Sergei Bezrukov posted a photo with his beautiful young wife.

Height, weight, age. How old is Sergei Bezrukov

Sergei Bezrukov is an attractive man, he has a good figure and a wonderful smile. He has a magnetic and mesmerizing gaze. Therefore, it is not surprising that he has such a large number of fans who want to know everything about him, right down to his physical characteristics, such as his height, weight, age. You can’t immediately tell how old Sergei Bezrukov is. The actor looks younger than his 44 years. “Sergei Bezrukov photo in his youth and now” is a fairly popular request on the Internet.

Sergei Bezrukov cannot be called a tall man; his height is 173 centimeters. It weighs no more than 75 kilograms. The actor always keeps himself in shape. It is known that he absolutely does not drink alcohol and does not eat meat. He often goes to the gym and walks a lot.

According to the zodiac sign, Sergei Bezrukov is a sociable and generous Libra, and according to the eastern calendar, he is a persistent and hardworking Ox. All these qualities, as well as his talent, perseverance and incredible charisma, helped Sergei Bezrukov make a successful career. He earned a large number of awards and became professionally in demand.

Biography of Sergei Bezrukov

The artist's colorful life began in Moscow. This happened in the fall of 1973. This is how the biography of Sergei Bezrukov began.

Father - Vitaly Bezrukov, a talented man, a wonderful actor and a good director. He was the first to teach his son stage and acting skills. Mother, Natalya Bezrukova, managed a store and later became a housewife.

Sergei Bezrukov showed interest in the stage in his childhood. He was a frequent guest of the capital's Satire Theater.

After graduating from secondary education, Sergei Bezrukov began studying at the Moscow Art Theater School. He was accepted into Oleg Tabakov’s course. Later he worked at the Tabakerki Theater. From that moment the creative career of the young actor began.

Soon, namely in 1994, Sergei Bezrukov made his debut in the film “Nocturne for a Ram and a Motorcycle.” This was the first and main role.

Sergei Bezrukov’s wife: the actor’s creative activity

Sergei Bezrukov was born in Moscow on October 18, 1973. My father was an actor, and my mother was a housewife. The guy received his name in honor of his favorite writer, Papa Yesenin. The boy was interested in acting from an early age. He always took part in school plays.

In 1990, Sergei graduated from school. He attended preparatory courses at the Moscow Art Theater, where he showed his acting talent. He was enrolled without exams by Oleg Tabakov himself. Bezrukov also tried himself in other theater universities, where he scored the highest scores, but decided to study at the Moscow Art Theater, which he graduated with honors.

Tabakov took the guy to work in his Tabakerka theater, and at the same time the actor participated in other projects, where he showed himself in different roles. For 6 years, Sergei parodied the voices of politicians in the sitcom “Dolls.”

Bezrukov worked a lot, and in 2000 he became a celebrity in the theater. After the performance, crowds of fans were waiting for him. At the same time, he also acted in films. But real fame came to the actor in 2002, after the premiere of the TV series “Brigade”, in which he played the main role, the bandit Sasha Bely. This was a very unusual image for Sergei, which he conveyed perfectly. My career took off.

Filmography: films starring Sergei Bezrukov

The actor's filmography is quite extensive. “Brigada”, “Yesenin”, “Vysotsky” - became one of the most successful and significant films for the famous actor Sergei Bezrukov.

The actor plays his roles simply excellently, one might say brilliantly. His characters look natural. With his play and talent, Sergei Bezrukov captivates everyone. No one remains indifferent to his images. The artist's popularity grows with each new project. Fans are looking forward to new works with the participation of Sergei Bezrukov. In any case, these will be successful and interesting films.

Personal life of Sergei Bezrukov

The famous and popular artist Sergei Bezrukov is an attractive man, he conquered many women's hearts. But, unlike his “star” colleagues, the personal life of Sergei Bezrukov is not particularly diverse.

For about fifteen years, Sergei was married to Irina Livanova. But with the appearance of the actor’s illegitimate children, as well as with the death of Irina Livanova’s own son, cracks began to appear in their family. They soon divorced.

Later, fate prepared a new love for Sergei Bezrukov. She turned out to be the director and beautiful girl Anna Matison. It is known that their romantic relationship began when the film “Milky Way” with the participation of the actor was filmed. They hid their relationship for a long time, but later news appeared in the media that Sergei Bezrukov and Anna Matison got married. Photos of the newlyweds' wedding are presented on the Internet.

Personal life

The biography of Sergei Bezrukov, his personal life in particular, has many white and black stripes. For about fifteen years, Bezrukov was married to Irina Livanova . They met while flying to film the next film. At that moment, Irina was married to actor Igor Livanov.

As soon as Sergei’s work ended, he left the girl his phone number and one word, “Waiting.” Ira received this note, but for some time she could not muster the courage to dial the number - it seemed to her that the man would not be happy to hear her voice.

Ultimately, when she found these strengths in herself, she was even surprised when she heard Sergei shout into the phone “Yes! Hooray!". At that moment, Irina realized that it was worth putting shyness aside and decided to develop new feelings for another man.

Family of Sergei Bezrukov

The artist was born into a very ordinary family. She wasn't particularly different. His parents loved him very much and wanted to give their son all the best. The actor is very grateful to them for their upbringing and the opportunities provided. Sergei Bezrukov remembers with special tenderness his grandmother, who treated her grandson with love and care.

The family of Sergei Bezrukov is always in the foreground for the artist. He hides a lot. He does not make scandals and quarrels public.

Now Sergei Bezrukov is married to his beloved woman Anna Matison. He loves his wife very much and is grateful to fate for their meeting. Their marriage can be called happy.

Bezrukov's ex-wife Irina Livanova

Sergei has a very bright and extraordinary appearance. This was precisely the primary reason that the popular actor enjoyed extraordinary popularity among representatives of the opposite sex. He had everything: illegitimate children, secret affairs, and love triangles. However, the greatest love in his life was the actress Irina Livanova (maiden name Bakhtura). She went to Bezrukov from the equally famous actor Igor Livanov.

The romance between Ira and Sergei began back in 1998, when they worked together on the set. The couple decided to legalize their relationship only in 2000. It is noteworthy that the husband was 8 years younger than his chosen one, but even this did not bother the lovers. From her first marriage, the woman had a son, Andrei, who began to live with the new family.

In the photo: Sergei and Irina Bezrukov

The end of a seemingly ideal relationship began to arrive after 12 years. Sergei was not stopped by the official marriage and he continued his love affairs. As a result, it turned out that the actor had children Ivan and Alexandra from actress Kristina Smirnova. In 2020, Bezrukov divorced his wife and started a new affair.

However, fans are also interested in the question of who Irina Livanova is with now? According to the actress herself, her heart is now free. Only not so long ago the actress was seen in the company of Italian presenter Sergei Braude. The couple claims that they have exclusively friendly relations. In 2020, Irina buried her only son Andrei. She still can’t get over the loss and is not ready for a new relationship. In addition, Bezrukov’s ex-wife let slip that the actor did not even show up to his stepson’s funeral, although he had been raising him for quite a long time.

Children of Sergei Bezrukov

We can say with confidence that the most interesting thing in an artist’s life is his children. The famous artist Sergei Bezrukov has three children - two daughters (Alexandra and Maria) and a son (Vanya). Alexandra and Ivan are the illegitimate children of Sergei Bezrukov. They were born when the actor was in an official relationship with Irina Livanova, his first wife. The mother of the children was a young actress from St. Petersburg, Kristina Smirnova.

Sergei Bezrukov loves his children very much. He tries to devote a lot of time to them, which is sometimes difficult due to his professional workload. The popular artist bears full responsibility for his own children. He tries in every possible way to help his illegitimate children.

Personal life of Bezruk in our time

Unfortunately, the marriage to Irina Bezrukova broke up. Many fans of the actor considered them an exemplary couple, for whom everything was always good. But now, 15 years later, the couple divorced. It was said that Sergei Bezrukov has his new common-law wife Kristina Smirnova and two illegitimate children (photo), whom the actor does not officially recognize, but provides for them in every possible way. Christina is 31 years old, she is also a famous actress from St. Petersburg.

Anna Matison: Bezrukov's new wife

Fans say that Sergei Bezrukov and his new wife are married, raising children (photo) and are very happy together, but there is no official confirmation of this and no news about the wedding yet.

The actor constantly says that his life is his life, and it should not be discussed by strangers, despite the fact that these are his beloved fans. He claims that even after his divorce from Irina, they maintained good friendly relations that help maintain communication with their children together.

All fans really hope that soon Sergei Bezrukov and his new wife will show photos of their children, as well as photos from the wedding, which is now in the first place in discussions. Many wanted the couple of Irina and Sergei to survive, but after such a betrayal and living in two families, all the fans went over to the side of Irina Bezrukova, try to support her and do not allow her to give up.

Son of Sergei Bezrukov - Ivan

Since 2005, Sergei Bezrukov and St. Petersburg actress Kristina Smirnova began a secret affair. It was a connection “on the side”, because the actor was married to Irina Livanovo at that time. In 2010, a boy was born, the son of Sergei Bezrukov - Ivan.

The actor did not talk about his relationship with Kristina Smirnova or the birth of his son. For example, the press learned about Ivan only in 2013. Then the artist’s personal life was criticized. Now the boy is almost eight years old. This is a fairly developed child. He studies well and plays sports.

What is the fate of Sergei Bezrukov’s first wife, actress Irina Livanova?

Russian actor and director, 45-year-old Sergei Bezrukov, has been happily married to 36-year-old Anna Matison, a film director and screenwriter, for the last three years. The couple is already raising two common heirs and working closely together creatively.

Photo: Sergey and Irina Bezrukov

It should be noted that the handsome actor has always been a favorite of women, and rumors about his numerous affairs and illegitimate heirs appeared in the press every now and then. However, officially the actor had only one beloved woman for a decade and a half - his first wife, actress and TV presenter Irina Bezukova.

In this article we will talk about how the love of Sergei and Irina began, as well as how the actress’s life is shaping up after a painful separation from her husband and the loss of her only child, her son Andrei.

Sergey Bezrukov and Irina before they met

The future actor was born in Moscow in 1973, on October 18, in the family of the famous actor and cinematographer Vitaly Bezrukov and his wife Natalya. The parents named the heir in honor of their favorite poet Sergei Yesenin.

Since childhood, the boy became interested in cinema and theater, loved to visit his father at work, and even before he went to school he decided that he would certainly connect his life with acting.

Photo: Sergei Bezrukov in his youth

After receiving his certificate, Sergei entered the Moscow Art Theater, ending up in the workshop of Oleg Tabakov. He made his film debut during his student years, playing the role of a street child in the dramatic film “Stalin’s Funeral.” He graduated from the theater university with honors, and then continued to work in the theater itself.

The aspiring actor appeared in the historical melodrama “St. Petersburg Mysteries”, the dramatic film “The Soul Dies”, as well as the action film “Crusader”, but on the set of the sequel to this film he met his future first wife, with whom he fell in love literally at first sight.

Irina was born in the city of Rostov-on-Don, in 1965, on the eleventh of April, in the family of a doctor and an oboist musician, and in her maiden name she bore the surname Bakhtura. At the insistence of their father, Irina and her sister Olga mastered playing several musical instruments and read a lot of classics of world literature.

Photo: Irina Bezrukova in her youth

The happy childhood of the future actress ended after her father became addicted to alcohol and her mother, taking her daughters, left him. Soon, a serious illness took away their mother, and the girls were left in the care of their elderly grandmother, who worked several jobs in order to somehow provide for her granddaughters.

Young Irina, dreaming of becoming an actress, tried to join a local theater group, but she was too shy and was able to overcome her fears only a few years later. She managed to become a student at the Rostov School of Arts, worked for about two years at the Tula Drama Theater, and then moved to Moscow.

In 1989, Bakhtura married the famous actor Igor Livanov, who was almost 12 years older than her. In December of the same year, the couple had a common son, Andrei. Irina made her film debut in 1990, and her first success came after leading roles in the crime drama “Putana” and the musical comedy film “When they are late at the registry office...”.

Sergei and Irina Bezrukov: a love story

The actors met in 1998, in the cabin of an airplane, when both were flying to film the sequel to the action movie “Crusader.” Sergei immediately liked Irina and he began to try in every possible way to capture her attention. The girl was nine years older than him, and besides, she was legally married to a famous actor, with whom she was raising a son, but none of these circumstances embarrassed or stopped the young man in love.

Photo: Sergey and Irina Bezrukov

After finishing filming the film, Sergei gave his future wife a short note, which contained only his phone number and one single word - “Waiting.” The actress was confused, she did not know what to do. She hesitated for a long time to answer, because this would mean the collapse of her marriage with Livanov. However, tender feelings for the young actor prevailed, and Irina, several months later, nevertheless dialed the number left for her in the note.

The girl’s last doubts were dispelled the moment she heard Sergei’s enthusiastic exclamation at the other end of the line: “Yes! Yes! Yes!". The actress realized that the young man had the most sincere feelings for her, and soon after that she decided to leave her husband for a new lover. For Livanov himself, the departure of his beloved woman was a severe shock, and most of all he was worried about separation from his son.

Sergei and Irina Bezrukov: family life

The actors officially legalized their relationship in 2000, during the filming of Sergei in the crime drama television series “Brigada”. After the wedding, Irina took her husband’s surname, and the new chosen one accepted her ten-year-old son as his own child.

The series “Brigada” almost immediately became a cult series, and the leading actors became stars of the first magnitude. Directors vied with each other to offer Sergei roles in their projects, and his fees aroused the envy of his colleagues. Irina’s career was also rapidly going uphill, and she and her husband often filmed together.

Photo: Sergey and Irina Bezrukov

In July 2008, Irina and Sergei acted as presenters at the first holiday in Russian history dedicated to the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity. The couple was involved in charity work, together they contributed to the development of various social programs, and they were also called one of the most beautiful and strong couples in domestic show business.

In 2011, the couple presented a joint fantasy project called “A Real Fairy Tale,” where both played key roles. However, this film did not receive the expected success at the box office, and many experts criticized it for the presence of rather violent scenes, because the film was initially announced as a children's film. According to some reports, it was after the failure of this film that the Bezrukovs’ marriage showed its first crack

In 2013, rumors appeared that the actor had an affair with a young actress named Kristina Smirnova, who bore him two children: daughter Alexandra and son Ivan. According to some sources, Bezrukov’s heirs are twins, and according to others, the difference in their ages is about three years, from which we can conclude that Sergei’s relationship with Christina was not a fleeting romance. Many then said that the actor found a woman on the side because he and Irina never had any children together in their marriage.

Sergei and Irina Bezrukov: divorce

Despite the information about the actor’s second family, his marriage to Irina lasted for several more years. Many fans believed that the couple managed to overcome the crisis and improve their relationship, however, in reality, everything turned out to be wrong.

Photo: Sergey and Irina Bezrukov

In the spring of 2015, the actress’s only son, who was only 25 years old, suddenly died. This tragedy became a difficult test for Irina, but her husband did not appear at her stepson’s funeral, because he was on tour, and did not cancel it. This circumstance finally convinced fans of the star couple that their marriage had actually collapsed.

A few months later, the actors officially announced their divorce, and Irina admitted in an interview that they managed to part in a civilized manner, maintaining friendly relations. They continued to work together and also develop sociocultural projects created by common efforts. As a farewell, the actress gave her ex-husband a blank sheet of paper, as a symbol that each of them would now begin their lives with a clean slate.

Sergei and Irina Bezrukov: after breaking up

Contrary to expectations, after divorcing his wife, Sergei did not go to the mother of his children; he was increasingly noticed in the company of the young cinematographer Anna Matison. They worked together on the comedy film The Milky Way, but spent a lot of time with each other outside the set.

Photo: Sergey Bezrukov and Anna Matison

For some time, the couple flatly refused to comment on their relationship in any way, but already in the spring of 2016 information appeared that Bezrukov and Matison had become legal husband and wife. They decided not to advertise this event, so the details of their wedding never appeared in the press. At the time of the wedding, Anna was already expecting a child, and on the Fourth of July their first child, daughter Maria, was born. Last spring it became known that the couple were again expecting a new addition to the family. On November 24, 2018, their son was born, who was named Stepan.

As for Irina, after a painful separation from her husband, she wished to keep his last name. According to the actress herself, she decided that it would be right. The woman does not hold any grudges or grudges against her ex-husband, she simply let him go, and promised herself, of course, that she would also become happy.

Photo: Irina Bezrukova

Fans note that the actress has recently become significantly prettier and transformed, she carefully looks after herself, takes part in stylish photo shoots, and also works a lot on new films and television projects. In an interview, she admitted that she was open to new romantic relationships.

At the premiere of the comedy series “Crew,” the actress appeared in the company of film director Sergei Braude, which provoked rumors about their romance. But later Irina herself denied these assumptions, saying that they were just good friends. Bezrukova and Braude met at one of the charity events in Luxembourg, where they were presenters. Even then, everyone present called them the most beautiful couple of the evening.

Photo: Irina Bezrukova and Sergey Braude

Let us add that, according to the actress’s first husband, Irina has become seriously interested in Scientology in recent years, and even managed to involve their son Andrei in this. Bezrukova herself did not comment on the scandalous statement of her ex-husband.

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Daughter of Sergei Bezrukov - Alexandra

In addition to his son Ivan, the actor has another illegitimate child. In 2008, Sergei Bezrukov’s daughter, Alexandra, was born. Her mother is Kristina Smirnova. Now the girl is studying at school, gets good grades and is developed beyond her years.

The press learned about Alexandra’s appearance only in 2011. Upon learning of Alexandra's birth, Sergei Bezrukov's parents were very happy. After all, she became their first granddaughter. They often see each other, and Kristina Smirnova often brings the children (Alexandra and Ivan) to their grandparents’ house.

The news about illegitimate children was discussed long and hard in the press. The findings were mixed. But almost all fans appreciate the fact that the popular artist Sergei Bezrukov did not abandon his children. They often see each other, and the artist tries to give them a decent upbringing and fatherly care.

The truth has emerged about Sergei Bezrukov’s illegitimate children

At the end of last year, the media, under the guise of a sensation, released information that the children of actor Sergei Bezrukov, Ivan and Alexandra, are twins and were recently born to the actor and his wife Irina. It turned out that this is not so, reports

Sergei’s father, director Vitaly Bezrukov, let slip about the kids. The man gave an interview in Kyiv, where he came to present his new film. Either the sharks of the pen did not understand something, or they heard it wrong, but they claimed, referring to the happy grandfather, that Irina and Sergei had a boy and a girl, who were named Sasha and Vanya. The Bezrukovs themselves did not comment on the sensational news that spread across all the tabloids, neither confirming nor denying it.


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It turned out that Sergei’s wife Irina did not give birth to these children. According to the publication, during 14 years of marriage, the Bezrukovs never had any children together. Ivan and Alexandra were born to the star by his mistress, singer from St. Petersburg Kristina Smirnova. The artist and the spectacular girl met eight years ago on the set of the film “Yesenin”. The young beauty, who tried her hand at being an extra, was noticed by the director and offered to star in a kiss scene with the great poet, who was played by Bezrukov.

Two years after this episode, Sergei and Kristina, who continued to communicate, had their first child out of wedlock, a girl Sasha, and three years ago a boy Vanya. The actor’s parents take an active part in raising their long-awaited and beloved grandchildren.


Bezrukov celebrated the opening of the Olympics in Sochi with family skiing

“Ivan Sergeevich and Alexandra Sergeevna: blue-eyed, simply fantastic beauty. I’m a grandfather, and I adore them,” Vitaly Sergeevich shared his happiness with TSN channel journalists during that sensational interview in Kyiv, which became the first and only - now the director refuses to comment on this topic.

The children's mother also remains silent. It is known that she works in a medical institution in St. Petersburg and several times a year brings her children to Moscow to see Sergei and his parents.


Friends of the couple told how Pugacheva and Galkin are raising their children

There has already been a reaction to the active discussion of this topic in the media. An official message appeared on Sergei’s official website, in which the actors do not confirm the news about illegitimate children, but do not refute it either.

“Recently, publications affecting the personal life of Sergei and Irina Bezrukov have been distributed in the media. In this regard, we inform you: Sergei and Irina Bezrukov do not comment on the details of their private lives, this is a principled position.


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They remind media representatives that according to the laws of our country, any citizen has the right to privacy, personal and family secrets. Sergei and Irina Bezrukov are sympathetic to people who make their private life in all its details public, but themselves hold different views,” the message says.

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Daughter of Sergei Bezrukov - Maria

Perhaps the most significant day for the artist was July 4, 2016. On this day, another daughter of Sergei Bezrukov, Maria, appeared. The girl was born in marriage, her mother is director Anna Matison.

Sergei Bezrukov was incredibly happy about Maria’s appearance. After all, for the first time he felt himself in the role of a “real” father. Sleepless nights, first teeth, smile and steps, etc. – the actor lived all this for the first time.

Now the girl is almost two years old. She is quite developed, talks, and is already actively participating in the creative life of her parents. The family tours together and visits theaters. The famous actor and young father Sergei Bezrukov notes that Maria really loves listening to classical music.

Without scandals and unnecessary scenes

Sergei Bezrukov met his current wife, director Anna Matison, during the filming of the film “Milky Way”. As it turned out later, after his divorce from Irina, for a long time, being married, Sergei lived a double life and even had two illegitimate children from the young actress Kristina Smirnova. However, this time his feelings were so strong that he did not want to live in deception again, and almost immediately upon returning from filming he told Irina that he had met another woman and his intentions towards her were serious.

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Irina acted like a wise woman, apparently realizing that it was impossible to keep a man who truly fell in love with another woman. Their breakup was calm; Sergei’s ex-wife did not create scenes or scandals.

The ex-wife of Sergei Bezrukov - Livanova Irina

The young actress and beautiful girl Irina Livanova became the actor’s first chosen one. Their acquaintance took place when the film “Crusader 2” was being filmed. At that time, Irina Livanova was still married and together with her husband she raised her son Andrei.

Her marital status did not particularly worry Sergei Bezrukov. He managed to win the girl’s favor, and already in 2000 they got married.

They lived in marriage for fifteen years. It was a calm and happy relationship. But after the death of Irina Livanova’s own son Andrei, discord appeared in the family. Later it was decided to get a divorce. The ex-wife of Sergei Bezrukov, Irina Livanova, does not name the main reason for the breakup of their family.

Sergei Bezrukov's wife: the actor's ex-wife Irina Bezrukova

Irina and Sergei met when they were flying to shoot a film. After finishing the project, Bezrukov wrote the girl a note with his phone number and one word: “I’m waiting.” At that time, the woman was married to Igor Levanov and was raising her son Andrei, so for a very long time she did not dare to call. But when I plucked up courage, I heard how sincere the guy’s feelings were. The couple began an affair, and Irina divorced her husband.

In 2000, Sergei proposed to the actress, and they soon got married. Bezrukov began raising his son Andrei from his first marriage as his own. The couple's life was ideal.

In 2013, information appeared that Sergei had children, twins Alexander and Irina, from actress Kristina Smirnova. Bezrukov met her during the filming of the film “Yesenin”.

In 2020, misfortune befell the family. Irina's son Andrei died. And the lovers' relationship began to deteriorate. In the fall of the same year, after 15 years of marriage, they officially announced their separation. Having said that this is a mutual decision. The media named the main reason for the divorce as the birth of Bezrukov’s illegitimate children.

Sergei Bezrukov's wife - Anna Matison

One of the main and beloved women in the actor’s life was his last wife.

Sergei Bezrukov's wife is Anna Matison, director. They met back in 2011, when Anna was working on the script for the film “Yolki-2”. But the young people only became close in 2020. They carefully and for a long time hid their relationship.

On March 11, 2020, the actor and director played a quiet, quiet, modest wedding. Only the closest people are invited to the wedding. The press learned about the marriage some time later. Later, the desired daughter Maria appeared in their family. The actor does not hide his happiness.

Together with his wife, Sergei Bezrukov often visits the actor’s other children, Alexandra and Ivan. Anna Matison is not against such meetings.

Sergei Bezrukov's wife: the actor's new wife Anna Matison

After his divorce from Irina Bezrukova, Sergei began to be seen often with director and screenwriter Anna Matison. The young people did not comment anything. They had known each other since 2013. Over time, they began to appear together at social events. Bezrukov also posted photos with Anna on social networks.

On March 11, 2020, the lovers got married. In the summer of the same year, on July 4, Anna gave birth to Sergei’s daughter Masha. Now the lovers are raising a child and doing what they love: Matison directs films, and Bezrukov acts.

Instagram and Wikipedia of Sergei Bezrukov

Today, the actor has a large army of admirers and fans. Therefore, it is not surprising that Sergei Bezrukov’s Instagram and Wikipedia are in great demand among Internet users.

On his Instagram page, the actor posts family photos and photographs from his professional activities. Thousands of fans subscribe to him. The actor often communicates with his fans and sometimes asks them for advice.

Wikipedia contains general facts from the life and work of Sergei Bezrukov. Here you can find out his biography, filmography, awards and honors.

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