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Gianluigi Buffon's titles.

The Italian goalkeeper is one of the most titled goalkeepers in world football. During his career, he was able to win many awards and trophies, both team and personal. The main achievements of the famous football player:

  • Winner of the Italian Cup and Super Cup while playing for Parma and Juventus;
  • 11-time Serie A champion in games for Juventus;
  • 3 times Buffon, playing for Juventus, reached the final of the most famous tournament - the Champions League;
  • Winner of the French Super Cup with PSG;
  • World champion, as well as European vice-champion as part of the national team;

In addition, the talented footballer was repeatedly recognized as the best goalkeeper in world football and was very often nominated for the Ballon d'Or, the most prestigious award in the world of football.

The Italian goalkeeper has long received the title of World Football Legend. Such a talented player as Buffon “inscribed” his name in the history of sports with his exploits on the field.

Biography of Gianluigi Buffon.

The future great football player was born on January 28, 1978, in Carrana, Tuscany. The boy grew up in an atmosphere of sports - his mother and father were professional athletes who competed in shot put. From an early age, Gianluigi dreamed of devoting himself to sports. He studied at the football gymnasium in the city of La Spezia, while playing for the local team and playing as a midfielder.

An important milestone in the life of the future legend of Italian football was 1991 - it was then that Buffon, after several years of playing for local clubs, was bought by the Parma team. He began playing for the club's youth team, and after some time he tried himself for the first time as a goalkeeper - both main goalkeepers dropped out due to injuries. In this position, Gianluigi was able to perform well. After just half a month, he began to play for the club.

In 1995, the young player was able to achieve success by playing for Parma in a match against Milan. The selfless play of the young goalkeeper made a strong impression on the entire football community. Already in the next season, Buffon was able to gain a foothold in the base of Parma.

Gianluigi made his debut in the game for the Italian national team in 1997. Initially, Francesco Toldo competed for his place in the team's core, but a few years later Buffon became the main goalkeeper.

In 2001, the goalkeeper transferred to Juventus in Turin for a record transfer amount of about 32 million pounds sterling. At that time, this was an absolute record; never before in world football had such a lot of money been paid for a goalkeeper. Buffon immediately became a first-team player and for many years became a symbol of the Italian superclub and football in general. At Serie A matches, a lot of fans came wearing T-shirts with the name Buffon.

The personal life of Gianluigi Buffon has always been of interest to the Italian press, but here many journalists were disappointed - the football player did not allow himself to get into scandalous situations. From Buffon’s ex-wife, top model from the Czech Republic Alena Sheredova, the football player has two sons. The couple themselves separated in the spring of 2014, announcing divorce proceedings. After some time, it became known that the goalkeeper was dating TV presenter Ilaria D'Amico. The rumors turned out to be true; in January 2020, the couple had a son.

Buffon is very popular in Turin - there you can meet many fans wearing Juventus club paraphernalia with the surname Buffon.

However, in 2020, an event occurred that all fans of the Turin superclub feared - after many years of a successful career in Juventus, the great Gianluigi moved to the French PSG.

The bookmaker Bwin allows you to place bets on many European championships, including Ligue 1. This is where PSG, for which Buffon plays, plays. The goalkeeper demonstrates stable play and reliability, playing at the heart of the Parisian superclub.

Buffon and first wife Alena Sheredova

The footballer officially started a family in June 2011, after his career had taken off. The footballer tied the knot with Alena Sheredova (at one time the girl received the title of Vice-Miss Czech Republic). Before the wedding, Sheredova and Buffon met for more than three years. The young people made a bet: if a football player becomes world champion, the girl will marry him. In the end, that’s what happened.

By that time, the newlyweds already had two sons. In 2007, the first child, Louis Thomas Buffon, was born, and two years later, David Lee Buffon.

However, the family was not strong enough, and in 2014, Buffon and Alena Sheredova announced a divorce.

Congratulations Gigi! Unknown Buffon from “A” to “Z”

Gianluigi Buffon reached his fifth decade today. Soccer.ru tells stories about the playing football legend that help you get to know Gigi better.

Autograph. One day Buffon gave an autograph during a match. Italy played with Liechtenstein, the game rarely reached Gianluigi’s goal, so when a fan ran onto the field and asked to sign a T-shirt, Gigi was not busy with anything important and did not refuse.

Buffon autografa la maglia dell'invasore mentre ancora si gioca #respect #legend #LiechtensteinItalia pic.twitter.com/ktIixfYePp

— delinquentweet (@delinquentweet) November 12, 2020

Buffoonery. This is a Russian-language meme! Sometimes Gigi makes such saves that it was not enough to just call him Buffon!

Van Halen ( Van Halen ). An American rock band whose work Gigi once fell in love with. So deeply have these rockers from Pasadena sunk into the soul that one of Buffon’s sons is named David in honor of the vocalist, David Lee Roth.

Hymn. Gigi, like Gusev in “The Adventures of Electronics,” sings well. That is, loud. Buffon's performance of the Italian anthem has become a classic.

Depression. Buffon overcame the disease in 2003 and later admitted, offering sage advice: “Depression is terrible. You just lose yourself, you don’t know what to do or how to live on. Under no circumstances should you hesitate: immediately tell the people who love you about your condition!”

Unicorn. Buffon's personal elusive beast is winning the Champions League. At the same time, Gigi emphasizes: “This is a big dream and my goal, but I am not obsessed with it.”

Sorry for Buffon! Over the past year, I had to feel sorry for Buffon twice: first, his Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup, and then Juventus still lost to Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, and Gigi saw a red card in front of him.

Stop it, Gigi! Buffon has a bad habit that he doesn't even bother to hide. Gianluigi smokes. The paparazzi caught him smoking in the car, on the balcony, and even while walking around Paris with his beloved Ilaria D'Amico.

Ilaria D'Amico. Buffon spent almost ten years with the Czech model Alena Sheredova, but for almost four years now he has had a new love - sports journalist and TV presenter Ilaria D'Amico. On Gigi's last birthday, Ilaria was doing a post-match interview with Gennaro Gattuso and he asked her to give Gigi a big kiss from him as a happy birthday.

Crown. Buffon doesn't have it. The person simply lacks stardom. For example, he can play football with ordinary boys on the beach and shyly hides his hands behind his back, as if he was entering the goal for the first time.

Lorenzo Buffon. The legendary Milan goalkeeper of the mid-20th century, the five-time Italian champion, is a relative of Gianluigi. Lorenzo is the cousin of our grandfather Buffon.

Moscow. In the Russian capital, young Buffon made his debut with the Italian national team: in a play-off match with our team for the right to compete at the 1998 World Cup, Gigi got a chance due to Gianluca Pagliuca’s injury. And a year and a half later, Buffon won the European trophy in Moscow: his Parma defeated Marseille and took the UEFA Cup.

N'Kono Thomas. Goalkeeper of the Cameroon national team at the 1990 World Cup, where the “indomitable lions” were coached by Valery Nepomniachtchi. Buffon became a fan of the African goalkeeper and even named his son after him.

Partners. Buffon is 41 years old, he was born in 1978, and during his career he managed to play with comrades who were born in five different decades: 1950s (Giovanni Galli), 1960s (Conte, Ferrara), 1970s (Del Piero, Nedved, Trezeguet, Thuram, Pirlo), 1980s (Bonucci, Chiellini, Evra), 1990s (Pogba, Dybala, Morata) and 2000s (Moise Kean, Timothy Weah).

Ronaldo. Cristiano and Gianluigi missed each other at Juventus, but they apparently have a warm relationship.

Dry and comfortable. Gianluigi holds the Serie A record for longest dry streak. Buffon kept his goal intact for 973 minutes.

Thuram and Wea. The story of Buffon's longevity in football. In 1999, Gigi played in Serie A for Parma against Milan, his teammate was Lilian Thuram, and his opponents included George Weah. In 2018, Buffon played in the same team (PSG) with Timothy Weah against the team of Marcus Thuram (Guingamp). Timothy is the son of George Weah, Marcus is the son of Lilian Thuram.

Deletions. Buffon was ejected from the field five times during his long career. The first time this happened was in a match with Albinoleffe in Serie B, then there were sending-offs in matches with Roma, Lecce and Lazio in Serie A, and finally, at the age of 40, Gianluigi was sent off the field in a Champions League match against Real Madrid, where Juventus almost performed a miracle.

Federer. Buffon is a fan of the talent of the great Swiss tennis player, and the Italian was probably upset by Roger's performance at the Australian Open, where Federer withdrew in the 1/8 finals.

Khabib Nurmagomedov. The mixed martial arts star has a photo of Buffon on Instagram.

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Legendary @gianluigibuffon

Posted by Khabib Nurmagomedov (@khabib_nurmagomedov) Nov 29, 2018 at 11:42 PST

Four years in prison. Buffon could have gotten it if the case about his illegal acquisition of a law degree had not been hushed up.

Sixth missed. Buffon, along with the Mexicans Carvajal and Marquez, as well as the German Matthaus, holds the record for the number of participations in the World Championships - these four players have five tournaments each. If the Squadra Azzurra had not stumbled in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, Buffon would have become the only player with six World Cup titles on his record. Alas.

Emiliano Sala. Buffon did not stay away from the horrific story of the disappearance of the plane on which ex-Nantes player and Cardiff newcomer Emiliano Sala was flying to Wales.

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