Olga Bashmarova: biography, personal life, husband, children

Every day the multi-genre program “Anatomy of the Day” is broadcast on the NTV channel, ending the information day. Anna Yankina, a charming, bright TV presenter who has made a rapid career in television, stands out among the program’s team.

Starting from the basics, the journalist reached serious heights in her work, becoming the host of one of the popular federal channels. The programs with her participation are distinguished by good presentation of information, non-standard coverage of events, accuracy of presentation of facts, and consistency. Not much is known about the personal life of the TV personality, since the girl prefers not to put it on public display.

Carier start

Anna was born in the Volga city of Saratov, in an ordinary family. The birthday falls in the spring, April 20. At school, Anna was attracted to the humanities, so after graduation, the girl entered the university of her hometown. The choice of specialty was short-lived; Anna became a student at the Faculty of National Economics.

Since the age of 18, she has been trying her hand at city television. First as a correspondent, and then as a presenter of an information program. Since 2004, the young journalist has been working in the programs “Vesti - Saratov”, “Vesti - Saratov. Events of the week." In addition to daily broadcasts, Anna hosted the final program of the week on Saratov television.

Yankina recorded reports and talked about current events that took place during the day and week in Saratov. She has proven herself to be a responsible, ambitious journalist who works well with the audience. And already in 2010 she decided to move to Moscow.

Interesting facts about Olga Bashmarova

  1. She adheres to the standard rules of a healthy lifestyle: goes to bed on time, does not eat at night, and walks in the park if possible. In the studio, when Olga is preparing for the broadcast, everyone knows: they bring her coffee without caffeine, she does not recognize this drink with caffeine.
  2. She is not just the chief editor and host of the Atomic Horizons project: Olga often stays after filming and personally oversees the editing of the next episode.
  3. Her parents, when the girl decided to go on TV, gave her the freedom to choose her future. She also wants to raise Mark: she is sure that her son himself will be able to decide what to do in life. “Well, maybe we’ll send him to football when he grows up,” she adds.
  4. Impeccable appearance, perfect hairstyle - this is her personal merit. At some point, Olga began styling her hair herself before the broadcast. She also hates it when a makeup artist puts a lot of makeup on her face.
  5. She plays tennis, enjoys dancing, and a few years ago she became seriously interested in yoga. Her dream is to one day open her own yoga school.
  6. Ostankino workers know that Olga respects the work of everyone who works on TV and calls them colleagues. According to her, the work of lighting technicians, makeup artists, costume designers, even cooks is no less important than the work of presenters.
  7. She considers the main achievement in life to be that “I started doing what I was most afraid of - I went on screen” (her words). And she considers the main mistake in life to be that she once persuaded her husband to take out an apartment on a mortgage: he offered to invest rubles in dollars, but she did not listen.
  8. She tries to work perfectly not only because of the prestigious position on Rossiya 24 or because of the high salary. Olga does this, according to her, because she does not want to let down her colleagues and viewers who are waiting for her to appear on the program.
  9. When she is asked to describe what is most difficult about working at Rossiya 24, she replies with a smile: “There are a lot of beautiful and smart girls, you have to fit in!”

Working in the capital: first steps

Anna is invited to work as a correspondent for the Vesti - Moscow program. The format of the releases was well known to the journalist, so she soon became simultaneously the producer of the program.

At the end of 2011, Yankina went to work on the Zvezda TV channel. The main direction of the channel’s work is military-patriotic broadcasting, its own documentaries, historical programs, and screening of feature films. Anna's field of activity is information broadcasting, preparation and production of news programs. There is still competition in the information broadcasting industry on television, but news with presenter Anna Yankina was in demand by the audience.

The first woman of Zhigunov

“For me, Seryozha will always be family,” shared actress Anna Isaykina

“For me, Seryozha will always be family,” shared actress Anna Isaykina

On January 2, Sergei ZHIGUNOV turns 50 years old. It seems that his fans know everything about this handsome actor and producer: his long marriage with Vera NOVIKOVA, which was interrupted for two and a half years due to Sergei’s affair with Anastasia ZAVOROTNYUK, and then a happy return to the family. But today we will tell for the first time about Zhigunov’s piercing first love for his classmate at the Shchukin School, Anna ISAIKINA.

In his native Rostov-on-Don, Zhigunov grew up as a rogue - he disrupted classes, skipped classes, and ran to the movies. With grief in half, having received a matriculation certificate, 17-year-old Seryozha went to Moscow and entered the Shchukin School for the course of Albert Burov .

“We started studying together, even lived in the same room in the dorm,” recalls
Ivan Shchegolev . — Sergei has always been active, adventurous, cheerful. In a word, the soul of the company. He wrote songs, poems, sang with a guitar, and composed funny, sometimes harsh epigrams for his classmates. Of course, boys also choose acting as a profession to please girls. And Zhigunov was always the center of women's attention.

The affair with Anastasia ZAVOROTNYUK turned out to be loud, but fleeting

Lucky Medic

Although the beautiful Irina Metlitskaya , but, according to classmates, our out-of-town hero first of all paid attention to pretty Muscovites, Ira was not one of them.

“Very soon Zhigunov lost his head over
Anna Isaykina ,” shared another former student of Shchuka, Alexey Maslov . Isaykina has long been a sought-after actress, and in addition, a teacher in the very Shchuka from which she once graduated. Anna Leonardovna’s filmography includes dozens of popular films and TV series: “Simple Truths”, “Fire of Love”, “Institute of Noble Maidens”... A native Muscovite, she grew up in an intelligent family under the supervision of her grandmother-actress and grandfather-director. And although her relatives dreamed that her beloved Anechka, a graduate of a French special school, would enter the philological department of Moscow State University, the girl chose theater. “Zhigunov and I entered the “Olympiad” year, 1980,” Isaykina began the story. — Seryozha, and also Lika Nifontova , the current wife of director Sergei Ursulyak , came from Rostov, and both turned out to be bright personalities. I looked at Zhigunov with different eyes when we played in a course play based on Hemingway’s . Open, handsome, he strummed something selflessly and skillfully on the piano.

From childhood, the father instilled in his daughter a love of skiing (Dombay, 1998)

- Did he fall in love with you first?

- Oh, my God!
Let Sergei tell you this himself... - Agree, first love is a deep feeling that remains in memory forever! - This is true! The student romantic period, when you spend all your time at the institute and not at home, suggests falling in love. When else to fall in love, if not at this wonderful age?! - And yet you did not become his wife. Do you regret it? “In any case, I’m glad that I know such a person as Sergei Viktorovich,” the interlocutor smiled mysteriously. “If something suddenly happens, I will turn to him and, as it seems to me, I will not receive a refusal.” This thought really warms me up. Life is different and difficult, but I know that somewhere there is a loved one. For me, I’m sure, he will remain like this forever. Isaykina did not want to talk in detail about Zhigunov’s courtship, or why they broke up a year later. But from their classmates, in front of whose eyes this romance took place, they still managed to learn something. If you believe the testimonies of the then students, Anya and Seryozha had no love experience before meeting each other. Therefore, almost immediately we plunged into the whirlpool of intimate relationships. True, the couple soon faced a serious test, which ended not in Zhigunov’s favor.

From the Muscovite Anya, Rostovite Seryozha lost his head. Photo: kino-teatr.ru

During the winter holidays, Isaykina went to relax at the Ruza creative arts center near Moscow, where a student at the medical institute, Andrei Dubrovsky, . Having fallen in love, he began to pursue an aspiring artist. Andrey was not stopped by the fact that the beauty was dating someone else and her heart was occupied.

The love triangle was involuntarily destroyed by the future “midshipman” - because of his worries, he abandoned his studies and, by decision of the teachers’ council, was expelled from Shchuka with the wording “for unsuitability.” I had to return to my homeland. Of course, Andrey made a fuss, finding himself, as if by chance, in the right place and at the right time. A few years later they got married. It is now impossible for Dubrovsky to remember the affairs of bygone days - he is a famous cardiologist who holds the post of chief physician in one of the clinics in Moscow. “Seryozha was still a scoundrel back then,” Isaykina sighs. “But a year later he came to his senses, returned to Moscow and was able to re-enter our school, only in a different course.

The family is the strong backbone of the actor and producer: with his mother Galina Ivanovna, son-in-law Ivan, daughter Masha and wife Vera. Photo by Evgeny GUSEV/Komsomolskaya Pravda

Two month sex

Having recovered in Shchuk, Zhigunov drew attention to another classmate - the future famous singer, star of the 90s Anastasia ( Mintskovskaya ).

“I wouldn’t call our relationship a romance: we only fucked for about two months.”
He was a terrible reveler! — Nastya spoke about Zhigunov several years ago in an interview with Express Gazeta. “Once Zhigunov raped me. Then he even offered to marry him, but I ended the relationship. I will not tolerate visitors in my house. I am a third-generation Muscovite! Some attributed Zhigunov a close relationship with another beauty in the new course - Natalya Tikhovskaya .

For Natalya TIKHOVSKAYA, Sergei was closer than his brother. Photo: kino-teatr.ru

“Seryozha was closer to my cousin,” Natalya said. “He and I are very different in character, and our love passage did not develop into something more.” He is a wonderful partner, a super person, but at that time he managed to marry Vera Novikova and was tenderly devoted to her... Much later, when everyone started talking about Serezha’s affair with Zavorotnyuk , I knew it was true. I played an episode in “The Beautiful Nanny” and observed their relationship with my own eyes.

And yet, colleagues, classmates and even Zhigunov’s first love, Anna Isaikina, were delighted when they learned that he had returned to Novikova and now they have a wonderful family again. “I know Vera, a beautiful woman,” Isaykina says sincerely. - They make a good couple. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Seryozha on his anniversary and wish him all the best.

Singer ANASTASIA claims that during his student years ZHIGUNOV wooed her too. Photo: anastasiamusic.ru

Vladimir Shevelkov: I’m afraid of Sergei

One of ZHIGUNOV’s colleagues in the film “Midshipmen, Forward!”, actor Vladimir SHEVELKOV, acted with Sergei more than once and was friends with him. But over the years the relationship went wrong.

— Why don’t I communicate with Zhigunov now? I just don’t like people who change with age,” says Shevelkov . “I also have something to be proud of and something to turn up my nose at.” But in my life everything is different. I met Sergei in the film “Found Guilty” in 1983. He had not yet been expelled from the Shchukin School, and I studied at VGIK. Zhigunov was open, noisy, positive, frivolous, and felt which way the wind was blowing. I have always been with those who are stronger. He wanted to be famous; his PR talent cannot be taken away from him. He knows how to become famous. I think his affair with Zavorotnyuk, a beautiful and talented woman, is from this series.

ZHIGUNOV, KHARATYAN and SHEVELKOV only on the non-spill water screen. In real life they don't like each other

Now they are talking about Sergei as a producer. But, in my opinion, first of all he produces himself. The main thing is that when someone becomes a boss, their “roof” is blown away. This is a national problem. It is very difficult to occupy a certain position and remain human. As soon as you are entrusted with something, you begin to infringe on the rights of others. It’s a pity, we don’t have an actors’ union in Russia, which means there’s no way to protect ourselves from the arbitrariness of producers. I have no need to get into the circles where Zhigunov moves. I'm a little afraid of him.

Office romances of a “midshipman”

Who was not attributed to Sergei’s mistresses! According to journalists, he charmed many beauties at work. But neither Zhigunov himself nor his partners ever commented on these rumors - they neither confirmed nor denied them.

* In the film “Hearts of Three,” Zhigunov starred with Alena Khmelnitskaya and allegedly could not resist her charms. They say their relationship broke off forever immediately after filming ended.

* It was whispered in the crowd that while working on the first part of “Midshipmen,” his partner
Tatyana Lyutaeva . They say that a spark ran between them during the filming of the bed scene.* The actor’s serious hobby, according to those who like to gossip, was the “winter cherry” Elena Safonova . Allegedly, the relationship developed on the set of the film “The Princess on the Beans.” And allegedly after Zhigunov even admitted to cheating on his wife Vera Novikova, and she generously forgave him.

The bed scene with Tatiana LYUTAEVA turned out to be very believable

Marina Alexandrova was rumored to make eyes at Sergei . The mutual flirting was interrupted by Domogarov - as soon as Alexander appeared on the site, Marina fell head over heels for him.

* Previously, there were envious conversations in the film world about Sergei’s romantic relationship with the director of the Russian Film Actors Guild
Valeria Gushchina . At one time, Zhigunov served as president of the guild, and perhaps ill-wishers wanted to remove him quickly with ridiculous rumors.

Career on NTV

In 2014, a new show “Anatomy of the Day” appeared on the information network on the NTV channel. Its leader is the famous TV presenter and journalist Vadim Takmenev, who has already hosted the “Central Television” program on the “fourth button”. But unlike the Sunday show, Anatomy of the Day airs weekday evenings.

The new format required a change in the concept of the program, the presentation of information from presenters to the audience. The topics were divided into main areas:

  • economy;
  • policy;
  • drama;
  • trends;
  • element;
  • gossip column.

Anna Yankina was entrusted with drama - news and shocking stories from people's lives. The emphasis is on the fact that anyone can find themselves in unpleasant, difficult situations, and it is important to try to find a way out. Yankina’s co-hosts are broadcast stars Andrei Norkin, Gleb Pyanykh, as well as aspiring journalists Ivan Traore, Mikhail Gendelev, Maria Ignatova.

Now there have been changes in the team, but the number of presenters remains the same. Ignatova and Norkin left for their projects, and Egor Kolyvanov joined the team. There are no genre or thematic restrictions in “Anatomy of the Day”; any information is interesting and valuable.

The presenters’ task is to present it brightly and interestingly to the audience, and it should be noted that Anna does an excellent job. Viewers note her intelligence, quick reaction to what is happening, emotions, and personal attitude. The journalist herself said before the launch of the show that she really hopes for the success of the program, since the team consists of talented and ambitious people.

This is interesting! A transformer-type studio was created especially for the new show. Three zones were equipped with a podium, a main screen and two multimedia columns, placed for the effect of presence during live broadcasts.

There is no dry, laconic news, detached intonations, or standard reports. Everything in this program is bright, lively, with emotions and passions. One feels that the presenters are in the “topic”, know their direction, “live” in it and warmly empathize with their characters. That is why viewers eagerly await each episode, hoping to receive complete information about the events of the day in a special interpretation.

Anna Yankina’s creative approach and responsibility were noted; it is no coincidence that she became a laureate of the Eurasian Television Forum and the national award “Country”. The annual open creative competition of works presents the achievements of Russian television directors, journalists, producers, and cameramen. The competition was organized with the support of VGTRK and the National Association of Television and Radio Broadcasters. The competent jury is headed by Eduard Sagalayev.

Personal life

Maria Bondareva does not like to talk about life outside of economic programs. In 2020, the girl gave birth to a son, and in 2020, a daughter. Colleagues spoke about this on the Russia 1 TV channel. At the same time, the TV presenter keeps the name of her husband or father of children under seven seals.

Maria Bondareva and Vladimir Lisin

There are a lot of rumors around Maria’s personal life, which ultimately do not find official confirmation. Bondareva was suspected of having an affair with the chairman of the board of directors of the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant, Vladimir Lisin. The girl refused to confirm this fact. The thing is that the entrepreneur is legally married to his school friend.

Personal life of a TV presenter

Anna is a successful journalist, the host of a popular program on one of the main channels in the country. Bright appearance, charisma, intelligence, sexuality - everything in Yankina’s appearance is harmonious and attractive. Therefore, the audience’s interest in the young beautiful girl, and therefore in her personal life, is understandable.

But Anna carefully hides this side of her biography from outsiders. Numerous photos on social networks show a girl in the program’s studio, on vacation, in company with famous people, the heroes of her reports. Fans are interested in whether Yankina has a family, a husband or a boyfriend.

In 2020, Anna gave an interview on one of the broadcasts of Takmenev’s program. In it, she answered a question about her personal life, saying that she was getting married soon. A man appeared in the studio and presented Anna with a luxurious bouquet. The appearance of the young man was left behind the scenes, and Anna did not reveal his name or any details of the wedding celebration.

You can understand the journalist, there are too many ill-wishers in the networks, outright gossipers who are interested in the personal lives of famous people and are actively “washing up” the bones. Charming Anna with her model appearance attracts attention, and therefore it is much easier to leave everything behind a veil of secrecy. Personal life should be personal, without interference from outsiders, without gossip and speculation. All that remains is to wish the stylish and beautiful TV presenter success in the difficult field of television journalism, new victories, happiness and love in the family.

Personal life of a TV personality

Litovko’s personal life is of great interest to fans of the TV presenter’s talent, but the woman carefully hides this information. Natalya prefers to leave what concerns personal matters away from television cameras and public view. It is unknown whether the woman has someone, but she definitely has practically no time left for love. The TV personality devotes herself entirely to career growth.

Success in your personal life

Alena Dublyuk prefers not to talk about her family and personal relationships. However, it’s enough to look at the TV presenter’s Instagram and look at her photographs to understand: she is happily married and raising a child. Dublyuk has a son, Ivan, of preschool age. It is unknown what the husband's name is. He is a non-public person, but, as Alena herself once let slip in an interview, he also works on television. On her social network page, the TV presenter regularly publishes photographs of a happy family life, joint recreation, and walks.

When it’s a nice day on the weekend, Alena goes with her husband and son to the park to get some fresh air and feed the birds. But even in rainy weather, a woman cannot stay at home; she cannot imagine a free day without a walk. Favorite place for family recreation is Catherine Park.

Alena Dublyuk permanently lives with her family in Moscow, although it was difficult to part with her native Vladimir, because close people remained there. The woman travels often, and loves to visit not only foreign resorts, but also Russian cities. To maintain slimness, Alena does not limit herself and does not follow any diets. She is even surprised at her ability to maintain her figure, because she likes to eat a hearty meal before bed. Probably, a slim figure is the result of playing sports and swimming in the pool.

Alena Dublyuk photo

Getting started on television

It is known from the Internet that Alena Dublyuk at the age of 19 participated in the Miss Russia 1999 competition. The girl did not become the winner of this project, but she made it into the top ten. From that moment her stellar career began. The beauty was listed as a member of a modeling agency, which recommended Vladimir’s first beauty for the position of TV weather forecaster. This was at the beginning of the two thousandth. The girl managed to pass the interview and began working at the Vladimir State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

In 2004, the TV presenter participated in the TEFI-Region competition. Winning this project helped Alena get to Moscow. The girl began working on the TNT channel and conducting a weather forecast at Meteo-TV. Alena got a job at the capital's TV channel, but did not quit her job in Vladimir. Twice a week she traveled from Moscow to Vladimir to talk about the weather in her hometown.

The girl worked on two Vladimir channels - STS and RTR, and also on the Moscow TNT. In the capital, the TV presenter's career took off. In Moscow, Alena received a diploma as a television and radio presenter. Soon she ended up on the REN-TV channel, where she also told viewers about the weather after the news release.

Interesting facts about the TV presenter

  1. Her son Vanechka is too young to make serious plans for his future profession, but he is already a very artistic boy and loves to dance. Under one of his videos on his mother’s Instagram, someone even wrote: “Timati tensed up: so this is what you are, the future Yegor Creed!”
  2. Surely, even in childhood, one natural phenomenon “provoked” the girl Alena’s desire to go to work in meteorology. This happened on the Moscow-Blagoveshchensk train, when she saw sparkling snow on the Altai Mountains from the train window in the summer.
  3. Alena actively opposes environmental pollution, and this is not surprising - after all, she is always aware of the sometimes irreversible changes that occur on Earth due to the barbaric attitude towards nature. She and her husband contribute to protecting the planet from waste - they do not throw away old clothes, but recycle them.
  4. Her idol is Marie Sklodowska-Curie: “Probably because I adore her because I loved chemistry at school.” Among literary works, she likes Russian classics (she has re-read The Master and Margarita many times) and biographies - from this genre she especially noted the biography of Steve Jobs.
  5. The young woman loves to travel, and any corner of the planet is unforgettable for her: “I can’t even imagine a place that I wouldn’t like.” The most vivid impression of the sights she visited was made by one of the seven wonders of the world - Chichen Itza in Mexico.
  6. Her favorite type of recreation is “walking in the park in good weather, feeding the birds and eating ice cream” (her words). In rainy weather, she also leaves the house, but she does not take an umbrella with her, but puts on a raincoat with a hood.
  7. About her diet: the woman does not adhere to any special diets, she even complains to herself that sometimes she cannot resist and eats at night. She prefers to play sports in groups and also goes to the pool.
  8. Her dream may sound banal, but Alena dreams of peace everywhere on Earth. She is completely satisfied with her life: “I would like to continue living as I do now. I’m absolutely satisfied with everything.”

Childhood and youth

Alena Dublyuk was born in 1990 in the city of Vladimir. Her family moved there shortly before the girl was born. Alena's father was a military man, so they had to travel all over Russia before settling in one place. Dublyuk has only warm memories of her early childhood, for example, the fact that they lived for some time in Hungary.

In Vladimir, the girl attended regular secondary school N47; Alena’s greatest success was in humanitarian subjects: literature, history, and foreign languages. In elementary school, she really enjoyed reading fairy tales, and later this love of reading only intensified.

At the same time, Dublyuk attended a music school, the girl talked about this in an interview later. She dreamed of being a first-class pianist, but because of her miniature figure, she was predicted to become a ballerina. Alena was extremely active and sociable, constantly met new people and did not like to sit still.

Alena Dublyuk began her career as a TV presenter by luck

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