor’s portfolio are considered to be “The Casket of Marie de’ Medici” (1980) and “Say a Word for the Poor Hussar” (1980). The projects “Mikhailo Lomonosov” (1984), “Death of the Empire” (2005), “Dostoevsky” (2010) and “Bad Blood” (2013) were recognized as the best series. This series ended the actor’s film career, but who knows what else fate has in store for him?


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Actor Andrei Egorov’s relationship with cinema did not develop right away. And in general, at the time when our hero moved to Moscow, cinema and theater were not going through the best of times. In the mid-90s, the artist starred in several episodic roles, but they did not bring him much popularity.

Only with the advent of the new millennium did films begin to appear in Andrei Pavlovich’s filmography, thanks to which he achieved all-Russian recognition: “Star”, “Fireworks”, “Dark Instinct”, “Bodyguard”, “Varenka”. Moreover, the latter impressed the viewer so much that its director Eldor Urazbaev decided to make a sequel. And of course, it could not have happened without the participation of our hero.

Today Egorov continues to act in films. Among his latest works are such films as “Three Roads”, “Margarita Nazarova”, “Optimists”, “Beyond Death” and others.

About personal

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The personal life of actor Andrei Egorov is not as successful as his creative career. To this day, the artist leads a bachelor lifestyle. Perhaps this is due to the fact that our hero works a lot and simply does not have enough time to start a family. Or maybe the whole point is that Andrei Pavlovich simply hasn’t met the one for whom he would be ready to do anything. Well, let's hope that very soon we will see not only the loving wife of actor Andrei Egorov, but also their children together.

By the way, the artist himself does not welcome questions about his personal life. He tries his best to avoid such conversations.

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