Actor Viktor Dobronravov: biography, personal life, filmography, theater roles

Childhood and youth

Viktor Dobronravov was born on March 8, 1983 in the Rostov region, in the port city of Taganrog. The future actor grew up in an artistic family: his father is the famous People's Artist of Russia Fyodor Dobronravov, star of the comedy “Matchmakers.” Victor's mother worked as a teacher. In addition to Victor, his younger brother Ivan was brought up in the house, who also devoted his life to acting.

Later, the Dobronravov family moved to Voronezh because Fyodor Viktorovich was unable to enter the local theater university. The actor recalled that they lived in a small room and did not have enough money, so his father worked part-time as a janitor. But, as Victor said in an interview, although his childhood was not rich, it was happy. The father constantly brought the boy gifts from tours, which were a novelty for the 80s, so it is not surprising that Boomer chewing gum made an indelible impression on the child.

From Victor’s biography it is known that in childhood, instead of playing soldiers from morning till night and kicking a ball on the football field with the guys in the yard, he began to get involved in creativity. Thus, already at a young age, Dobronravov knew that he would certainly become a famous actor, although sometimes he thought about the equally exciting profession of a cook.

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Viktor Dobronravov, as a child with his brother and father Fyodor Dobronravov,
Dobronravov became interested in art on his own, without the guidance of his parents. Moreover, young Victor had no idea about his father’s profession for a long time. After moving to the central part of Russia, the future artist zealously began to be interested in theater; he literally grew up behind the scenes of Satyricon: the boy enjoyed watching performances and people who masterfully tried on certain images.

The artist also recalled that classmates constantly came to stay with his father, so the dormitory was always filled with fun, saturated with creativity. And during the summer holidays, Viktor and Ivan Dobronravov enjoyed visiting their grandmother in their hometown.

At school, Dobronravov was known as a diligent student and at the same time managed to work part-time as a stage installer in order to receive pocket money. Victor was not a hooligan, although sometimes he liked to make fun of his classmates and teachers, but all his pranks were perceived with humor and were immediately forgiven. Also in the interview, the artist said that while growing up he staged a “mild rebellion”: he started smoking cigarettes and also learned the taste of beer.

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Fyodor Dobronravov, Viktor Dobronravov, his brother Ivan in his youth and now
However, Dobronravov’s teenage rebellion did not last long, it largely depended on the upbringing of his parents. For example, Fyodor, instead of taking a belt out of the closet, talked to his son like an adult, calmly and judiciously.

Parents tried to raise their sons to be honest and decent people. The boys grew up polite, did not quarrel, and never took someone else’s property, even a wallet lying on the asphalt.

After graduating from high school, Victor entered a prestigious university - the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute. There, the future filmmaker attended the creative workshop of Evgeniy Vladimirovich Knyazev for several years, and in 2004 he received a diploma.


When Victor was 8 years old, he made a fleeting debut on the stage of the Satire Theater: in front of a large audience, the boy performed Igor Sarukhanov’s touching song “My Dear Old Men” and received a standing ovation from enthusiastic spectators. At the age of 12, Dobronravov tried himself as a voice actor. Funny Sesame Street characters spoke in his voice.

After graduating from the Shchukin Institute in 2004, Victor joined the Yevgeny Vakhtangov Theater. There he participated both in children's musicals (Eniki-Beniky, Class Center), and in plays based on the works of great classics (Eugene Onegin, Dog in the Manger, etc.). It is noteworthy that in 2009 Victor became the winner of the television project “Find the Beast”, which was implemented on the eve of the new theatrical season of the musical “Beauty and the Beast”.

Victor said in an interview that theater is life. Therefore, the young man prefers live performances in plays and performances in front of admiring spectators to working in front of the director’s cameras.

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After graduating from the Shchukin School, Victor came to the theater. Vakhtangov, where he still works. In addition, he collaborates with the theater, plays in musicals and sings as part of the Carpet Quartet group.


After success in the theater, Victor decided to try his hand at cinema. True, as often happens, the young man’s first fleeting roles did not bring him popularity among avid film fans.

Dobronravov made his debut in the serial drama “Moscow Windows” by Alexander Aravin (2001), and in subsequent years appeared in “Code of Honor” (2004-2011), “Antikiller-2” (2003) and Yegor Konchalovsky’s film “Escape” (2005).

Real success came to the young actor after the melodrama “Don't Be Born Beautiful” with Nelly Uvarova, Grigory Antipenko and Raisa Ryazanova in the lead roles. In the series, which tells the story of a girl’s love for her boss, Victor played the character of Fyodor Korotkov, an extravagant courier “Zimaletto”.

By the way, Victor got into this serial film almost by accident: he met Alexander Nazarov on the street, who told the actor about the new project.

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Dmitry Zhoydik, Maxim Averin and Viktor Dobronravov
Initially, they wanted to approve Dobronravov for the main role of Zhdanov or Malinovsky, but later they were faced with the fact that he would play the charismatic Korotkov. The actor shared that the series gave him a lot of opportunities and new experiences. Indeed, back in 2005, this project enjoyed unprecedented popularity among viewers of all ages.

In 2007, the artist was awarded the main role in Nazarov’s series “Everything is Possible.” There Dobronravov reincarnated as Vlad, an ambitious director of the sales department.

Victor is a versatile actor. For example, in Tigran Keosayan’s spy saga “Yalta-45” he acted as the bandit-saboteur Kavun, and in the detective story “Goryunov” he appeared before the eyes of the audience as Foma Zverev, a captain of the third rank. In this series, the artist worked on the same film set with Maxim Averin, Ekaterina Klimova, Ekaterina Vulichenko and other movie stars.

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Alexander Petrov, Ivan Urgant and Viktor Dobronravov
In 2013, Dobronravov took part in the filming of the biographical film about the life of Marina Tsvetaeva “Mirrors”, and in 2014 he played the leading role of police captain Demidov in the romantic series “Hug Me”. In the film “Family Healings,” Victor’s hero is a party to a love triangle in which he finds himself together with Anna Peskova and Petar Zekavica.

Then Victor’s filmography was replenished with the crime melodrama about the Chinese mafia “Fourth Shift” and the series “Alien Blood”, in which he appeared in the negative image of a party functionary who destroyed someone else’s happiness.

The main characters of the detective story “Beyond Death” are Svetlana Khodchenkova and Sergei Garmash. Victor's character has the ability to recover from fatal injuries. His disappearance from the morgue served as the plot of the film. The actor performed a number of stunts in the film himself.

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Viktor Dobronravov and Valentina Mazunina
The comedy “Girl with a Scythe” brought together father and son on one set. Fedor and Victor played members of the same family. Along with “Matchmakers” and “Money,” this is another project where the Dobronravovs agreed to act together. According to a representative of the younger generation, directors who propose films in which family ties are destroyed in one way or another at the hands of their characters are rejected.

Victor’s series of comedic images was continued by Oleg’s episodic role in the TV series “Sveta s svetos sveta” with Maria Mashkova in the title role.

Among other things, Victor works as a dubbing actor. The actor’s voice can be heard in the films “Inglourious Basterds” (2009), “Throw of Cobra” (2009), “Paranormal Activity 2” (2010), “The Book of Life” (2014).

Theater life and film career

After receiving higher education, Victor began working in the theater. He took part in both productions for children and classical works.

In one of his interviews, the actor said that theater is real life for him. That is why he prefers acting in front of a live audience rather than filming.

After Victor experienced theatrical fame, the actor decided to try himself in cinema. But this does not happen as often as we would like, and his first roles did not bring him the desired fame.

Dobronravov’s first film experience took place in the film “Moscow Windows” . After that, he had the opportunity to play supporting roles in such films as “Escape”, “Code of Honor”.

The actor gained fame from his role in the TV series . In the film he managed to play the role of an extravagant courier.

By the way, he managed to get into this series quite by accident, because he learned about the upcoming filming from Alexander Nazarov.

At first he was offered the main role, but a few days later they reported that they could only approve him for a supporting role.

In 2007, the actor played the main role in the film “Anything Is Possible,” where he played the director of a company.

In the movie “Girl with a Braid” he had the opportunity to play on the same set with his dad. They were members of the same family.

In the film “The World from Another World” he had a chance to play a supporting role.

Personal life

For those who like hotter facts, you won’t find such things in the personal life of actor Viktor Dobronravov. In 2010, the artist married photographer Alexandra Torgushnikova. Later he became a father: his wife gave birth to a daughter, Vasilisa, in 2016, and Varya in 2017.

In addition to theater and cinema, Victor is interested in music. The artist is a member of the jazz group "Carpet Quartet", created together with classmates Mikhail Shklovsky and Dmitry Volkov. Dobronravov said that he became addicted to musical instruments as a child. This was facilitated by the father, who entertained the children with songs accompanied by a guitar. Now Victor is thinking about joining the show “The Voice”, and if he decided to do so, he would choose Leonid Agutin as his mentor. After all, the main thing is not vocal abilities, but the presentation of the work.

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Victor Dobronravov, his wife and children
In his free time from work and the bustle of the city, Victor likes to get out into nature, goes to the forest to pick mushrooms and go fishing. On his Instagram page, the actor posts photos from theater performances and filming, and shares colorful impressions of his vacation. The couple remembered a trip to China, where Alexandra arranged a photo shoot for her husband in the image of Eugene Onegin.

Dobronravov is a man of average height of 176 cm, but turned out to be noticeably taller than the local residents.

“There were so many of them spinning around and jostling so much that it seemed as if the space around had narrowed to a point.”

Family of Viktor Dobronravov

For 10 years now, the personal life of the popular actor has remained stable. In 2010, Victor married Alexandra Torgushnikova, who is a professional photographer. In 2010, the couple had a daughter, Varya, and in 2020, another addition to the family occurred - a daughter, Vasilisa, was born. The family often spends time together , relaxing in interesting places.

Viktor Dobronravov’s work schedule is very busy. For 2020, the release of 4 new films with his participation is planned, including “Streltsov” and “Palma”. In addition, in 2021, the film “My Happiness” will appear on screens, in which Victor will play one of the prominent roles.

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Victor Dobronravov now

In the hero of Victor in the comedy “Well, hello, Oksana Sokolova!” both of his hypostases are combined - acting and musical. In the story, a failed actor gets a job as a radio DJ. After a stormy party, it is difficult for a man to talk about this. A doctor comes to the rescue with a miraculous injection. As a result, to the horror of the newly minted presenter, he spoke in a female voice.

The filmmakers first released a short film, which they traveled around the world and showed at festivals. The comedy won prizes at some film forums, and then the producers decided to make it a full-length film.

The release of Dzhanik Fayziev’s fantastic film “Frontier” was timed to coincide with a memorable date - the 75th anniversary of the breaking of the siege of Leningrad, celebrated in 2020. The main role of a businessman, transported from the 21st century to the site of battles on the Nevsky Patch, was played by Pavel Priluchny. Dobronravov played a military doctor in the film.

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Viktor Dobronravov and his children
In 2020, the military drama “T-34” will be released, telling the story of Soviet tank crews who escaped from fascist captivity. Victor considers this film the most significant in his career. The actor tried to delve into the material as deeply as possible, read a lot of literature, memories of veterans in order to feel the emotions of that time. At a training ground in Kubinka near Moscow, I learned to drive a tank.

In August 2018, along with Andrei Merzlikin, who played the main role in the film about the T-34 developer called “Tanks,” Dobronravov received the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

The plot of the melodrama “Guardian Angel” centers on the lives of two families of opposite social levels. It is clear that the romantic relationship that began between the children did not please either party.

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Viktor Dobronravov in the film “T-34”
In addition, there is a certain secret that will be revealed by new generations of heroes. The film's ensemble cast, in addition to Viktor Dobronravov, included Olga Pavlovets, Alexey Shevchenkov, Dmitry Shcherbina, Vladimir Gostyukhin.

Together with Viktor Sukhorukov, Pavel Trubiner and Alexander Sklyar, the actor plays the main role in the crime film “Fried Chicken” about the problems of wealthy citizens of Petrograd during the NEP. Dobronravov got the dramatic character in the thriller “The Techie” about a talented hacker who is forced to follow the instructions of the bandits who kidnapped his family.

The biopic “Streltsov”, where Victor is involved, is a project of Alexei Uchitel’s son, Ilya. The film is dedicated to the famous Soviet football player Eduard Streltsov, who at the peak of his career was imprisoned for 6 years on charges of rape. The consultant for the film was former member of the Russian national football team Alexander Mostovoy.

And the main premiere of the spring of 2020 was the military drama “Soldier”, in which Victor got one of the main roles.

Victor: the beginning of the journey

Fyodor Viktorovich arrived in Moscow from the provinces. Having received acting training in Voronezh, he became one of the founders of a local youth theater called “Ruble”, where he was noticed by K. Raikin. At his invitation, Fyodor Dobronravov and his family moved to the capital, becoming an actor at the Satyricon Theater.

Victor was 7 years old at that time. And at 8 he was already shining on the stage of the same theater, performing a composition by I. Sarukhanov. At the age of twelve, the boy began voicing cartoons.

And although the parents did not want an acting fate for their children, the young man submitted documents to the school. Shchukin, and at the same time began to work at the theater. E. Vakhtangov. He made his debut in the musical play for children “Eniki-Beniki” and participated in classical productions.

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His first significant screen role was the role of Kotik in Moscow Windows, but the actor remained not very well known to the general public until 2005. The series “Don’t Be Born Beautiful,” which was loved by viewers, changed everything. After the role of Fyodor Korotkov, Viktor Dobronravov began to be recognized.

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