During the filming of the series “Redhead,” the actors found themselves in a funny situation at the station

Julia Roberts

Julia's calling card is red, curly hair. This is how the viewer remembered her after the film “Pretty Woman”. Several times the actress cheated on her honey shade - she was brown-haired, and in 2011 she decided to “try on” the image of a blonde.

Now Roberts has returned to her natural, honey color. But sometimes he adds a few light strands.

Julianne Moore

One of the few celebrities who has not changed her hair color for many years. Moore got the “fiery” shade from nature – stylists only slightly tint Julianna’s strands to give depth.

In an interview, the actress admitted: “I adore black clothes - practical and discreet. When you have fiery red hair, it's easy to go overboard.

Bandit cover

Few people know that the film crew had a gangster cover, acquired in a rather unexpected way. It all started during the filming of a scene where Tasya was supposed to be beaten by bandits.

Filming took place in an abandoned building in the criminal district of Moscow Kozhukhovo.

The cameras were installed and filming was about to begin, the actors took their places, but then a car with tinted windows stops in front of the spotlights, wild-looking guys get out of it and ask to explain to them what is happening on their territory. The negotiators told the “brothers” that they were filming the series “Redhead” for the STS TV channel. The “bros” were big fans of the channel, and promised the film crew their patronage.

Lily Cole

In the early 2000s, the modeling world welcomed the “alien” with bright red hair and blue eyes with open arms. Lily Cole is not only a popular fashion model, but also an actress.

In 2007, Lily starred in Odnoklassniki, and a little later played in Wrath and Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

It is impossible to imagine this girl with a different shade of hair. Sometimes Cole's locks become a little lighter, but she has never been a blonde. And no need - it inspires!

Emma Stone

By nature, the winner of the Oscar and Golden Globe awards is blonde. Spider-Man's girlfriend returned to her natural shade several times - in 2011, she dyed her hair blonde and removed the length. A year later, Stone became a redhead again. And a year later - blonde again.

Despite her love for beauty experiments, Emma is always faithful to the classics and loves retro looks: the “Hollywood” wave and scarlet lips – this is how we see her most often.

Stone says: “When I’m blonde, I want to paint brighter, focusing on my eyes. Red itself is very bright – I try to stick to a neutral palette with it.”

TV series Redhead

Tasya is the main character of the series “Redhead”. She really is a redhead, and also very talented. The girl studies at the city music school and all her thoughts are about the final concert, on which her studies at Gnesinka will depend. But there is such a phrase - “If you want to make God laugh, then tell him about your plans.” This is what happens with Tasya - a tragedy occurs in her life. On the street she bumps into some tipsy guys (who turn out to be musicians of the band To the touch), and no one could have predicted how this meeting would end for her - the guys take the girl’s briefcase, Tasya tries to fight back, as a result of which she falls and loses consciousness. So far, everything is not too scary, until the very moment when the doctors deliver their merciless verdict - blindness. One of the young people who played such a cruel joke on the girl is Boris Okunev, the lead singer of the group, who will still play a very significant role in Tasya’s life. But for now, the lifeless girl lies on the ground, and the frightened guys take away Boris, who is trying to help, because they don’t need problems with the police. Well, then everything is intertwined in the best laws of the genre. Boris studies at a prestigious university, naturally, he barely studies and stays there only thanks to the acquaintances of his stepfather, the famous ophthalmologist Okunev. Boris's mind is not occupied with studies at all, but with how to become famous. In an effort to achieve his goal, he does not disdain any path, he even begins dating Vika, a fellow student, the daughter of a big boss with connections, who wants to sing. But now he has a problem called “the redhead,” and if she really died, as Boris fears, then his entire magnificent future could collapse like a house of cards. But let’s return to Tasya... Having come to her senses, the girl refuses to stay in the hospital - her vision is fine for now, but she will wake up at home and find herself blind. Doctors helplessly shrug their shoulders and advise going to the capital, to the luminaries there. And of course, Tasya is taken to one of the most famous doctors - ophthalmologist Okunev. It would seem that the intrigue should have ended there, but no - the fact is that Okunev is no less red-haired than Taska, and in general is very similar to her. Yes, yes, Okunev is not only the stepfather of her abuser Boris, but also her father. Against the background of this, another intrigue unfolds - Tasya was brought to the professor by Sergei, his assistant, and the son of a family friend, Zhenya. He did this not only because his mother asked, because he really likes the girl. It would seem that in such a situation, helpless Tasya should immediately fall in love with her admirer out of gratitude, but that was not the case. No, she falls in love, but... with Boris. If you haven’t yet become dizzy from the twists and turns of this plot, we recommend that you watch the series on the STS channel and find out how all this mess that the main characters of the story has started will end.

Having become a new project of the Russian World Studios company, the series “Redhead” has absorbed everything that the modern viewer likes so much - here is the “golden youth” with all its cruelty, intrigue, prudence, and at the same time kindness; and the ghosts of their parents' past - who, thanks to their children, find themselves drawn back into a relationship from twenty years ago. But above all, the series “Redhead” is a story about a girl in love with music. It is characteristic that, according to the original scenario, the girl was in love not with music, but with... aviation. And it is very interesting that after the script was rewritten, another casting was held, and it turned out that all the actors already approved for the roles were perfect for the new script. The main role in the series belongs to the young and talented actress Maria Lugova, who previously played one of the victims of a maniac in the film “1814”. It should be noted that in the series the actress suffered a lot - she threw herself under the wheels of a car, fought, and tightened the rope around her neck. In general, Masha’s life unexpectedly turned out to be full of extreme sports.

The actors laughingly say that when they were filming the tragic moment of the meeting between Tasi and the drunken guys on the street, the director did not have time to shout “Stop! Cut!”, when a brave passer-by appeared from somewhere, shouting “Don’t touch the girl, you freaks! I’ll kill you!!” tried to protect Tasya-Masha. Naturally, the take was ruined, but the actors were pleased, and for two reasons at once - firstly, that there are caring passers-by in the world, and secondly, that the realism of their performance was so highly appreciated by the casual viewer. It turned out believable, no matter what. The director of the series, Yuri Leizer, says that “Redhead” is a story about how people perceive the world - after all, it often happens that sighted people turn out to be blind, and blind people are much more sighted. In addition, an important component of the series is the line of love, and love, as we know, is blind. Now 44 episodes of the series have already been filmed, but the creators have not yet really decided how their story about the red-haired girl will end.

Actors of the series Redhead:

Tasya Lapina - Maria Lugovaya;
Boris Okunev - Andrey Shchipanov; Sergey Chistyakov - Anatoly Rudenko; Evgenia Lapina - Elena Drobysheva; Alena - Polina Sidikhina; Vika - Alla Podchufarova; Okunev - Dmitry Yachevsky; Anna - Yulia Silaeva; Gena - Dmitry Suponin; Shurochka - Marina Gaizidorskaya; Vika's father is Alexander Tyutin; Suzdalev - Konstantin Yushkevich; Lera - Maria Kaznacheeva; Stas - Gennady Shnyptev. www.cinematograf.ru When using the material, a link to the site is required.

Jessica Chasten

Jessica played her first leading role in a feature film at 31. Her debut was in Dan Ireland’s film “Jolene.” Before this, Jessica played episodic roles in TV series and took part in theatrical productions.

Playing a teenage girl traveling around the country and exploring the world - an innocent creature with a freckled face and long red hair - Chasten's career took off - she took part in a dozen films.

While working on the film Molly's Game, Jessica dyed her hair brunette. Fans did not appreciate this change and begged the actress to return to the redhead. Stylists agreed with their opinion, arguing that copper shades make Chasten's facial features softer and more graceful.

Andrey Shchipanov

Actor Andrei Shchipanov, Maria Lugova’s colleague in the series “Redhead,” who played the role of the guy through whose fault Tasya lost her sight, is a very well-known actor today, who was just beginning his career in the series. Many critics and viewers believe that the series was somewhat delayed, but Andrei Shchipanov, his appearance and charisma continued to keep the series “Red” afloat. The role of Boris brought fame and success to Andrey.

Although Andrei's name became quite famous after the series, he did not have many other roles. What is this connected with?

  • The actor plays mostly in the theater; he last appeared on screen in 2009.
  • He is critical of all his roles, he needs a really good project to give his consent.
  • Andrei Shchipanov has been acting in films for quite a long time, so due to his limited experience, he is rarely invited to star in TV series or films.

However, the role of Boris showed that Andrei Shchipanov is a talented actor, which is why one can hope that he will remain known as a great Russian actor, first of all in theater, and then in cinema.

Sigourney Weaver

In 1984, Sigourney played in the acclaimed film Ghostbusters. The role of Dana Barrett, whom the spirits turned into the Guardian of the Gates, was remembered by many: the “magical” girl with copper curls “hypnotized”!

After that there were other wonderful roles: Max in “Heartbreakers”, Grace Augustine in “Avatar”, stepmother Claudia Hoffman in “Snow White: An Imaginary Tale”.

In Aliens, we saw Weaver as a brunette, but after filming ended, she returned to being a redhead. Not in vain - it suits her very well!

Scene with a kitten

The scene with the kitten was very interesting, where the main character saves the animal from the roadway. The kitten was brought to the filming location, sat on the road, but he immediately ran away from the cameras. The kitten was returned to its original place, but every time the operator tried to turn on the camera, the harmful animal ran away.

What the participants in the filming tried – a laser ruler, a toy, bait – nothing helped. The situation was saved by the idea of ​​​​Maria Lugova, who proposed a very unexpected solution - to glue the kitten to the asphalt with double-sided adhesive tape. And indeed, it worked.

Sophie Turner

Another actress who woke up famous after participating in the series “Game of Thrones”. Despite her young age, she was nominated four times for the Screen Actors Guild Award in the category “Outstanding Cast in a Drama Series.”

Tired of the image of red-haired Sansa, Sophie recently dyed her hair blonde and got temporary tattoos. The actress reassured fans: the image changes are temporary. They are necessary for a role in Eric England and Zoe White's thriller Huntsville.

Marcia Cross

Marcia dreamed of becoming an actress all her life. His first screen work was a role in the TV series “The Edge of Night” in 1984. Marcia became famous after the release of Melrose Place. The producers liked the game so much that they “promoted” her from an episodic role to a leading role.

In 2004, Cross appeared in Desperate Housewives as the exemplary wife and mother of Bree Van de Kamp. The actress has her own style in acting, in clothes, and in makeup. She does not change her hair color, prefers lipsticks in natural shades and occasionally puts a little eyeliner on her eyes.

runaway Bride

They tell one interesting story from the filming process. One early morning, Moscow residents saw a strange scene at the Leningradsky station - a red-haired girl in a snow-white wedding dress was running around the station in complete confusion. People approached her to find out what happened and how they could help her, but they found out that this was just the filming of a series , and the girl was Maria Lugovaya, who plays the role of Tasya in the series “Redhead”.

Fans of the series heard about this incident and rumors began to circulate that Tasya would run away from her own wedding. Viewers were clearly intrigued, which greatly bolstered the series' popularity.

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