Inga Oboldina: filmography and personal life of the actress (photo)

There are many known cases when actors became directors, but on the contrary, only a few do it. Inga Oboldina is among them. Feeling like an actress while still studying at the directing department, she decided to change her life. I came to Moscow and entered the Fomenko Workshop, which I dreamed about a lot. And at the age of 44 she became a mother for the first time.

Currently, the actress has been awarded the “Honored Artist of Russia” award, and at first glance, everything goes easily and simply for her. But is this really so?

Biography of Inga Oboldina

It is said that people born into a difficult landscape are interesting individuals in their own right. The heroine of the article was born on December 23, 1968 in a wonderful place called Kyshtym. This wonderful city is called the Ural Switzerland, because within its boundaries there are five lakes and two mountains.

Her parents and Inga Oboldina herself believed in communism for a long time; the girl dreamed that she would come to the Detsky Mir store and be able to choose any of the toys that would be distributed there for free. Her younger sister also grew up in the family.

Inga organized Timur's detachments, which read poems to grandmothers (whether they wanted it or not), and acted out skits for village women. In a word, the future actress was a leader and a tomboy. The director's nature, apparently, has been ingrained in her since childhood.

My parents did not belong to the world of Melpomene; my father served in the city executive committee, and my mother worked as deputy director of a radio-mechanical technical school. Nevertheless, their family holidays were held with imagination and resembled theatrical meetings. Mom wrote scripts specifically for this, but Inga’s love for stage and cinema manifested itself thanks to her aunt, who was the director of the only cinema in the city.

Higher educational institutions in the life of an actress

After graduating from school, Inga Oboldina went to Chelyabinsk to enter the Institute of Culture at the directing department.

At that time, Viktor Del, a student of Georgy Tovstonogov, taught there. Fascinated by acting, after studying Oboldina went to conquer the capital and entered the Moscow Art Theater School, from there she moved to GITIS to Pyotr Fomenko.

The actress likes to say that her two favorite teachers gave her mathematics (Victor Del) and watercolor (Pyotr Fomenko) as a profession. Thanks to Del, Inga was able to understand Fomenko. The Chelyabinsk teacher, adhering to the St. Petersburg school, introduced the students to the architectonics of the play, which they themselves analyzed, building a sequence of events, and Pyotr Naumovich gave the students lightness, flair and the ability not to bother their heads with nonsense.

The first production for Inga Petrovna was “The Sakhalin Wife”, based on the play by Elena Gremina. The author dedicated the work to Chekhov and Sakhalin. Oboldina got the role of a monstrous old woman. The premiere took place in November 1996 on the stage of the new theater “StrelkovTheater”, which was directed by the actress’s husband Harold Strelkov.

Personal life of Inga Oboldina

She met Harold Strelkov while still studying in Chelyabinsk. Together they decided to move to the capital and also entered the Fomenko Workshop together. In Moscow they created their own theater, in which Inga played many roles. The actress still considers Strelkov the best director, and views her marriage rather as a union of classmates, which can be compared to a camping trip.

They parted ways quietly, like intellectuals, although for fifteen years before that, Inga had signed herself with the double surname of Oboldin-Strelkov.

And although Inga Oboldina does not like to be in the spotlight of the press, she still made it to the front pages after she gave birth to a child at the age of 43. The daughter's father turned out to be Vitaly Saltykov, an actor from St. Petersburg. The girl was named Clara.

For the first time she saw Vitaly in the play “PRO Turandot” in the northern capital. Saltykov turned out to be a master of improvisation, a musician and a director at the same time. The young actress wanted to play with him so much that she immediately announced it. As it turned out, Saltykov had an independent character and left Alexandriyka because he decided to play what he personally liked. But the tandem with Inga interested him. They are still together and never get tired of each other. According to the actress herself, she is incredibly interested in being next to a person who knows a hundred times more than her and from whom she can learn something.

Creative path

After school, she went to Chelyabinsk and became a student at the Institute of Culture, choosing the specialty “directing mass events and performances.” According to her, thanks to the talented teachers of this university, she mastered the “mathematics of the profession.” The excellent graduate was left at her alma mater, and for two years she was a teacher of rhetoric and stage speech.

Inga Oboldina in her youth

In 1991, following her then husband, Harold Strelkov, she went to Moscow, the “epicenter of creativity.” At first, life in the capital seemed like hell to her - crazy rhythm, large crowds of people, lack of money. There was a period when she had to sell things and her gold jewelry to survive. Over time, she got a job at a boarding school and later worked as a cleaner.

Inga Oboldina studied acting from Lev Durov and Pyotr Fomenko

Despite the difficulties, the Ural resident was not going to give up the stage. She took the course of Lev Durov at the Moscow Art Theater, having passed a competition of 600 people per place, and in 1993 she moved to the legendary Pyotr Fomenko at GITIS, where her husband studied, having passed a huge competition of 600 people per place. She called the next 4 years of studying with the great master “sheer happiness,” when every lesson and every word provided a unique chance to develop professional skills in the right direction. In parallel with her studies, the actress worked part-time in a boarding school for orphans and helped its students get settled in life.

Inga Oboldina on the stage of the theater in the production of “The Sakhalin Wife”

In 1995, in her 3rd year of study, she began playing on stage. In 1996, on the stage of the StrelkoV Theater, created by her husband, she brilliantly embodied one of the central roles, a creepy old woman, in the production of “The Sakhalin Wife”, for which she was awarded the Moscow Debuts forum prize.

In 1998, Inga’s film career began - she received a role in the television series “Impostors.” In the company of such popular performers as Evgeny Stychkin, Igor Livanov, Vera Glagoleva, she played the role of Tamara, the wife of the director of the company Konstantin (actor Yuri Belyaev).

Inga Oboldina in the play “I’ve read enough!..”

In 2001, she was among the winners of the New Drama festival for her role as a lady who had read too many Russian classics in the funny play “I’ve read enough!..”

Inga Oboldina with Renata Litvinova in the film “Sky. Airplane. Young woman"

Soon she was recognized as the leading actress of Andrei Lyubimov’s drama theater “ApARTe”, as well as a sought-after film actress. In particular, in 2002, she appeared in the remake of the famous film “Once More About Love” called “Sky. Airplane. Girl" with Mikhail Efremov, Yaroslav Boyko and Renata Litvinova.

Inga Oboldina and Chulpan Khamatova in the film “Children of the Arbat”

In 2003, with her participation, the 12-episode drama “Spas under the Birches” was released on television, starring Irina Muravyova, Yuri Belyaev, Georgy Taratorkin, Igor Yasulovich. A year later, she was entrusted with the role of Nina, the sister of the key character Varia (Chulpan Khamatova), in the multi-part film “Children of the Arbat”. During the same period, she won the Triumph youth film award.

On the set of Doctor Zhivago

In 2005, four films were released in which Inga Oboldina was involved, including an 11-episode adaptation of Boris Pasternak’s work of the same name “Doctor Zhivago”, where she embodied the role of the crazy poetess Shurochka, and was played by an entire ensemble of domestic film stars: Oleg Menshikov, Chulpan Khamatova , Alexey Petrenko, Oleg Yankovsky, Andrey Panin.

Inga Oboldina and Dmitry Dyuzhev in the film “It Doesn’t Hurt Me”

In 2006, fans of the artist could see their favorite in five films, among which was the film adaptation of “Demons” by Fyodor Dostoevsky (then she first received one of the main roles - the blissful Lame Leg) and the piercing melodrama “It Doesn’t Hurt Me,” where they starred with her Dmitry Dyuzhev, Renata Litvinova, Sergei Makovetsky and Nikita Mikhalkov.

The hardworking and gifted artist managed to star in four to six projects simultaneously, remaining bright and organic in different roles. For example, in the series “She-Wolf” she appeared in the image of the powerful and independent mistress of Lydia’s life, but in “Lenin’s Testament”, released in 2007, she embodied the defenseless literary worker Zoya, lost in love.

Inga Oboldina in the film “Dove”

In 2008, Inga played the role of Sofia Grigorievna, the mother of Alexander, whom two sisters fell in love with, in the film “Native People”; in 2009, she played the lyrical heroine, the artist’s friend Sveta, in the comedy film “Dove”. It is based on a real love story.

In 2010, the melodrama “Turbulence Zone” was released, where she embodied the image of a female veterinarian who found a family after many years of searching for herself. In the same year, she also got the big role of Anna Stanislavovna, the mother of the main character Emma, ​​in the film “Melody of Love.”

Inga Oboldina in the film "Melody of Love"

Among the actress’s film works, which were released in 2011, we can note the comedy military serial film “Roasted Hare Berlin Style,” based on the work of the same name by Oleg Burkin. She played the key role of nurse Nina, the beloved woman of the regimental kitchen cook, former chef of the Metropol restaurant Peter (actor Arthur Vakha).

In 2012, the artist appeared in the musical drama “The Conductor,” which tells about the events that happened to the singers and musicians of the orchestra during a tour to Jerusalem. She played choir soloist Alla, who hoped that a trip to holy places would help save her marriage with her colleague Sergei (Karen Badalov).

Inga Oboldina actually starred in the TV series “Detective Mom” while pregnant

In the 2013 television series Mom Detective, she played a female investigator who continued to find and neutralize criminals in the last months of pregnancy. In the Spanish film, on the basis of which the domestic version was created, the heroine was not pregnant. This version of events happened due to the fact that Oboldina actually found herself in a situation.

From the actress’s filmography, the musical drama film “Burn!” should also be mentioned. Kirill Pletnev, whose script he wrote especially for her. They met while filming together in the TV series “Mom Detective”. When, calling Oboldina at night, he said that he had written a script for her, she thought that it would be a beautiful love story. Therefore, after getting acquainted with the plot about the “fat-assed woman with a stick,” she even burst into tears, but agreed to play “with resistance.” As a result, she received the “Kinotavr-2017” award for her impeccable embodiment of the image of the singing security guard. Moreover, she performed the composition “Antique Clock” in the frame herself.

Inga Oboldina in the film “Burn”

In 2020, the artist also appeared in one of the parts of the debut film of her current husband, Vitaly Saltykov, “Pictures Drawn at Dusk and Dawn,” which was interesting because it invited the viewer to think and speculate, and also because some of his short stories were filmed through the eyes of children.

Inga Oboldina in the film “Pictures Drawn at Dusk and Dawn”

Movie roles

The first television film in which the actress starred was “Impostors,” directed by Konstantin Khudyakov, then she played a small but bright role in the film “Sky, Plane, Girl.” The partners were Renata Litvinova and Dmitry Orlov, the director of the film was Vera Storozheva.

Often, Inga Oboldina's serious role in films was replaced by a comedic one. So, she starred in “Children of the Arbat”, and then in “The Golden Calf”. In 2008, the actress played with the notorious director Valeria Gai Germanika in the film “Everyone will die, but I will stay.” Inga assessed her work ambiguously. Around the same time, the actress starred in the family saga “Gromovs 2. House of Hope.”

Every year the actress’s talent became more and more visible; 2009 was marked for her by her participation in five films simultaneously. These were “Village Comedy”, “The Pursuit of Happiness”, “The Event” and such film premieres as “The Irony of Fate. Continuation" and "Tender May".

Creativity[ | ]

Theater roles[ | ]

  • 1996 - “The Sakhalin Wife”, based on the play of the same name by Elena Gremina, dir. Harold Strelkov (Moscow Drama Theater "ApARTe") - Marina, Gilyachka
  • 1997 — “Cold and Hot, or the Idea of ​​Mr. House,” dir. Elena Nevezhina
  • 1998 — “Joan of Arc. Childhood", dir. Harold Strelkov
  • 1999 - “Dali”, dir. Yuri Grymov
  • 2000 — “Joan of Arc. At Court and at War", dir. Harold Strelkov
  • 2000 — “Millionaire,” dir. Vladimir Mirzoev
  • 2001 - “Richard III”, based on the play of the same name by William Shakespeare, dir. Harold Strelkov
  • 2002 - “I’ve read a lot!..”, based on the film script by A. Poyarkov and R. Khrushch, dir. Harold Strelkov
  • 2003 - “Fantasies of Ivan Petrovich”, based on the works of A. S. Pushkin, dir. Harold Strelkov
  • 2003 - “The Cherry Orchard”, based on the play of the same name by A. P. Chekhov, dir. Eimuntas Nyakrosius (a joint project of the Moscow K. S. Stanislavski Foundation and the Vilnius theater "Meno Fortas") - Varya, the adopted daughter of the landowner Ranevskaya
  • 2004 - “Mata Hari” based on the play “Eyes of the Day - Mata Hari” by Elena Gremina, dir. Harold Strelkov
  • 2005 - “Everything is like people”, based on the play by Mark Camoletti, dir. Leonid Trushkin
  • 2006 - “Knocked Down by the Rain”, a play by Andrei Kureichik, based on the story by Gabriel García Márquez “The Old Senor with Huge Wings”, dir. Harold Strelkov
  • 2010 — “Hairdresser”, dir. Ruslan Malikov (Praktika Theater)
  • 2011 — “Carrots for the Emperor”, dir. Leonid Trushkin (Anton Chekhov Theatre)
  • 2018 — “Two Rooms”, dir. Evgeny Kulagin (“Gogol Center”)

Filmography[ | ]

Acting works[ | ]

  1. 1998-2002 - Impostors - Tamara, wife of Konstantin, daughter of oligarch Paramonov
  2. 2002 - Sky. Airplane. Girl - “Mouse”, Lara’s friend
  3. 2003 - Frenchman - Tamara, conductor
  4. 2003 - Spas under the birches - Natalya
  5. 2003 - Kill the evening - Tamara
  6. 2004 - Children of Arbat - Nina Ivanova
  7. 2004 - On Verkhnyaya Maslovka - Rose
  8. 2004 - Narrow Bridge - Lyusya, hairdresser, friend of Natasha
  9. 2005 - Leningrader - Zizi, Stepan’s bride
  10. 2005 - Doctor Zhivago - Shurochka Shlesinger
  11. 2005 - The case of “Dead Souls” - Marya Antonovna, daughter of the governor
  12. 2005 - Cottage for sale - Zhanna
  13. 2006 - It doesn’t hurt me - Alya, architect
  14. 2006 - She-Wolf - Lidia Mikhailovna Sapsay, German’s mother
  15. 2006 - Ellipsis - Varvara
  16. 2006 - Golden Calf - Varvara Lokhankina
  17. 2006 - Demons - Maria Timofeevna Lebyadkina (“Limped”), secret wife of Nikolai Vsevolodovich
  18. 2007 - Detective Putilin - Varvara Putilina, wife of the head of the St. Petersburg detective police I.D. Putilin
  19. 2007 - Lenin’s Testament - Zoya Aleksandrovna Vershina from the “Knigolyub” society
  20. 2007 - Gromovs. House of Hope - Gelya
  21. 2007 - Irony of fate. Continuation - taxi driver
  22. 2007 - Betrothed-Mummer - Lera, friend of Olga Kirsanova
  23. 2007 - Trust Service - Svetlana Borisovna, psychologist, employee of the Trust Service
  24. 2008 - Relatives - Sofya Grigorievna Maltseva, Sasha’s mother
  25. 2008 - Marry a general - Irina, Tatyana’s friend
  26. 2008 - Long-awaited love - Larisa, insurance company employee, friend and colleague of Veronica
  27. 2008 - Everyone will die, but I will remain - Alisa Marchenko, Zhanna’s mother
  28. 2008 - Dove - Svetka, mother of two children
  29. 2009 - Village comedy - Lena “Tryndychikha”, postman in the village of Pyshkino
  30. 2009 - In Pursuit of Happiness - Anya, Larisa’s daughter
  31. 2009 - Event - Eleonora Karlovna Shnap, midwife
  32. 2009 - Tender May - Veronika Sergeevna, teacher
  33. 2009 - To the sea! — Irina, Vadim’s wife
  34. 2009 - Spouses - Margarita Sergeevna Ogneva, lawyer
  35. 2010 - The President’s Bath Attendant, or Beekeepers of the Universe - Svetlana Shpagina
  36. 2010 - Olympic Village - Marfa
  37. 2010 - School for fatties - Irina Danilovna Bernstein
  38. 2010 - Russian Roulette. Female version - Rina Sergeeva
  39. 2010 - Turbulence Zone - Irina
  40. 2011 - Melody of Love - Anna Stanislavovna, Emma’s mother
  41. 2011 - Berlin-fried hare - Nina Berezkina, nurse
  42. 2011 - Christmas trees 2 - Aunt Katya, friend of Nastya’s mother
  43. 2011 - Spouses 2 - Margarita Sergeevna Ogneva, lawyer
  44. 2012 - Conductor - Alla, choir singer (soprano), wife of singer Sergei Niimov (baritone)
  45. 2012 - Curious Varvara (episode No. 3 “Dog Work”) - Rosa Senchina, Oleg’s wife
  46. 2013 - Exchange wedding - Vika
  47. 2013 - Mom Detective - Larisa Ivanovna Levina, investigator of the Moscow City Internal Affairs Directorate
  48. 2013 - Gagarin. First in space - Adilya Ravgatovna Kotovskaya, doctor
  49. 2013-2020 - Balabol - Varvara Semyonovna Postysheva (in the childhood of Ornel Knyazev), police lieutenant colonel
  50. 2014 - New wife - Lika, ophthalmologist, friend of Shishigina
  51. 2014 - Birds of Passage - Veronika Golubtsova, hairdresser-stylist
  52. 2015 - Adult daughters - Natalya, sister of Alexei Kolganov
  53. 2015 - Theory of Improbability - Alvina, the Sorceress
  54. 2016 - Pearl wedding - Svetlana Grigorievna Chaikina, guide
  55. 2017 - The Phantom of the Opera - Valera, head of the police department
  56. 2017 - Burn! — Alevtina Petrovna Romanova, senior police warrant officer, senior inspector of the Federal Penitentiary Service in a women’s correctional colony
  57. 2017 - New Year's Trouble - Victoria
  58. 2018 - With good intentions - Anna Petrovna Fedorova, businesswoman, wife of Dmitry Nikolaevich
  59. 2019 - Save Leningrad - Galochka, music teacher
  60. 2019 - Tell the truth - Tatyana Startseva, therapist, friend of Ksenia Davydova
  61. 2019 - Nine Lives - Antonina, mother of Masha Trofimova
  62. 2019 - Foundling - Lelya
  63. 2019 - Triad - Aunt Larisa
  64. 2019 - Where the sea flows (short story No. 3 “Cactus”)
  65. 2020 - Mr. Knockout

Teleplays[ | ]

  1. 2001 - Sakhalin wife - Marina, Gilyachka

Script work[ | ]

  1. 2017 - Mot Ne (together with Sergei Oldenburg-Svintsov)

Mom detective

Inga Oboldina, whose photo can be seen in this article, is currently rightfully considered one of the talented actresses. She works hard and loves her profession; even pregnancy did not stop her from playing the role of a detective mother in the film of the same name by Mikhail Weinberg. Police Lieutenant Colonel Larisa Levina loves her family very much, but cannot imagine herself outside of work. The investigation itself brings her pleasure. She is a gambling person, but not crazy, rather too spontaneous, but at the same time she behaves correctly with criminals.

This is the first time the actress has played such a role. She had to authentically portray the image of a pregnant female detective who has to catch bandits, raise two tomboyish boys and, as it turns out, live on the verge of divorce.

Our days

In 2020, viewers could see Inga Oboldina in the TV series “New Wife”, “Coal”, but for the film “Burn!”, where she played the dramatic role of an overseer of a women’s colony with extraordinary vocals, the actress received the “Best Actress” award at film festival "Kinotavr".

The plot of the film directed by Kirill Pletnev is based on real events. This is a poignant picture that talks about human relationships.

In the same year, the actress starred in the light comedy "New Year's Trouble", the television series "To Each His Own" and the comedy series "The Phantom of the Opera" with the participation of Garik Kharlamov and Vyacheslav Evlantiev.

Recognition and awards

  • Laureate of the Moscow Debuts festival in the category “Best Actress” (“The Sakhalin Wife”, 1996)[4][2]
  • Laureate of the First International Festival “New Drama” in the category “Best Actress” (“I’ve read too much!..”, 2001)
  • Winner of the International Stanislavsky Prize in the category “Best Actress” (“The Cherry Orchard”, 2003)
  • Winner of the Creative magazine Award in the category “Creative Actress of the Year” (“The Cherry Orchard”, 2003)
  • Laureate of the festival of chamber performances “Golden Age” (“Fantasies of Ivan Petrovich”, 2004)
  • Winner of the Triumph Prize (2004)
  • Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2011) - for services in the field of art.
  • Prize of the III International Tourist Film Festival “Rendezvous with Russia” in the city of Verkhoturye and in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky (2012) in the category “Best feature film about tourism” for his role in the film “Dove”.

Now you know a short biography of actress Inga Oboldina, the films in which she starred, and about her personal life.

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