Konstantin Beloshapka underwent treatment for a long time after filming the series “Strong Armor”

Childhood and youth

Konstantin was born on May 26, 1992 in Moscow under the zodiac sign Gemini. His father was a teacher at Moscow State University and combined work at the department of theory of functions and mathematical research with work in an Orthodox church, where he served as an elder. Mother was also a mathematician by training.

Published by the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute. Educational Theater Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Konstantin Beloshapka in his youth
The couple, who received the “Parental Glory of the City of Moscow” award from Sergei Sobyanin, raised five children, of whom Kostya was the youngest. Of the entire large family, he was the only one who chose an acting career. Brother Mikhail and sisters Olga, Yulia and Natalya inherited their parents’ passion for science and chose it as their profession.

Already in childhood, Beloshapka knew that he would not continue his parental dynasty. After school, Konstantin continued his studies at the Shchukin Theater Institute and successfully graduated in 2014. The artist and director Vladimir Ivanov noticed the talented young man and, after graduating from university, invited him to the 1st studio of the E. Vakhtangov Theater.

Personal life

Konstantin Beloshapka is married. His wife Daria Ursulyak is also an actress, the daughter of a famous director, in whose film Kostya made his debut as a film actor. The affair with his future wife began in the 1st year of the theater institute. The guy had to win the heart of the fellow student he liked for a long time: Daria, immersed in thoughts about her future acting career, did not want to waste time on a relationship. The matter was decided by chance: after a fall during a stage movement class, the girl was hospitalized with a leg injury, and Konstantin’s touching care won her over.

In 2020, the lovers got married and soon became parents. Daughter Ulyana was born in 2016. Daria then worked at Satyricon and continued to play in plays until the 8th month of pregnancy. Konstantin was present when his daughter was born.

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Konstantin Beloshapka and Daria Ursulyak with their daughter
Although acting work requires a lot of time to the detriment of their personal life, the couple try to devote all their free time to the child.

“In our profession, today you are a breadwinner, and tomorrow you are unemployed,” says Konstantin. “So we need to support each other.”

After giving birth, Daria admitted that she did not immediately fit into the role of a mother. Suffering from lack of sleep, she often lashed out at her husband, but he was calm. The artist even said that at some point they were on the verge of divorce, but they managed to cope with it and now complement each other perfectly.

What was your most memorable moment during filming?

The most difficult part was filming the winter block. They took place in December, and it was bitterly cold outside. The actors were dressed in light overcoats, and they had to sit in an icy tank. In some scenes I had to grab the armor, and my hand simply froze to it. There were also a lot of falls. Many guys got sick because they had to stay under the snow for several hours in wet tarpaulin boots.

After working in such difficult conditions, Konstantin Beloshapka developed many chronic diseases, from which he still cannot recover. One day he was working in a winter forest with a high temperature. Due to poor health, the actor practically fell off his feet. But the thought that during World War II soldiers fought like this gave strength. After all, then the exhausted, hungry and sick warriors could not afford a second to rest, since bullets were whistling everywhere and shells were exploding.

Russian nobles did not work, but where did they get the money and what did they spend it on?

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Konstantin is a “wide-profile” actor: he does not get hung up on one role, but confidently tries himself in diverse roles and masters new genres. Beloshapka did not get lost among the brilliant theater troupe in such classic performances as “Mademoiselle Nitouche”, “Puss in Boots”, “Pier”, and famous actors recognized him as a worthy stage partner.

In 2020, Konstantin performed brilliantly in the production of “The Nutcracker in Steampunk Style” - an old children’s fairy tale, performed by the troupe of the Commonwealth Theater of Drama Artists in non-standard scenery among gears and bolts. The atmosphere filled with the clicking of mechanisms is a reference to Marie’s godfather’s hobby (Drosselmeyer was a watchmaker) and a tribute to the fashionable trend of steampunk, a “trick” created to attract adult viewers to the old plot.

Beloshapka continued to appear on the stage of the E. Vakhtangov Theater, although his name was not on the list of the troupe on the official website of the organization. Konstantin was listed as a guest actor in two performances - “Waiting for Godot” and “Frida. Life in color."

Creative career

Having joined the troupe of the First Studio of the Academic Theater named after. Vakhtangov, the “recruit” showed himself to be an artist of a wide range, thanks to which he almost immediately began to participate in various repertoire performances: “Puss in Boots”, C. Perrault (Stephan); “Mademoiselle Nitouche”, based on the operetta by F. Herve (Robert); “The Pier”, based on the works of B. Brecht, I. Bunin, F. Dostoevsky, F. Dürrenmatt, A. Miller, A. Pushkin, E. de Filippo, where the entire stellar old guard of the Vakhtangovites performed - and Konstantin did not dissolve, did not lost against such a brilliant background!

No less successful was his participation in the play “The Nutcracker in Steampunk Style” (based on Hoffmann’s fairy tale), staged at the Theater of the Commonwealth of Drama Artists.

Konstantin Beloshapka in the play “The Nutcracker in Steampunk Style” Simultaneously with performances on stage, the artist actively acted in films. His debut was an episode in the epic film “Life and Fate” by the well-known director Sergei Ursulyak, winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation (2015). Konstantin’s partners in this film were real masters of their craft - Alexander Baluev, Sergei Makovetsky, Anna Mikhalkova, from whom the aspiring film actor studied diligently.  

It should be noted that the invitation to the popular TV series “Code of Honor-6” (2013) was a great success in Konstantin’s life - and in the small role of Igor Panchin, the young actor rose to the occasion! He was noticed, so throughout the next 2014 Beloshapka starred in one film after another (“Musaika”, “Moon”, “Hillbilly”, “Eighties-4”).

A still from the series “Code of Honor-6” And 2020 was marked for Konstantin with success in the role of Andreyan in “Quiet Flows the Flow” - a multi-part film by Sergei Ursulyak, dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the great Mikhail Sholokhov.

Konstantin Beloshapka in the TV series “Quiet Don” In this project, Beloshapka worked on the set with Polina Chernyshova (Aksinya), to whom the director entrusted the title role even without auditions; with Evgeniy Tkachuk (Grigory); with Sergei Makovetsky (Panteley Prokofievich Melekhov); with Anastasia Vedenskaya (Daria), as well as with his future wife Daria Ursulyak (Natalia) and mother-in-law Lika Nifontova.

Soon, the filmography of the gifted actor was replenished with the sports drama “The Promise” (2016, Timur), the detective mini-series “Queen Giovanna’s Truffle Dog” (2017, Mark), and the comedy series “Hotel Eleon” (2017, receptionist Alexey). The joy of creative work in the listed projects was organically complemented by the joy of invaluable professional communication with actors as young and bright as Konstantin himself: Dmitry Bederin, Elena Velikanova, Olga Kuzmina, Viktor Khorinyak and others.

Konstantin Beloshapka in the series “Hotel Eleon” Sparkling talent and the energy of youth are an invincible combination, so the film career of a hardworking artist is growing.


Konstantin began acting in films in parallel with his active work in the theater. He made his debut in the film “Life and Fate” by Sergei Ursulyak. The young actor had to play with real masters: his partners in the film were Anna Mikhalkova, Sergei Makovetsky and Alexander Baluev.

Beloshapka considers the invitation to “Code of Honor - 6” in 2013 to be an important point in her biography and a great personal success. The role of Igor Panchin, although not one of the main ones, opened the way for him to the world of TV series, on the set of which he spent the entire next year. The characters performed by Konstantin are in “Moon”, “The Hillbilly”, “Eighties-4”.

In 2015, Mikhail Sholokhov’s cult novel “Quiet Don” underwent another film adaptation, favorably assessed by critics and the public. Sergei Ursulyak's new work received the Golden Eagle award and was named the best television series of the year.

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Konstantin Beloshapka and Mila Sivatskaya in the series “Hotel Eleon”
The director wanted to involve new faces in the film, so even the main roles were distributed among little-known actors (for example, the role of Aksinya was given to a young graduate of the Shchukin Institute, Polina Chernyshova, even without an audition). Beloshapka got the image of Andreyan.

In 2017, the actor’s filmography was expanded with a role in the popular TV series “Hotel Eleon.” The joint Russian-Ukrainian project, telling about the difficult life of the staff and guests of a five-star hotel, was liked by STS viewers and lasted 3 seasons.

In 2020, Beloshapka played the main role in the film “From the Bottom of the Top.” His hero Kostya Korolkov is a 17-year-old young athlete, a promising skier who will have to endure sports injuries, betrayal and first love, and realize the value of victories and friendship.

Before airing on the SUPER TV channel, the premiere of the comedy series “GRAND” will take place on www.Start.ru Very soon!
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Konstantin Beloshapka and Mila Sivatskaya in the series “Grand”
The continuation of “Hotel Eleon” was planned for the fall of 2020. The new sitcom “Grand” produced by Keystone Production and Yellow, Black and White was released on the Super TV channel on September 10. Konstantin starred in the series with most of the old cast. Together with him in the new project Mila Sivatskaya, Alexander Lykov, Milos Bikovich, Elizaveta Kononova and other artists appeared.

The actor’s textured appearance (height is 187 cm and weighs 80 kg) attracted the attention of directors of films of various genres. It is not surprising that Kostya appears on screens either as a brutal macho man, or as a hero-lover, or even as a strong and brave hero. Konstantin often publishes photos from filming processes on Instagram, thus allowing fans to see from the inside the mysterious process of creating a new picture.

About the anti-bohemian regime

A still from the series “Grand”
- Due to the fact that many artists are busy in the theater, the shooting day must end at six o’clock, which means it must begin at 6 am in order to film everything that is planned for a 12-hour shift.

At first it amazed me. It would be fine sometimes, but here it’s stable: at 6 am, at 6 am, at 6 am. But in the end, I liked getting up at 5 and driving through the empty city to the studio.

The bohemian lifestyle - getting up late, socializing after the performance, and reading at home at night, watching something and going to bed at two - this is wrong. It’s another thing when after the performance I went straight home, washed my face and passed out because I had to get up early.

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The main character of the series “Grand” runs a business and plans to star in a film about the Cossacks. Little revelations from Mila Sivatskaya at the presentation of the new season of “Grand”.

Konstantin Beloshapka now

Beloshapka continues to develop as an artist, regularly delighting her fans with new roles. In March 2020, Beloshapka appeared in the series “Call Center,” where Anatoly Bely, Sabina Akhmedova, Vladimir Yaglych and others starred with him.

In the spring of 2020, news became known about the launch by Channel One of the military drama “Strong Armor” for the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. It tells about the tank battle on the Kursk Bulge. The new project was created by director Yuri Leizerov together with producer Andrei Kretov.

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Konstantin Beloshapka and his daughter
The main roles in the 6-episode film went to Konstantin Beloshapka, Daria Melnikova and Maxim Emelyanov. The plot is based on young people who graduated from the Saratov Tank School. In 1942, they are sent to the front, where the stage of their formation as men takes place. The plot also demonstrates the story of love, loss and death of comrades. Although Konstantin’s age can no longer be called young, he perfectly fit into the image of a very young and inexperienced guy.

In interviews, the actors said that before filming began, they were taken to training grounds and shown how tanks worked. It turned out to be difficult to be in such military equipment: the ears were blocked from the roar of the engine, there were no amenities inside, and therefore the guys constantly bumped into sharp objects, crawled out of the tank dirty, stained with fuel oil and soot.

To make the film look realistic, cars of those years, historical self-propelled guns and tanks were used in its filming. The locations used were the Museum of Military Equipment in Arkhangelskoye, a locomotive depot in Moscow, and the Alapino tank training ground in the fields near Stupino.


Simultaneously with the theater, Ursulyak acted in films. The first was a supporting role in the TV series “Safety”, the second was the drama “The Sinner”. A few more forgettable characters followed. But Ursulyak got the main role in the TV series “Quiet Flows the Don,” filmed by her father based on the novel by Mikhail Sholokhov. It was this film adaptation that brought the actress national love and recognition and increased her ratings in Russian cinema.

In 2020, the actress starred in the family comedy “A House with All Comforts,” and in 2020 in the crime detective “Gurzuf.” In 2018, Ursulyak, paired with Sergei Bezrukov, appeared in the historical film “Godunov”, and her latest work was the role of Aglaya in “Formula for Revenge”.

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