Star of the TV series “Fitness” Tatyana Khramova: “She promised that the baby and I would wait for the end of filming”

Childhood and youth

Tatyana Sergeevna Khramova was born on November 29, 1988 in Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan. At the age of five, the girl began doing rhythmic gymnastics, and at 10 she entered the boarding school of the Olympic Reserve School. Hard training brought Tatyana the title of master of sports and a silver medal at the Russian championship in rhythmic gymnastics.

Tatyana Khramova in childhood with her mother

However, Khramova eventually ended her sports career, after which she tried herself in beauty contests. A tall, attractive, slender girl easily won the title of “Miss Nizhny Novgorod”, and after moving to Moscow she became a sought-after model, while simultaneously receiving an education in advertising and working as a fitness trainer.

Tatyana Khramova at a beauty contest

At the Miss Moscow competition, Tatyana met actress Alesa Kacher, who advised the beauty to try out for a theater school. Khramova followed her advice and, after studying with a teacher, entered VGIK on the course of Vladimir Grammatikov.

Film career

Tatyana began acting in films while still a junior at VGIK. Among her first works were small roles in the detective series “Without a Trace” (Russia-1) and the melodrama “Waiting for Spring” by Igor Voitulevich (2012). Interview-casting with Tatyana Khramova On the set of the sports series “Champions” about Russian gymnasts preparing for the Olympics, the actress plunged into an atmosphere that was painfully familiar to her - training halls, ribbons and clubs, a taste of sports excitement. Tatyana played the young coach of the talented gymnast Milena (Polina Pakhomova), who outshines the athletes Sasha (Lilia Khasanova), Natasha (Sofya Raizman) and Yulia (Alena Mironova) with her skill and beauty.

Tatyana Khramova’s height is 177 cm

In 2013, the actress graduated from VGIK. During this period, she was approved for the leading role in the mystical series “The Fifth Watch” about a love triangle between two vampires and the girl Ulyana. The heroine of Khramova is a lively phantom girl Katya, who can leave her reflection on any mirror surface, which gives her a lot of difficulties. Katya appears in season 2 and continues her line in the 3rd part of the vampire saga. The series received a lot of positive reviews, but not very high ratings.

Tatyana Khramova in the series “Fifth Watch”

In 2014, Tatyana could be seen in the film “Kitchen in Paris,” a continuation of the television series “Kitchen.” In it, the actress played a small role as a hostess at the Victor restaurant, whose chef is Viktor Barinov’s father, Pyotr Arkadyevich (Oleg Tabakov).

At the beginning of 2020, the NTV channel launched the crime series “The Light and Shadow of the Lighthouse,” in which the actress played her first leading role. Tatiana's heroine is an envious girl Galina, who plots and goes to all sorts of tricks for the sake of personal happiness and well-being. Khramova’s colleagues on the set were such famous Russian actors as Valery Barinov, Tatyana Dogileva and Vladimir Steklov.

Tatyana Khramova in the series “The Light and Shadow of the Lighthouse”

Many TV viewers remember the young actress for her role as the ex-wife of doctor Anton Prokofiev in the 8-episode melodrama “A Mother-in-Law’s Diary” (2016; Russia-1), a film adaptation of Maria Metlitskaya’s bestseller of the same name. Photo session by Tatyana Khramova. Backstage In addition, Khramova has small roles in the medical drama “Practice” (Channel One), the crime series “Delta” and the comedy stories “Fizruk” (played Slava’s bride named Zhanna) and “Roof of the World”.

Tatyana Khramova in the series “Fizruk”

In 2020, the actress worked on the set of Andrei Zvyagintsev’s drama “Loveless,” which became an Oscar nominee. And although Tatyana’s role in this film is very small (a restaurant visitor), she was happy to take part in such a project.

“Witnesses”: Tatyana Khramova, Stanislav Nikolaev and Alexander Duda

However, Khramova also had larger roles that year - for example, in the crime series “Witnesses” (NTV) she played operative Torya Orlova, in whose life there is nothing but work. Her heroine is a “bad cop”, she copes well with interrogations and always decides everything herself. While filming the series, the actress learned how to handle weapons and learned several hand-to-hand combat techniques.


When Tatyana Khramova first saw herself on the screen, she was quite surprised. The actress thought she looked completely different. Even her own voice seemed foreign to Tatyana. At first, the artist could not watch the films in which she played.

Tatyana Khramova in the series “Champions”

Khramova's film debut took place in 2011. The girl appeared in an episode of the series “Crazy.” Already in the first project of her creative biography, Tatyana was lucky enough to work on the same set with eminent actors of our time - Maria Golubkina and Vyacheslav Razbegaev.

In 2012, there were already several such projects. In one of them, the series “Champions,” Tatyana was entrusted with a major role. The actress played the coach of the main character Milena, Olesya Pavlyuchenko. Transforming into a sports instructor was not difficult for Tatyana, because previously sport occupied the main place in Khramova’s life. The actress’s knowledge and skills acquired in her youth were useful for accurately recreating the image.

Tatyana Khramova in the film “The Third Attempt”

After this work, the roles offered to Tatyana Khramova become more and more significant and large. In 2013, the young actress appeared in the melodramas “Beautiful to Death”, “The Third Attempt” and “Two Fathers and Two Sons”.

Khramova’s skill has increased after working in several projects where she was trusted with supporting roles. But these films did not turn the beauty from Nizhnekamsk into a famous actress. But at the end of 2013, Tatyana waited for her starring role. The mystical detective story “The Fifth Watch” was released. Khramova here plays Katya, an astrologer and a phantom girl. The film is also called a “vampire detective”.

Tatyana Khramova in the series “Fifth Watch”

According to the plot of the film, the action takes place in a provincial town, where an ordinary, at first glance, detective agency operates. But in fact, all employees have unique abilities, including the manager Felix (Kirill Kozakov), who turns out to be a vampire. The main goal of the organization is to stop the Dark Killer and restore the balance of good and evil in the world.

One of the directors of the project, Natalya Mikryukova, whom Khramova knew from her 1st year at VGIK, invited Tatyana to play this role. The actress has appeared more than once in films directed by Natalya. This project was warmly received by the audience. People began to recognize Khramova. When the decision was made to film the next season of the detective story, Tatyana appeared here again. Her image transforms as the film progresses. The actress smoothly “transitions” from one role to another.

Marina Volkova and Tatyana Khramova in the film “The Light and Shadow of the Lighthouse”

Among other bright films in which Tatyana Khramova has recently starred, the most striking and rated series include the series “Fizruk”, “Kitchen in Paris” and “Reflection of the Rainbow”. And in the melodrama “The Light and Shadow of the Lighthouse,” the young actress for the first time played the main character named Galina Belaya, the envious friend of Tatyana (Marina Volkova), the daughter of the lighthouse keeper Tikhonov (Vladimir Steklov). The girls are both in love with the same young man Oleg (Alexei Yanin), who chooses Tatyana.

The actress's filmography also includes the TV series "Practice", the melodrama "The Mother-in-Law's Diary", and the sitcom "The Roof of the World". In 2015, Tatyana appeared in the detective story “The Last Cop,” starring Gosha Kutsenko, Anatoly Rudenko, Natalia Vdovina, and Lukerya Ilyashenko.

Personal life of Tatyana Khramova

In August 2020, Tatyana Khramova married a young man named Valery. The spouses share interests - they travel often, love hockey and play sports together.

Tatyana Khramova and her husband

On long winter evenings, Tatyana loves to knit, but her main passion, reading and dancing, is year-round. Having become famous, the actress tried to fulfill her childhood dream and began learning to play the piano. Tatyana's height is 177 cm.

Happy mother and wife

Tatyana did not talk about her personal life for a long time and did not tell anything to journalists. It was possible to find out that the artist got married only through her Instagram page. There she published pictures with a handsome brunette. As it turned out later, Tatiana’s chosen one is called Valery Muratov, and he has nothing to do with the world of show business, theater or cinema. True, what he does is unknown, since neither he himself gives interviews, nor his wife lifts the veil of secrecy.

Last year, Tatiana’s fans noticed that in the pictures she had a rounded tummy.

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The guess was confirmed: the artist was indeed in an interesting position. In the same year, their son Peter was born.

Unlike many of her colleagues, Tatyana did not hide the child’s face. On the contrary, her Instagram was filled with photos of the baby.

As you can see from the pictures, the artist feels like a happy mother and wife.

In an interview, she admitted that she considers pregnancy the most magical time.

Tatyana Khramova now

On July 30, 2020, the STS TV channel premiered the comedy series “New Man,” in which Tatyana Khramova appeared. The main roles in the story of the family reunion of an irresponsible hockey player were played by Vladimir Epifantsev, Tatyana Arntgolts and Maxim Vitorgan. Tatyana Khramova played the role of a mistress in the TV series “New Man” Since October 6, 2020, the actress could be seen on the Russia-1 TV channel in the 2-episode melodrama “Ghosts of the Past.” Tatyana also appeared in the comedy series “Fitness”, in which she will play a sexy bitch, an employee of a fitness center and an opponent of the main character Asya (Sofya Zaika). Other roles in the series were played by Mikhail Trukhin, Roman Kurtsyn, Boris Dergachev and Lelya Baranova.

Tatyana Khramova on the set of the series “Fitness”

To fit the role, the actress had to work hard for 1.5 months - she trained every day, ate a lot of protein and gave up sugar. However, it was easy for the actress with her sporting background - a healthy lifestyle has long become her habit.

In addition, Khramova can be seen in Natalia Mikryukov’s adventure comedy “Dawn on Mount Adam” about three friends who go to the most famous mountain in Sri Lanka to make a wish.

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