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Norman Reedus' childhood

Norman was born in Hollywood.
He grew up in Los Angeles until he was twelve, then moved to London, and after a while he moved to Japan. Growing up, Reedus got a job selling motorcycles, earning seven and a half dollars an hour, first in Venice, then in California. In addition, he managed to work as a photographer, artist, and sculptor. Video course “Spring”

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Soon the future actor tried his hand at modeling, working as a model for Prada.

Childhood and youth

Norman was born in Hollywood, Florida. When he turned 12, his parents divorced. The boy and his sister stayed with their mother and rarely saw their father. Marianne Reedus often moved in search of a better life for her children. The family lived in San Francisco, Texas and Colorado, Spain and even Tokyo.

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Norman Reedus in his youth
Returning to America, Norman got a job as a salesman in a Harley Davidson motorcycle store. Later he moved to Los Angeles. In his youth, the man, not the tallest at 178 cm, worked as a fashion model and collaborated with Prada and Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Durban, Levi's and Lexus. Then he tried himself as an actor - he played at the Tiffany Theater in West Hollywood.

The beginning of the career of actor Norman Reedus, filmography

His first experience of acting on stage was participating in the play “Cards for Drowning Men,” which was presented at the Tiffany Theater.

His film career began in 1997. It was a very small role in the film "Mutants". The aspiring actor played Jeremy in it. Almost immediately after the debut, which turned out to be successful, Norman was offered the main role. The film was called "Blood and Milk" and was directed by Adam Bernstein. In this comedy, the actor played Harry Odum.

Isaac Hayes and Deborah Harry starred with him. In the story, Odum was an obedient and modest boy who was under the constant control of his mother. Due to the constant care of his loving mother, he had uncontrollable outbursts of anger and violence.

Films with Norman Reedus continue to be popular. In 1998, Reedus starred in the films Dark Harbor, I'm Losing You, and Troublemaker. A year later, the following projects were added to the “piggy bank” of films in which Norman participated: “Law and Order”, “Swimming”, “Let the Devil Wear Black” and “Eight Millimeters”. The actor played a significant role in the thriller “The Boondock Saints”, alongside him Sean Patrick Flanery and Willem Dafoe starred.

This is a film about a sect that was well received by the audience and was watched literally in one sitting. Over time, it began to be considered a cult. Reedus played the role of the people's avenger, who, together with his brother, administers justice “according to the concepts” accepted in the area.

Since 2000, the actor has acted a lot, although these films are little known to the Russian audience. One of the works is the film “Strike”. The hero played by Norman is named Lucien Carr, who is a minor figure in the film. The actor played the main role in the drama “Gossip”, directed by Davis Guggenheim. He played Travis. Lena Headey and James Marsden filmed on the same set as Reedus. What is Norman Reedus afraid of on set? In the same 2000, the films “Knicks in the Past” and “Sand” were released with Norman’s participation. The actor was remembered by the audience for his bright performances in the films “Glitter” and “Blade 2”, which were released in 2002. “Blade 2” is a fantasy comic where Norman, as Scud, fits into the cast: Leonor Varela, Kris Kristofferson, Wesley Snipes and Ron Perlman.

In 2003, the actor was again busy with work; several films with Reedus’s participation were released: “No One Should Know,” “Octane” and “Wild Luck,” directed by Gary Ellis. "Wild Luck" tells the story of Archie, a thief who works in a circus while trying to get a job in life, but his old habits resurface. The role of Archie was brilliantly played by Norman; Armand Assante starred with him in this film.

Judging by the number of roles played, including the main ones, we can say that Reedus has succeeded as a creative person and as an actor. In 2005, he took part in the filming of the series “Masters of Horror,” playing a small role there. That same year, he appeared in the American film “The Indecent Bettie Page,” playing the role of Bill Neal.

In the crime film Antibodies, directed by Christian Alvert, the actor played the main role, working in a duet with actress Nadezhda Brennicke. This is the story of the nightmare that Commissioner Seiler's arrest of serial killer Gabriel Engel led to. The actor worked on the set of such TV series as “The Soup” and “Charmed.” Prank with Norman Reedus Although Reedus was in demand as an actor, he also decided to act as a screenwriter and director. In 2006, he made the film “Thinking About You” and played himself in it. He took part in the filming of the chronicle films “Overnight” and “NBO: First Look”.

And in 2007, Chris Solimin began filming a film based on the script by Andrei Konchalovsky. Its name is “Frost on the Skin.” Norman Reedus was invited to play one of the main roles. Ksenia Buravskaya, Konstantin Yushkevich, Slava Shut - Russian actors - acted with him. This crime drama told the brutal, strange, and funny story of a computer hacker named Ray. The hacker was brought to Russia on the orders of an oligarch in prison. Reedus' next work was filming the film "Gangster". He played

the role of Norman Raleigh - detective. Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding Jr. starred with him.


For a long time, Norman worked in Venice, California at the Harley-Davidson store, a company famous for the production of motorcycles. At this time, he showed himself excellently as an art critic: Reedus’s works as an artist, photographer, sculptor and video artist were presented at various exhibitions. Norman has not abandoned these hobbies to this day. Already as a world-famous star, he presented his artistic works in galleries in New York, Berlin and Frankfurt. In 2013, Reedus published a book of photographs, 'The Sun's Coming Up... Like A Big Bald Head', and in 2014, he presented a fan art collection, 'Thanks For All The Niceness'.

At a party in Los Angeles, Norman met a theatergoer who asked if he wanted to try his hand as a stage actor. Reedus agreed and played his first role - in the production of the play 'Maps for Drowners', presented at the Tiffany Theater on Sunset Boulevard. Norman liked acting, and he decided to break into cinema and television. It all started in 1997 with the film 'Swimming', in which big screen debutant Reedus played the main role. His talent was recognized with the 'Special Jury Award for Best Actor' at the New England Film & Video Festival.


Norman played the most iconic roles in his career in the films and TV series 'Blood and Milk' (1998), 'Dark Harbor' (1998), 'Boondock Saints' (1999), 'Gossip' (2000), 'Blade II' ( 2002), 'Charmed' (2003, 2 episodes), 'Wild Luck' (2003), 'Antibodies' (2005), 'Crime' (2006), 'The Boondock Saints: All Hallows' Day' (2009), 'The Walking Dead', 'School Shooter' (2012), 'Sky' (2015), 'Three Nines' (2016), 'American Dad' (2016, 1 episode, voice actor), 'On the Road with Norman Reedus' (documentary series , 12 episodes, 2016-…) and 'Robot Chicken' (2017, 1 episode).

'Three nines'

Reedus provided the voice for his 'The Walking Dead' character Daryl Dixon in the video game 'The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct' (2013), and also played using motion capture technology in the games 'PT' (2014) and 'Death Standing' (located in development). In the latter, Norman took on the role of the main protagonist of the story, while the antagonist was played by another famous actor Mads Mikkelsen.

For the role of Daryl, the actor was repeatedly nominated for various television awards. He won the Satellite Awards, IGN Awards and IGN People's Choice Awards in 2012: the first was shared with his colleagues in the series (the category 'Best Acting Ensemble'), the other two were personal - in the category 'Best TV Hero'. In 2014, at the New York Horror Film Festival, Reedus was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2015, he was awarded the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards in the category Best TV Supporting Actor.

Norman's planned projects include the ninth chapter of 'The Walking Dead' and the third season of the documentary series 'On the Road with Norman Reedus', in which an avid motorcyclist Reedus travels around the country, accompanied by celebrity guests.

In February 2005, the actor had an accident in Berlin. Norman was driving his car and the collision with the truck crushed the bones on the left side of his skull. Following surgery, four metal screws were inserted into the man's nose and part of his left eye socket was replaced with a titanium plate.

From 1998 to 2003, Reedus dated Danish supermodel Helena Christensen. On October 13, 1999, the couple had a son, Mingus Lucien Reedus. After the separation, Norman and Helena remained friends and retained joint custody of their son. On the set of the film 'Sky' he met actress Diane Kruger - star of the films 'Troy' (2004) and 'National Treasure' (2004). Their relationship developed progressively, and in July 2020, it was no longer a secret to everyone that the actors were dating. In May 2018, the stars announced that they would become parents. For Norman, the future baby will be the second child, for Diane - the first-born.

'The walking Dead'

The Walking Dead series is losing ground. This is recognized by both critics and loyal fans of the show, who have been following the struggle of surviving people against bloodthirsty zombies for nine years. It's time for the creators to put an end to this story, because with each new season the desire to continue watching 'The Walking...' remains with the audience only thanks to the charismatic heroes. Such as Daryl Dixon played by Norman Reedus.

Norman Reedus currently

In 2008, viewers saw Norman in the film “Hero Wanted.” This is a heist film where the actor played the role of Swain. He then played several minor roles in the films “Joshua Breed,” “Cadillac Records,” and “Pandorum.” Reedus worked on the set of the sequel to The Boondock Saints, which, unfortunately, did not achieve the same fame as the first film. Since 2010, Norman began playing in The Walking Dead, where he played the role of Daryl Dixon, an important character from the survivors.

The actor managed to create many diverse, vibrant film images that were not deprived of the attention of film critics and viewers. Despite the fact that he was born in sunny Florida, he often played dark characters, ruthless, eccentric, often with an ambiguous past and his own morals.

The early period of the actor

Norman Reedus was born on January 6, 1969 in Hollywood, Florida. Growing up, the young man tried to find himself and his way in the huge world. His intuition told him that it was on the creative path that he could achieve success, so Norman actively took up art: he painted pictures, created sculptures, and took photographs. Fate was favorable to the young man, and one day he found himself on the set of the thriller “Mutants”, where he was entrusted with a supporting role. The cinematography captivates and fascinates - Norman Reedus decided to follow a new path, and his filmography began to grow and expand.

Luck continued to favor the young man. Since 1997, he was actively invited to various film roles and he did not refuse any of them. Playing in the films “Dark Harbor”, “Blood and Milk”, “8 Millimeters”, “Slum Saints”, Norman Reedus became recognizable as an actor. In the 2000s, he regularly got roles, but they were all short, and the films were not a resounding success.

Biography and work of Chris Norman

His family is originally from England, North Yorkshire. Christopher Norman was born on October 25, 1950. The guy’s parents were creative and artistic people, so everyone immediately thought that his future was predetermined. The performer's wife is Linda Norman.

The future musician first appeared on stage at a very young age, when he was barely three years old. That is why the boy was not afraid of the stage and by the age of conscious age he felt quite comfortable on it.

From an early age, the guy liked to play music and already at seven he received an acoustic guitar as a gift from his father. From then on, Christopher had a cherished dream - to become a rock musician . Parents understood the importance of their child’s hobby and supported him in every possible way.

The guy’s family never stayed in one place for long and were constantly on the move and traveling due to the active touring life of the guy’s parents. Thanks to this, by the age of twelve, Norman had visited all corners of his native country and changed as many as nine schools. Only at this age did the parents decide to return to the hometown of Christopher’s mother, Bradford. There he went to a gymnasium for men, from which he graduated. At the school, he made two new friends: Alona Silson and Terry Utley. Three twelve-year-old teenagers decided to create a musical rock band .

First steps in career

Young people in the sixties were crazy about the hits of the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, etc. Naturally, Kristffer and his friends in their youth were no exception. They listened to music for days on end, carefully learned popular melodies, tried to come up with something of their own, in a word - they were inspired by their idols .

At first, the teenagers played as a threesome, but a little later they were joined by Ron Kelly, who played drums. When the group was fully staffed, the guys began serious rehearsals.

Since Christopher was never particularly successful in school subjects, at the age of fifteen the young man decided to quit his studies in order to devote himself entirely to music. Surprisingly, the guy’s parents reacted to such an act with understanding.

But, nevertheless, the father advised his son to try himself in other professions before starting to try to build a career as a musician. Christopher listened and, following his father’s advice, tried to work as a loader, a simple worker, or a security guard in a warehouse, but none of the jobs brought him joy or pleasure and the guy continued to devote his free time from work to music. Then the father completely surrendered and supported his son in his endeavors.


Norman tried for a long time to get into the film business, but only succeeded in 1997, when he was cast in an episode of the horror film “Mutants.” The actor received the main role in Adam Bernstein’s comedy “Blood and Milk.” He calls Guillermo del Toro and his science fiction film “Mimic” his guide in the profession.

Reedus then appeared in the projects “8 Millimeters”, “I’m Losing You”, “Troublemaker”, “Davis is Dead” and “Swimming”. In 1998, the psychological film “Dark Harbor” was released, where Briton Alan Rickman became Norman’s partner.

A crime thriller with elements of black humor, The Boondock Saints was a career breakthrough. The reincarnation of Murphy McManus as a sectarian received a lot of rave reviews and positive ratings from fans of the genre.

Among the successful works of that period, critics highlight the drama “Gossip”, the mystical action film “Blade”, the punk comedy “Shine”, the dramatic thriller “Antibodies”, the musical “Cadillac Records” and the historical film “The Conspirator”.

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Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride on the set of The Walking Dead
Norman Reedus begins acting in television series. The actor participated in “Master of Horror,” “The Soup,” “Charmed,” “Law and Order.” Special Corps." The post-apocalyptic “The Walking Dead” is considered the best picture in his filmography. In 2019, the 10th season was released, and filming of a sequel was announced at New York Comic Con.

Every year, the actor takes a souvenir from the set - the main character’s crossbow. The weapon also became part of the collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. But whether Norman actually saved Andrew Lincoln’s beard, or whether this is a joke, is unknown.

The popularity of the horror film went through the roof, and fan love knew no bounds. It got to the point that Reedus’ colleagues, who in the story attempted to kill the hunter, received threats against them. The actor had to post joint photos on Instagram with a request to remain reasonable, because this is just a movie.

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Norman Reedus and Robert Downey Jr.
Besides killing zombies, Reedus had one more thing to do. He was invited to the equally successful film “Hawaii 5.0”. The drama about cops serving in the Pacific Islands won the People's Choice Awards.

Gabriel Luna, who plays Ghost Rider in the series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., noted in an interview that he would like to see Norman in this film. He himself has repeatedly stated that he would gladly participate in the project if such an opportunity presented itself.

In 2006, the American demonstrated his talent as a screenwriter and director in the biography of jazz musician Miles Davis, Thinking About You. Reedus starred in videos for Lady Gaga, Keith Richards and Radiohead, and participated in the development of the video games Death Stranding and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, where the main character is a cult character from The Dead.

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