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Elisabeth Shue is a famous American artist. Gained popularity after the release of the films “Leaving Las Vegas”, “The Saint”, “The Invisible Man” and two parts of “Back to the Future”.

Elizabeth Judson Shue, or Elisabeth Shue, was born in the fall of 1963 in the American state of Delaware. The future Hollywood star spent his childhood and youth in Wilmington. Elizabeth's parents achieved considerable success in life: mother Anne Wells worked as a vice president of a bank, father James William Shue was a famous lawyer. He succeeded in politics and even ran for the US Congress as a Republican.

Actress Elisabeth Shue

Elizabeth's family has aristocratic origins and goes back to the English settlers who came to America in the 17th century. In addition to the daughter, the family had 3 sons - Will, Andrew and John. Elisabeth Shue had no choice but to become the 4th boy. She played football with her brothers, learned to play rugby, bravely jumped into a pond and instantly climbed to the top of any tree. The family had a huge mansion in the countryside, where the children had real freedom in nature.

The girl's childhood ended at age 11, when her parents separated. She suddenly turned into a difficult teenager: she neglected her studies, smoked weed and came home at night.

Elisabeth Shue in her youth

At the age of 15, the girl’s car was stopped by a policeman. This was probably Shu's first acting experience: she brilliantly played an adult girl, and the traffic cop let the offender go.

At 16, Elisabeth Shue finally realized that she was a girl. When she played football out of old habit, the boys already looked at her with different eyes, not as a playing partner. But Elizabeth was not at all ready for such a turn of events. She remembered the painful separation of her parents for her and was painfully afraid of the same turn in her life. Therefore, Shu avoided relationships with the opposite sex when women her age were already bragging about their affairs.

Elisabeth Shue

After graduating from high school in New Jersey, Shu entered Harvard, where her mother once studied. But at this time, the cinematic biography of Elisabeth Shue began to develop rapidly. The girl dropped out of the university one semester short of finishing.

Queen of provocations: 10 most candid photos of 53-year-old Elizabeth Hurley on Instagram

Age has no power over the beautiful Elizabeth Hurley, who turns 54 this June. She is not only a talented actress and model, but also a designer and owner of the beachwear brand Elizabeth Hurley Beach. Of course, the star demonstrates swimsuits from her fashion collection on herself that she cannot help but captivate. Elizabeth ended this week with a photo in which she poses in a translucent cape over her naked body: fans can purchase the same at a discount in honor of Easter.

However, a photo in a bikini is not all that Hurley has surprised and amazed subscribers with over the past years. Her Instagram profile contains more than 1,700 photographs and videos, among which there was a place not only for advertising posts, but also outright provocations.

The actress's Instagram account contains several photographs in which she poses completely naked, but the very first of them was published in 2014.

As much as posting pictures with her son and friends, Hurley loves to reminisce. One of these memories was a shot from an advertising photo shoot for the fashion brand Dior.

Elizabeth has been friends with Elton John for many years and often publishes photos of them together on her page. However, most of all she loves their provocative photo shoot from Mario Testino, with footage of which the star congratulates the singer on his birthday almost every year.

With candid photographs, the actress attracts the attention of the public and in the name of an important goal, such as voting. “Every vote matters. Vote tomorrow – regardless of your beliefs. I vote,” Elizabeth wrote in 2020.

That same year, she shared a photo from the bathroom with her subscribers. Nothing too explicit, just room for imagination.

In 2020, Hurley once again indulged in nostalgia, showing a still from a photo shoot for the Estee Lauder brand, and users once again appreciated the sexy curves of her figure.

Later, fans believed that the star did not need to remember the past at all, because her figure had not changed at all. And not every 52-year-old woman can easily stand on the bridge.

An interesting observation: the older Elizabeth got, the more explicit posts appeared on her Instagram account, not to mention sexy dancing in swimsuits.

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Posted by Elizabeth Hurley (@elizabethhurley1) Jan 7, 2020 at 7:17 am PST

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The best advertisement for beachwear is a provocative selfie. The actress has not tired of using this method over the past few years.

Elizabeth Hurley knows how to do a vote-getter, a happy-birthday message and a clothing promotion. The star did not forget to show how she burns extra calories by swimming.

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There are still many interesting, frank and provocative posts on the star’s profile, and all that remains is to keep an eye on what she will surprise her subscribers with in the future.


Liz appeared on the screens quite early - at the age of 16. In its advertising video, the Burger King restaurant showed a charming girl with an angelic appearance. The debut was so successful that Shu found herself in a dream factory. She got her first significant role in the series “Call to Glory.” The name turned out to be prophetic. Soon Elizabeth played the protagonist's girlfriend in the film The Karate Kid.

Elisabeth Shue in the movie "Cocktail"

After some time, a role in the melodrama with Tom Cruise “Cocktail” followed. She played the role of a girl named Jordan, with whom the main character falls in love.

The role of a cute and unassuming girl, who became a prize for a good guy at the end of the film, stuck tightly to Shu. Liz hated the heroines she had to play. She could hardly force herself to agree to another role, exactly like the previous role of a “trophy girl.” Shu convinced herself that she was a Hollywood actress.

Elisabeth Shue in The Marrying Habit

The death of her beloved brother Will, who died in the arms of the artist, forced Liz to think about the future and turn the situation around. The guy fell from the tree and was killed. Shu plunged into severe depression. She refused to film, regularly visited a psychotherapist and contemplated suicide.

Having experienced terrible grief, Elizabeth changed. The directors probably noticed this. Now the actress was offered other roles, deeper ones.

In 1991, Elizabeth appeared with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger in the comedy The Marrying Habit. She played the stupid but kind bride of Baldwin's hero, Adele Horner, with whom he continually broke off his engagement.

Elisabeth Shue in the film Inside Radio

In 1994, the drama “Radio Inside” was released. In the film, the artist appeared in the role of a girl, Natalie, with whom her boyfriend’s brother suddenly falls in love. These feelings drive the young man crazy, making him think about suicide.

The first successful television projects that brought Elisabeth Shue recognition were the films “Link”, “The Adventures of Babysitting” and “Back to the Future”.

And the projects “Leaving Las Vegas,” “The Invisible Man,” and “The Saint” brought her fame and status as a Hollywood star.

Elisabeth Shue in the movie "The Invisible Man"

In Mike Figgis' drama Leaving Las Vegas, Shue played a prostitute. She accepted the role against the wishes of those around her. Liz's manager said that this film would put an end to the girl's career. Even the director dissuaded the artist from this work. But she agreed and ended up winning. For the first time, the actress was nominated for an Oscar. And although Elizabeth did not receive a statuette, the nomination brought Shu to the top of cinema Olympus. In addition, she was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award and the Golden Globe Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award and the BAFTA Award.

By the way, after filming the rape scene, the actors playing the criminals presented Elizabeth with a huge bouquet of flowers. That day, the actress was already on edge, and when she saw the gift from the “rapists,” the girl became hysterical.

Elisabeth Shue in the movie Leaving Las Vegas

The action film “The Saint” and the thriller “The Invisible Man” consolidated Shu’s success and made her famous throughout the world. The latest project was shot by the famous Paul Verhoeven. Shue played physicist Linda Foster. This story about human vices, in which there is a lot of blood, violence and falling into the abyss, was difficult for Liz. The actress tore ligaments in her leg while filming. The studio demanded that Verhoeven replace Shue and continue filming the project immediately. But the director flatly refused. For the sake of the artist he liked, the filming process was stopped until the girl recovered. In gratitude, Elizabeth left before she fully recovered, and for two months desperately struggled with the limp.

Then, during the dubbing of the film, the actress sometimes even turned away from the screen because it was scary. And although in almost all the shots she played with her “invisible” colleague Kevin Bacon, who was then removed using a computer, Elizabeth performed the intimate scene alone.

Elisabeth Shue in the movie Don McKay

The success of the film justified the efforts spent on it: the project grossed $70 million at the box office and brought Shu many awards.

Between these sensational projects, Elizabeth appeared in an episode in the fantasy drama City of Angels, where Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan shone.

In addition, the actress has roles in the horror film “The Baby” and the thriller “Don McKay.”

Elisabeth Shue in the movie "Piranha 3D"

Some of the bright projects in which Shu appeared were the adventure film “Piranha 3D”, the top-rated series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and the film “Blunt Speaks”.

Personal life of Shannon Elizabeth

Unlike the lives of her heroines, Shannon's life is not full of juicy details. It is known that since 1995, the actress dated filmmaker Joseph D. Reitman, and in 2002 he became her husband.

Shannon Elizabeth with Joseph D. Reitman

After the divorce in 2005, Elizabeth was in a romantic relationship with her partner in the show project “Dancing with the Stars,” but broke up with him a year later. The actress has no children.

Shannon devotes a lot of time to charitable activities: she advocates for the protection of animals and maintains a non-profit foundation founded by her and Joseph Reitman in the early 2000s. The organization is dedicated to rescuing dogs and other pets who have suffered from abuse, treating and rehabilitating them, and finding new homes for them. Elizabeth still has a good relationship with her first husband.

Personal life

Elisabeth Shue met her future husband during the most difficult and dramatic period of her life, when she was experiencing the death of her brother. It was also a difficult time for producer David Guggenheim. He achieved a lot: he had a prestigious job, material well-being and even his own film production company. But he dreamed of more - of directing. Fear and self-doubt did not allow David to move forward.

They met and realized that they had found in each other the missing half that would help their innermost dreams come true. And the acquaintance happened by chance. Friends dragged the girl to a bowling alley to unwind a little. But while the guys were chasing balls, Elizabeth sat on the sidelines and thought about when she could leave so as not to offend anyone.

Elisabeth Shue and David Guggenheim

Suddenly, the artist noticed a guy who, like her, was sitting away from the company and just watching the fun. At the same time, the girl periodically caught the young man’s gaze. Unable to bear it, Elizabeth approached the stranger and asked if he would like to invite her for a cup of coffee. He immediately said that he really wanted to, but was embarrassed to approach Elisabeth Shue herself.

That same day they left the establishment together, walked and chatted about life. Two weeks later the girl moved in with David. They complemented each other perfectly.

Soon, Gaggenheim began making documentaries, and Shu gained popularity after the release of the drama Leaving Las Vegas, for which she literally fought.

Elisabeth Shue with her husband

And then Liz returned to Harvard and graduated, becoming the 4th woman in her family to be educated at the renowned university.

Elisabeth Shue's personal life almost collapsed while filming the drama "The Saint" in Britain. Project partner Val Kilmer was then acutely going through a divorce from actress Joanna Whalley. Liz did not know about Kilmer's plans to take revenge on his ex-wife. Therefore, she accepted the invitation to the Wimbledon tournament, and even in the company of Val’s little daughter, without a shadow of a doubt.

Elisabeth Shue and Val Kilmer in the action movie The Saint

However, Kilmer’s innocent farewell kiss instantly hit all the world’s tabloids, which posted the photo under headlines about the actor’s new romance. Elisabeth Shue vehemently denied the gossip, and Val smiled meaningfully and left questions without comment.

Later, the actress admitted that her husband did not believe the rumors, but the man was offended. However, he did not take this into domestic quarrels, but made a satirical film “Gossip”, in which he ridiculed Hollywood mores.

Shu and Gaggenheim managed to survive this dark period. And although the public expected a quick divorce announcement, the couple rallied. In 1997, their first child, Miles, was born. Then Elizabeth laughed in an interview that she was again living in male company.

And in the 2000s, the couple had daughters Stella and Agnes.

Personal life of Elizabeth Taylor

All the love dramas that played out in Elizabeth’s life greatly influenced the actress’s work. At 17, Elizabeth meets billionaire Howard Hughes. The relationship connected them with each other for only a short time - Elizabeth finds another lover, he becomes the owner of the famous hotel chain Nick Hilton. Young Elizabeth marries him, but their marriage does not last long. Moreover, their family relationship does not even end happily; the divorce is accompanied by a loud scandal.

The impressionable actress found consolation after such a shock in her love for her next husband, Michael Wilding. It was to him that she gave birth to her first child. In this marriage, the couple also failed to maintain the idyll; 24-year-old Elizabeth was again left alone and again only for a short time. Producer Mike Todd appeared on her radar at the right moment and became the actress's third husband after so many love failures. The relationship in this couple was cemented by true love, although Mike was much older than the girl, but fate soon separated them in the most dramatic way: in 1958, Todd was in a plane crash.

It took Elizabeth a long time to recover from this blow, but then a new man appeared in her life - singer Eddie Fisher, the fourth husband of the actress. Next - according to a familiar scenario: divorce again. And again a new husband, this time Richard Burton, with whom she spent about 20 years together. Elizabeth's later husbands were Ronald Reagan, John Warner, and the last one was construction worker Larry Fortensky.

Elisabeth Shue now

In 2020, the sports film “Battle of the Sexes” was released. Starring Steve Carell and Emma Stone.

The film is based on the legendary tennis match between veteran tennis player Bobby Riggs and female tennis player Billie Jean King. Billy's subsequent victory changed sports history.

Elisabeth Shue played the role of a minor character named Priscilla Riggs.

In March 2020, viewers saw their favorite artist in the crime action film Death Wish.

And for 2020, the release of the film “Hound” is planned, where Elisabeth Shue and Tom Hanks will play the main roles.

Biography of Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth is an actress whom audiences will forever remember as the stunning Czech student in American Pie. Having started her career on the catwalk, she continues to build a career in Hollywood, plays poker professionally and devotes a lot of time to charity.

Pictured: Shannon Elizabeth

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From that moment on, the young actress began to be invited to numerous television shows, and in 1989, when Berkeley was seventeen years old, she was invited to the television series “Saved by the Bell” and even another role was written specifically for Elizabeth, which she played for four whole years.


Attractive appearance and figure parameters (he is 178 cm tall and weighs 59 kg) led Elizabeth Berkley to the modeling business. The highlight was also a natural feature: the girl has congenital heterochromia - the iris of one eye is half green and half brown. The pretty blonde worked in the famous American modeling agency “Elite”.

Heterochromia Elizabeth Berkeley

By the end of the 80s, Berkley finally appeared on television, but at first she received minor roles in TV series. And in 1987 she appeared in the comedy with fantasy elements by David Grossman “The Frog,” which she considers the beginning of her film career.

Soon the girl was invited to audition for the TV series “Saved by the Bell.” The creators of the film could not decide who would get the role of Kelly Kapowski - Elizabeth's competition was Tiffani Thiessen, who received this role.

Elizabeth Berkley in the series "Saved by the Bell"

But the producers did not want to part with Berkley, and as a result they created a character specifically for her, which was not originally in the script. Elizabeth played the witty women's rights activist Jessie Spano for four years.

Real success in the actress’s creative biography happened with the release of the infamous film “Showgirls”. Paul Verhoeven's erotic drama caused a wave of criticism from film industry representatives, but at the same time won universal love from the audience. The film collected an excellent box office and seven Golden Raspberry anti-awards.

Elizabeth Berkley in the movie "Showgirls"

Berkley played the seductive stripper Nomi Malone. The girl, who has excellent flexibility and plasticity, shone on the screens in the company of actors Kyle MacLachlan and Gina Gershon. In the future, the film became a cult among arthouse lovers.

Elizabeth was covered by a wave of spectator love, crowds of fans were bombarded with letters. Still, the actress was upset by the negative criticism, and the agent refused to cooperate. Berkeley decided that from now on she would be more serious about choosing scripts. The directors considered the girl’s talent and began inviting her to projects. A year later, Berkeley was already working on the film “The First Wives Club,” starring Hollywood stars Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler.

Elizabeth Berkley in the film "The First Wives Club"

The actress’s filmography was replenished with independent films, where she met top-notch artists. Director Oliver Stone invited Elizabeth to play the role of a prostitute in the drama Any Given Sunday, starring Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, and Jamie Foxx. In 2001, I had the opportunity to join the crew of Woody Allen’s romantic comedy “The Curse of the Jade Scorpion.” She played strong roles in the films “Covering Her Tracks,” “Tax Collector” and “Favorite of Women.”

She also did not refuse to participate in television projects. Elizabeth appeared in serial films of the early 2000s: Titus, The Twilight Zone, Seduction, Law and Order. Criminal intent."

Elizabeth Berkley in the movie "Seduction"

The actress also built a theatrical career. In 2004 she made her Broadway debut. Critics appreciated his performance in the comedy “The Sly Fox” and the play “Tumult,” noting Berkeley’s bright theatrical talent.

The second decade of the new century, although it turned out to be no less eventful, did not give the actress roles similar to the film “Showgirls”. Only a few works stand out. Elizabeth appeared in the comedy series “Sex in Another City,” “Melissa and Joey,” and in the film “Damn in Trouble.”

Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy

My childhood hobby, dancing, made itself felt. Berkley tried her hand at being a TV presenter in the reality show Step It Up and Dance, and in 2013 she took part in Dancing with the Stars. The partner in the dance show was a choreographer with Ukrainian roots, Val Chmerkovskiy.

Elizabeth Berkley launched her own television project called “Ask-Elizabeth”, the goal of which was to help teenage girls. The actress traveled around the United States, meeting young girls along the way, with whom she discussed topics important to teenagers.

Personal life and life behind the scenes

Elizabeth Berkeley managed to create a happy family. The actress has been married to designer, actor and sculptor Greg Lauren for 16 years. Now the couple has a growing son, Sky, who was born in 2012.

Social activities occupy an important place in the actress’s life. Elizabeth defends animal rights and promotes avoidance of meat products. Berkley played her last role in the television series New Girl, which premiered in 2020.

Today, July 28, the popular Russian actress Yulia Menshova celebrates her birthday. The star of the series “Between Us Girls” turned 50!

Photo: Instagram elizberkley

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